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IKA - Laboratory technology for precise research results

IKA's laboratory instruments impress with their innovative design, ease of use and state-of-the-art technology. They stand for durability, functionality and pragmatic design - and this is appreciated by numerous customers all over the world. This is why IKA has also become the world's leading manufacturer of laboratory equipment, offering everything a laboratory needs in its product range, from dispersers to thermostats and rotary damper to analytical technology.

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IKA - Laboratory Technology International

Founded in 1910, IKA quickly rose to become the world market leader and today supports a wide variety of scientific processes with innovative laboratory technology. Headquartered in Staufen, Germany, IKA-Labortechnik today has subsidiaries in China, Japan, Korea, India, Brazil, Vietnam, Great Britain, Poland and the USA. Exports take place to over 160 countries. The IKA Group can look back on a long tradition: Started as a small transport company, the company today overlooks more than 900 employees - spread over four continents. Renowned customers such as Bayer, BASF or Procter&Gamble trust in the quality of IKA laboratory technology and the corporate philosophy behind the slogan "IKA - Designed to work perfectly".

IKA: Top-class laboratory technology

According to studies by the University of St. Gallen, the manufacturer is not only the world's market leaders of scientific laboratory equipment and systems, for numerous applications especially for stirring and mixing: The company is and has also been the recipient of several awards that demonstrate its foresight and technical innovation. For example, the company has been awarded the following prizes by RedDot and WirtschaftsWoche, among others:

  • Design Award 2017

  • RedDot Design Award 2018

  • German Design Award 2019 and 2020

  • World Market Leader 2020

  • Top Innovator 2021

These awards were given to the company for design strength and user-friendliness - criteria that the company has successfully strived for since its start. After all, it's not just appealing design, but above all user-friendly conceptual design that is the focus of proven technology in laboratory and analysis applications that are intended to be used on a daily basis.

IKA Pette

For example, the IKA Pette 2020 was honored by the German Design Award for outstanding design quality. This is an ergonomically designed pipette that can be adapted to different hand sizes and conditions by exchanging different handles and is clearly readable even while working. In addition, the company's product range includes many other products and systems that impress with their excellent user-friendliness.

IKA analysis technology for numerous fields of application

Whether in chemistry, biology or pharmacy - IKA offers suitable solutions and innovative equipment for every requirement. The instruments are characterized by their high quality, reliability and precision. The products are continuously developed and improved to meet the increasing demands in the field of research and development. The best-known product groups include process technology, stirrers, rotary evaporators, calorimeters, thermostats or temperature control products, and shakers and mixers. But also comminutors, distillation plants or refrigeration machines are part of IKA's extensive product range. See for yourself:

Thermal shakers from IKA: Laboratory technology 3in1

IKA's thermal shakers also prove the success of conceptual design based on efficiency: Optimal mixtures are produced with the smallest volumes - no matter what substances are involved. The high-performance devices are used, for example, for active pharmaceutical ingredients and all kinds of samples such as DNA/RNA or blood samples.

The thermoshakers allow mixing, heating, measuring and also cooling of samples for the laboratory, where previously separate devices were required in each case. The pragmatic 3-in-1 handling in combination with incubation shakers, balances, centrifuges, thermostats and pipettes allows smooth workflows with accurate results for analytical processes.

Analytical technology from IKA: precise results in no time at all

IKA's analytical technology is known worldwide for its precision and reliability. With state-of-the-art technology and decades of experience, the company offers its customers the ability to achieve the most accurate results in the shortest possible time. Whether in the laboratory or in production, with IKA's equipment you can be sure that your samples will be analyzed quickly and accurately, and that you will be able to measure them precisely.

The company's products are designed for maximum performance and offer a wide range of functions to cover all your application requirements. Thanks to the simple operation, the devices such as calorimeters or photobioreactors can be used without any problems, even without special training. This not only saves you valuable time in your analyses, but you also benefit from a high level of user-friendliness

Magnetic stirrers from IKA: All-round talents for sample preparation

The company's magnetic stirrers are the perfect all-round talents for sample preparation. With their innovative technology and robust design, they offer reliable performance to handle even the most demanding applications in the chemical, biotech or pharmaceutical industries. The devices are characterized by their precise control, which allows exact adjustment of the stirring speed. This is particularly important for sensitive samples such as cell cultures or suspensions, where gentle mixing is essential.

Another highlight is the frequently integrated heating system, which enables fast and effective temperature control. This allows you to heat up or cool down your samples quickly and thus save time. But IKA's magnetic stirrers are also convincing when it comes to safety: thanks to the overheating protection, they switch off automatically if an overload occurs - this prevents a fire and allows you to work with peace of mind.

Dispersers from IKA: Quality processes in the laboratory

With dispersers from IKA, you can be sure that your processes in the laboratory are of the highest quality. The devices have been specially developed for the homogenization and comminution of materials and thus offer an excellent opportunity to produce the finest emulsions or suspensions. The dispersers are characterized by their high performance: With up to 45,000 revolutions per minute, they work extremely efficiently and thus enable fast work in everyday laboratory work. At the same time, energy consumption is also comparatively low, which is not only environmentally friendly but also saves costs.

Another highlight of the IKA dispersers is their ease of use: All important parameters such as speed or runtime can be quickly set via the intuitive touch display - even inexperienced users will have no trouble getting to grips with these devices.

IKA: Laboratory accessories for numerous devices

IKA's range of laboratory equipment includes all devices that are used in a professional laboratory on a daily basis. Accordingly, our IKA range is also extensive, where you will find the following equipment, among others:

We are at your disposal for the optimal selection - also with regard to the suitable accessories: Our team of experts will advise you on each piece of equipment and respond to individual requirements - regardless of whether you have a smaller or larger laboratory, facilities in the pharmaceutical or chemical industry. We will find the right, customized offer for you and your research facility.

IKA accessories: How to expand your equipment

Whether you're building new equipment or expanding your existing one, you'll find the right accessories at IKA. One of the most popular expansions is stir bars and magnetic stirrers. These devices allow you to stir and mix liquids while making temperature as well as speed adjustments. Stirring staffs range from simple glass tubes to more complex designs with special shapes like propellers or loops.

If your focus is more on mixing solid samples, you should take a look at the manufacturer's grinders: Here, the range offers different typologies depending on the material composition of your samples. In addition to these fundamentally important ones, there are many other useful accessories that you can find at IKA: From laboratory reactors to rotary evaporators to vacuum pumps and filters.

Renowned IKA laboratory technology at MedSolut

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