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Protect yourself and your environment with a clean room suit

In sensitive work environments such as cleanrooms, it is essential that both employees and the environment are protected from contamination. For this purpose, we offer a wide range of clean room suits in our online store

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Cleanroom suits and coveralls for various applications

A common problem in cleanrooms is the penetration of particles and dirt through the employees' clothing. For this purpose, we offer special cleanroom suits that are made of antistatic materials and thus minimize the risk of electrostatic discharge. In addition, our suits are air-permeable and ensure pleasant wearing comfort, even during longer working hours.

We also offer disposable coveralls for use in cleanrooms, where the highest level of hygiene is required. These suits are particularly practical, as they can be disposed of after a single use, thus ensuring quick and easy cleaning.

Our clean room suits are not only suitable for use in cleanrooms, but also for use in other sensitive working environments, such as in the pharmaceutical industry or in laboratories. Here, it is particularly important that the employees' clothing does not release any contaminants into the environment.

That is why we offer cleanroom suits in various sizes and designs that have been specially developed for these requirements. Our disposable clothing is made of high-quality materials and meets all relevant norms and standards.

Discover quality clean room suits from Spetec at

Anyone working in the pharmaceutical or medical industry knows how important it is to keep cleanrooms clean and hygienic. To ensure this, you need high-quality cleanroom suits from a trusted supplier. Spetec offers just that - quality and reliability.

Spetec cleanroom suits are made of special materials to ensure that no particles can be released. They provide an excellent barrier against dust particles as well as microorganisms, thus protecting the wearer from contamination while working in the cleanroom.

But functionality isn't the only thing that matters with these suits: comfort is also a top priority! The clothing is lightweight and breathable - so it is possible to work without any problems even over a longer period of time. Convince yourself of the advantages of a professional cleanroom suit from Spetec at

Spetec RR overall - washable and breathable

The Spetec RR overall is the ideal protective suit for use in contaminated environments. It is made of a high-quality, washable material and offers an excellent breathabilityvity. The suit protects against dust, chemicals and other hazardous substances.

Thanks to its robust construction, the Spetec RR overall is also suitable for use in extreme conditions. The seams are double-welded and provide reliable protection against the penetration of liquids or particles.

The suit has a hood with integrated face protection and elastic cuffs on the arms and legs to prevent the suit from slipping during wear. Another plus is that the Spetec RR coverall is easy to clean and reuse - which not only saves money, but also helps reduce waste. Whether it's renovation work in buildings or handling toxic substances - you can count on the Spetec RR overall!

What to look for when choosing the right clean room suit?

There are several important factors to consider when choosing the right cleanroom suit.

  • First of all, fit is crucial - the suit should fit snugly to prevent particles and contaminants from entering. At the same time, however, it must also be comfortable so that the wearer can move freely.
  • Another important aspect when choosing a cleanroom suit is the material. Here, you should make sure that it is antistatic and as dust-resistant as possible.
  • High resistance to chemicals and good abrasion resistance are also important.
  • In addition, the type of use plays a role: depending on whether you work in a pharmaceutical or electronic environment, different standards may apply to the suit. It is therefore always advisable to consult the manufacturer or specialists in cleanroom technology.

In addition to these technical aspects, practical considerations such as washability and reusability should also be taken into account - after all, a cleanroom suit should be able to be used for a long time without losing its protective function.

Find your suitable clean room suit at - we will be happy to advise you!

Our clean room suits are specially designed for use in sensitive environments such as laboratories, hospitals or the pharmaceutical industry. They offer optimal protection against contamination and ensure that no particles from outside enter the room. We will be happy to advise you personally on the selection of the right cleanroom suit.

Our experienced staff will provide you with advice and support to help you find the best solution for your individual requirements. You can reach us by e-mail at or by phone at +49 30 209 657 900.