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Reaction vials for laboratory work

A reaction vial is a container in which you can carry out chemical reactions in the laboratory. Discover the comprehensive product portfolio in our online catalogue and benefit from numerous advantages. Not only is the quality of the product range impressive, but also stands out for its first-class service, advice and customer orientation. We are always happy to provide you with advice and support.

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Where are reaction vials used?

Whether in the laboratory or in the chemical industry, such a is available on in numerous designs, sizes and materials and mostly with an extra thick glass wall. Depending on the size, you can carry out tests and experiments and measure the corresponding reactions of the substances.

From micro reaction vessels and glass vials with a capacity of only a few microlitres to laboratory or tube vessels with a volume of several cubic metres, the resistance to the most diverse reaction conditions characterises the laboratory or reaction vessels. In addition, single-neck or multi-neck flasks as well as sulphation flasks are available for your work in the laboratory.

Requirements for a reaction vial

Reaction vessels have to meet high demands in everyday laboratory and institute work. This means that they can be used for numerous reaction procedures, both on a small and larger scale. In the following, you will find out which requirements you should take into account when choosing a vessel:

  • Depending on the area of use, screw caps with a sealing cone or with a silicone or closure lock should be provided. This also makes the laboratory vessels suitable for shaking or turning.

  • Vessels that can be autoclaved, for example in accordance with the current DIN 285 standard, offer an even wider range of applications.

  • It is important that reaction vessels and microwave vials have a high resistance to chemicals and temperature and have a high overall load limit.

  • Reaction vessels, regardless of whether they have a lid lock or not, must be centrifugable and function smoothly even under cleanroom conditions.

  • High-quality reaction tubes can also be used to centrifuge, heat and even store medical materials such as blood samples or sera over a longer period of time.

  • In addition, sterilisation capability is often a prerequisite, which is defined by the SAL value. This is the so-called Sterility Assurance Level, which defines the probability of a single sample being contaminated after the sterilisation process despite appropriate precautions.

Types of reaction vessels

Depending on the application, you will find the right reaction vessel on Our friendly team will help you make your choice and support you in finding the right laboratory vessel for every need.

Non-temperature-controlled reaction vessels

Whether you need 250 or 20 litres of volume, spherical or cylindrical, we have a range of reaction vessels in various designs in our excellently designed portfolio. You can also order non-temperature-controlled reaction vessels with flat, round or so-called clipper bottoms from us. The standardised vessels are supplied with a bulkhead flange with O-ring groove. You also have a choice of valve types.

Reaction vials with flat flange

A laboratory vessel with a flat flange is characterised by its extremely high chemical and thermal resistance and is ideal for carrying out reactions with small quantities of media or samples. Thanks to the high thermal shock resistance, minimal thermal expansion is guaranteed.

The vessels are equipped with a ring-shaped widening at the neck of the thread and are fitted with a flat lid or a similarly designed cover. This makes it easier to implement hoses, glass or metal pipes as well as sensors, probes and thermometers. At, you will find reaction vials with a lab-flat vessel as well as including a groove for vacuum applications.

Expert tip: When the maximum operating temperature is 250 degrees Celsius, the heat differential in the glass wall of the flat-flange laboratory vessel must not exceed 30 degrees Celsius.

Reaction vials with temperature control jacket has the right borosilicate glass reaction vessels for every temperature. Reaction vials with temperature control jackets are graduated and have a groove. They are also characterised by a flat bottom. With high-quality reaction vessels with a temperature control jacket, you benefit from a wider range of uses. You can order appropriate reaction vessels, ideally with a vent valve, with just a few clicks directly on

Reaction vials made of glass or plastic?

Reaction vessels made of borosilicate glass and plastic are particularly in demand in the laboratory and institute. Depending on the intended use, glass or plastic containers can be used:

  • Evaporation dishes, Erlenmeyer flasks and crystallisation dishes are made of solid glass and are used, among other things, for heating and evaporating solutions. Whether in high or low form, with or without a handle, they offer a high degree of flexibility in everyday laboratory use and also shine with their durability.

  • Laboratory bottles, volumetric flasks and round, wide-necked or narrow-necked flasks made of plastic offer the advantage that substances of all kinds can be stored in them over a long period of time. In addition, their robust surface is also worth mentioning. This makes them suitable for use with a pestle for example. Some of the devices also come with open top screw caps and an internal cone feature.

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