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The laboratory refrigerator is important for various applications in the laboratory or in the pharmaceutical industry. You can store pharmaceutical or diagnostic products in it , as well as cool bio-material, serums and industrial products. offers a comprehensive portfolio of laboratory cabinets for different needs. With us, you always benefit from first-class product quality, excellent service and individual advice. Our friendly team of experts will be happy to provide you with advice and support if you need laboratory cabinets for your workplace. How can we help you?

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Laboratory refrigerator functions and standard equipment

All laboratory refrigerators from the laboratory equipment portfolio are characterised by their brilliant functionality. With us you can order innovative laboratory cooling technology for the most diverse applications according to your needs.

Whether you store pharmaceutical and diagnostic substances in the chemical refrigerator or want to store serums, biological materials or vaccines for preservation in the pharmaceutical refrigerator, you will easily find your desired product at In our assortment we have among others:

These are the features offered by the powerful lab refrigerators at

Reliable cooling system

Probably the most important function of laboratory refrigerators is to ensure or maintain a precisely defined internal storage temperature. This is the only way to guarantee optimum protection of temperature-sensitive medicines, samples, chemicals or other products.

Alarm system for over- and undertemperature

In the event of a technical defect, the integrated alarm system will indicate if the internal temperature is too high or too low. This gives you an extra measure of safety in everyday laboratory work.

Lockable doors

Under certain physical conditions, under- or over-pressure can occur. This poses the risk of the refrigerator door opening slightly and the cold air escaping. In order to prevent quality damage to the samples, it is essential that the laboratory refrigerator has lockable doors.

Recirculation system

The dynamic recirculating air cooling system in the laboratory refrigerator ensures that the air is evenly distributed on all levels by means of a rear wall fan.

This means that there are no different temperature zones as with static cooling and the same humidity and temperature conditions prevail everywhere. The decisive advantage of this is that the distribution of the coolers in the cold room can be carried out as desired.

Backup battery

Laboratory refrigerators that have such a feature store all alarm messages for one or more days in the event of a power failure. In addition, the display continues to show the current temperature inside the refrigerator.

Remote temperature monitoring options

Some models are equipped with such a function to ensure that the previously set temperature is maintained even in the possible absence of the responsible positions.

Integrated memory

Thanks to the integrated memory function, the previously collected data is saved for a period of several months up to many years.

Explosion-proof lab refrigerator for highly flammable liquids

Laboratory cabinets with explosion-proof interiors allow you to store flammable materials in a cool and safe way. An explosion-proof laboratory cabinet is essential if you work with flammable chemicals and substances in your laboratory, company or other facilities. The fact is that an open or leaking container always poses the risk of an explosion, for example, because sparks are generated. 

We will be happy to advise you individually and in detail about the specific requirements and guidelines for the storage of hazardous substances and show you the explosion-proof laboratory cabinets required for this at For example, the interior of the laboratory refrigerator must be free of ignition sources in order to ensure the desired safety.

In addition, there are other regulations that are explicitly laid down in EU Directive 94/9/EC. Please do not hesitate to contact the MedSolut team of experts if you have any questions or comments.

Laboratory instruments: versions and additional equipment

At we offer you a particularly extensive range of laboratory cabinets, so that you can choose from a variety of designs and accessories . We have the following models available for you, among others:

Capacity and dimensions

A small laboratory refrigerator is often sufficient for blood storage. However, the optimal size depends on the quantity stored in it. Which capacity or dimensions are the right ones for your company also depends on the distances that may be required between the individual containers.

Let us give you expert advice. We will show you tailor-made solutions in the right sizes and dimensions.

Laboratory refrigerator as substructure, table or floor model

Depending on the type and volume of substances or goods stored in the refrigerator, laboratory refrigerators are preferable as under-counter, table-top or floor-standing models.

When choosing the ideal unit, you should also take into account the local conditions. Which model is suitable for your laboratory also depends on the size and structure of the rooms.

Trays and extensions

For reasons of better overview, it is advisable in some sectors to use laboratory cabinets with several compartments and draw ers. For the storage of medicines or vaccines, but also for material tests and the storage of adhesives, laboratory refrigerators in this category are advantageous.

Laboratory refrigerator with freezer compartment

As in normal household use, you will also find laboratory refrigerators with an integrated freezer for the laboratory or for industry. Such a laboratory freezer offers many advantages and impresses with its special functionality. 

Some substances, chemicals or even foodstuffs such as fish require special measures such as storage in a laboratory freezer. Take a look at the product selection on and find the laboratory refrigerator with freezer that best suits your requirements with the help of the specialists.

Laboratory refrigerator with glass door

For most substances you store in a laboratory freezer or refrigerator, it is advisable to keep the cabinet door closed as much as possible so as not to raise the internal temperature. However, many chemicals, bacteria, sera, etc. need to be controlled and monitored successively.

A laboratory refrigerator with a glass door is therefore the ideal solution for combining functionality and a high level of user-friendliness in the best possible way.

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First-class product quality is what distinguishes our range and makes it something very special. That's why we only carry products from selected, reputable manufacturers. Find high-performance laboratory refrigerators from renowned brands such as Liebherr, Kirsch or POL-EKO. Find out more about the individual companies here:


When you choose a laboratory refrigerator from Liebherr or a medicine refrigerator from Liebherr, you can rely on the best brand quality. The family-run company has been one of the world's largest machine manufacturers for many years and plays a decisive role in shaping technological progress.

In the Liebherr MediLine series, for example, you will find modern laboratory refrigerators for a wide range of applications. Would you like to find out more about this manufacturer's laboratory refrigerators? Then simply get in touch with one of our specialists. We will help you at any time!


The company Kirsch Medical looks back on a success story of more than 150 years. Since its foundation, the company has strived to develop first-class refrigerators and freezers for clinics, blood banks, institutes, laboratories, pharmacies and hospitals.

The extremely high quality has always spoken for itself. Anyone who owns a Kirsch laboratory refrigerator or a Kirsch medicine refrigerator will certainly be impressed by the outstanding design.


For more than 25 years, the company POL-EKO APARATURA has been convincing with its broad product portfolio through class, the highest functionality and a remarkable customer orientation.

The technologies for commercial use shine through their very well thought-out features and special durability. Order directly on the POL-EKO laboratory refrigerator that particularly meets the requirements of your company.

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