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IKA-Stirrer: Design innovation at MedSolut

Numerous features make the IKA mixers indispensable tools in everyday laboratory work: they feature an electronic safety circuit, digital displays, two speed ranges, various control options and much more. Functionality, safety and durability are at the top of the list of features of IKA mixers – a company philosophy that has already earned IKA numerous awards.

International laboratory technology

IKA has been in business since 1910 and since then has been distinguished by innovative designs and durable products. Today, IKA’s laboratory equipment as well as dispersing, stirring and kneading machines impress a large number of customers in China, Japan, Korea, Great Britain, Poland, India and many more. Bayer, BASF and Procter&Gamble are also among IKA’s customers.

IKA mixers for all research laboratories

It is not without reason that IKA mixers are among the best in their category. They have a multitude of control elements and are designed for simple and fast operation. It does not matter for which laboratory an IKA stirrer is intended: They process very small stirring quantities of low and high viscosity, but also those of up to 200 litres. At the same time, the devices have numerous extra features that are optimally suited to the individual requirements in different research facilities.

The range of IKA mixers at MedSolut

We at MedSolut offer you a wide range of IKA mixers and thus guarantee a top selection. For example, you will find dispersers, IKA magnetic stirrers, torque measuring stirrers and the Ultra-Turrax.


With amazing speed ranges, dispersers such as the ULTRA-TURRAX Tube Drive or the T 25 Easy Clean Control ensure optimum mixing results. This makes them indispensable for laboratories working with homogenisation, suspension and dispersion processes.

Magnetic stirrer

For stirring processes with a strong magnetic field and high stirring force with simultaneous heating, products such as the RH Basic are optimal. The RH Digital White has a digital display for easy reading. The RT 5 magnetic stirrer is excellently designed for examinations that require a long run.


Tubes are suitable for a wide range of applications such as dispersing, homogenising, suspending, gassing and many more. The RW 47 Digital stir rer has a digital display with illumination for easy reading of measurement results. With several settings, the MICROSTAR Control is particularly practical in everyday laboratory work.

Torque gauges

Torque meters determine the viscosity of samples and show the result directly on the digital display. For investigations in this respect, we recommend the STARVISC 200-2.5 Control, which features a lock mode, several settings and strong stirring performance with a smoothly starting motor.

IKA rotators for all applications

The IKA mixers from our online catalogue not only impress with their pragmatic design and high level of user-friendliness, but also with their versatility. The IKA mixers are suitable for the following procedures in the research laboratory, among others:

  • Homogenisation and suspension processes

The best results are achieved with the propeller as the standard insert, as this generates an axial flow and ensures excellent mixing results. This allows liquids to dissolve optimally into each other; non-liquid fines are evenly distributed in liquids. For particularly viscous media, the spiral tube head is used.

  • Dispersing

For the production of dispersions with the IKA mixer, the disc or turbo stirrer is suitable as an insert, which produces a strong radial shear flow and thus the smallest gas bubbles.

  • Emulsifying

IKA laboratory stirrers can also be used to mix liquids that are actually immiscible: The disc stirrer prevents any sedimentation through the flow and also makes it possible to determine droplet boundaries through intensity settings.

  • Crystallisation

During crystallisation processes, conclusions are drawn about the crystal concentration in media. Since shattered crystals lead to incorrect results, the use of a particularly gentle tube head is essential.

In addition, IKA mixers can also be used to achieve perfect results in lysing and heating processes. IKA’s laboratory equipment is versatile and can be equipped with additional extras to support laboratory and quality control processes.

Find the IKA ripper for your laboratory at MedSolut.

Discover the wide range of innovative IKA stirrers that offer durability, ease of use and flexibility of application. If you have any concerns or would like advice on your selection, our professional customer service team will be happy to assist you: We will advise you on your individual concerns and find the optimal device for your application.

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