IKA MVP 10 basic: Vacuum pump for uncomplicated use.

The IKA MVP 10 basic vacuum pump is suitable for dry use without oil. It impresses with its compact and flat design as well as its easy maintenance and service-friendliness. In addition to the pump, the scope of delivery includes the vacuum hose, the silencer and the Y hose connecter with 8 mm. In the following we would like to explain the most important details of the device.

The most important features and functions

This pump model has been designed for dry application without oil. Its compact and low-profile design makes it easy to handle. The high-quality components it is made of allow for a long service life.

Other advantages of the device include easy maintenance and optimal serviceability. In addition, it is very resistant to chemicals. This is due to the fact that all parts that come into contact with gas are made of PTFE compounds or PT FE.

The flow rate of this model is up to 1.7 cubic meters per hour or 28.3 liters per minute. The final pressure without gas ballast is seven mbar, with gas ballast it is specified as fifteen mbar.

There are a total of two suction stages on the pump. Operate it only at permissible ambient temperatures, which are between 10 °C and 40 °C.

The design and equipment of the vacuum pump

Available is the device in white and blue colors. It is rectangular and flat shaped. The equipment includes a total of two cylinders. The connection diameter on the suction side and on the pressure side is ten millimeters each. A gas valve is attached to the pump.

The inlet pressure is between 7 and 1,050 mbar. The speed at 50 hertz is 1,380 rpm, at 60 hertz it is 1,680 rpm. The device works pleasantly quiet at minimum pressure with a volume of 65 dB.

There are various modes on this model that you can set depending on your needs. These include both manual and automatic modes. In addition, there is the Pump in percent mode and a Program mode.

Technical details at a glance

We would still like to bring you closer to the most important technical details so that you can get a final impression about the pump.

The external dimensions of the device are 245 mm x 155 mm x 320 mm in width, height and depth. This means it is a compact and handy device that is flexible to handle and can be placed and used practically anywhere.

With a weight of only 11.5 kg, this model can be transported quickly and easily. The energy consumption of the device is a low 180 watts. Therefore, you can use the device sparingly day after day.

To ensure safety during operation, the vacuum pump complies with the DIN EN 60529 standard and IP 54 protection. What is behind this standard? It means that the device has complete protection against contact.

However, little dust can still enter the pump. However, complete protection is provided against splashing water on all sides. So this standard contributes to your safety.

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Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 32 × 24.5 × 15.5 cm
Max. Conveying capacity

1,7 m³/h, 28,3 l/min, 28.3 l/min

Model of pump

Membran-Vakuumpumpe, Membrane vacuum pump