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IKA dispersers in the MedSolut range

If you have a choice, you are spoilt for choice at MedSolut you will receive various disperser models from IKA, which belong to different series. This allows you to optimally adapt the requirements of the device to your operating standards. You can find the following dispersers in our range:

IKA T-Series

We offer a wide range of dispersers of the T-series, which includes for example the model T 25 easy clean digital. The dispersers not only have a high speed range of 3,000 to 25,000 rpm, but are also characterised by a large number of different dispersing tools from which you can choose. This means that the conceivable range of applications is broad and extends from homogenisation to sample processing in medical diagnostics.


Dispersers from IKA’s ULTRA-TURRAX series are even more powerful. In our range you will find different versions of the Basic, Standard and Control models. For example, it is worth taking a closer look at the models IKA T 65 basic, IKA T 10 standard PCR Kit and Tube Drive P control.

Speaking of Basic, Standard and Control, the difference in these model designations lies in the maximum speed range and the exact specifications. The T 25 easy clean control version, for example, offers an additional temperature sensor that enables permanent monitoring of the medium.

Top design: IKA dispersers

By choosing a high-quality disperser from IKA, you can benefit from a number of useful advantages over competitive devices. In addition to technical advantages, these include ease of operation and a high safety standard.

Technical advantages

At the top of the list of advantages of IKA dispersers is the technology. Compared to other suppliers, IKA’s machines distinguish themselves through the following technical features, for example:

  • Electronic speed control protection
  • Error code display
  • High-speed drive motor for high maximum speeds

Easy operation

The machines also lead the market in terms of ease of operation. The following features of the dispersers can be mentioned as examples:

  • Convenient rotary knob for speed adjustment
  • Digital display for precise settings
  • Quick and easy cleaning of stainless steel dispersing tools
  • Support rod for mounting specimens

High safety standard

Safety is a top priority at IKA. This is one of the reasons why the devices have many features that not only make handling safer, but also protect your substances and samples. A selection of relevant features looks something like this:

  • Electronic overload protection
  • High running smoothness
  • Motor protection against overload

IKAHigh-performance laboratory technology international

If you choose a disperser from IKA, you have made a good choice. The company has been producing innovative laboratory technology since 1910 and has been considered the market leader in this field for several decades. This is not least due to the high quality of the products – IKA has received several awards that prove its technical innovative strength. Since 2020, they have not only been the world market leader, but also the winner of the “Top Innovator” award since 2021.

IKA dispersers for quality processes in the laboratory

The dispersers from IKA are suitable for various applications in the laboratory. These include the following areas of application in particular:

  • Homogenisation: Homogenisation is the process of producing a uniform mixture of two components that are considered non-homogeneous with each other. This requires crushing and dispersing under pressure conditions, which is facilitated by a disperser.
  • Suspending: Suspension occurs when a heterogeneous mixture of a liquid and fine solid particles is produced. This requires thorough mixing, otherwise there is a risk of sedimentation and phase separation.
  • Dispersing: The eponym of the disperser, dispersion, on the other hand, refers to the optimal mixing of individually present primary particles with a binder. Examples include varnishes, paints and plastics. The IKA disperser enables the use of a high energy input so that agglomerates can be broken up effectively and good mixing is achieved.
  • Emulsification: Similar to homogenisation,emulsification involves mixing at least two liquids that are virtually insoluble in each other, typically water and oil or fat. By using a disperser during emulsification, the discontinuous phase is broken up so that the finest possible droplets are produced. These are transported by the high turbulence of the rotor-stator machines as emulsifier molecules to the newly formed surface.
  • Crystallisation: In addition, the devices can be used for crystallisation. In this process, a substance in a solution or a melt is brought to a state of superheating so that it crystallises in the cooling process. This stabilisation can be achieved by mixing two or more components, for which a disperser can again be used.

Service for IKA dispersers at MedSolut

There are many good reasons for buying an IKA disperser. At MedSolut, you get even more, namely a wide range of state-of-the-art technology and a lifetime of customer service. In addition, we are happy to help you find a tailor-made solution for your requirements. Feel free to contact us all day by phone at +49 30 2096579 00 or by email at [email protected]

Find the right IKA disperser at MedSolut

IKA dispersers are convincing due to their high technical standard as well as their wide range of applications and specially adaptable specifications. This means that the right device is available for every application. Our customer service team of excellent advisors will be happy to help you make the perfect choice!