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Range of application of an IKA calorimeter

IKA calorimeters can provide important information for a wide variety of material and process-related issues. Among many other applications, the following measurements can be carried out, for example:

  • Determination of heat capacity: For questions of heat transfer, the specific heat capacity is relevant as a material constant, for example in the evaluation of the insulation effect of materials.
  • Heatexchange with the environment: In the energy field, the rate of heat exchange with the environment can be a relevant measurement.
  • Measurement of heat of transformation at phase transitions: With a calorimeter from IKA, the heat energy during phase transformation can also be determined with high accuracy.
  • Measuring the heat of reaction in chemical reactions: Calorimetric measurements can determine the heat energy in various chemical reactions, the so-called enthalpy of reaction.
  • Measurement of the heat of combustion: A special variant of the heat of reaction is the heat of combustion, which is relevant, for example, for determining the calorific value of combustible materials.

IKA calorimeter: Equipment

IKA calorimeters are characterised by particularly high quality, simple operation and extensive equipment. This allows you to achieve maximum precision in your analyses and particularly accurate analysis results. Among other things, you can choose from the following equipment.


IKA calorimeters can be equipped with an especially halogen-resistant measuring chamber. This measuring chamber was specially developed to provide excellent analysis results and a long service life of the instruments, even with samples containing sulphur and halogen. The halogen-containing measuring chambers can be found, for example, in the IKA calorimeter C 200 h.

With automated water handling

An automated water circuit is particularly useful for laboratories with a small number of samples. The temperature is kept constant automatically by a closed water circuit and a circulating cooler. This also significantly increases the stability of the measurement results. A model with automated water handling is, for example, the IKA calorimeter C 200 auto.

With or without cooler

With IKA calorimeters, you can choose between the variant with or without a cooler. Coolers are relevant in many cases when a constant temperature has to be achieved or when reaction heat has to be dissipated efficiently. An example of a model with a chiller is the IKA calorimeter C 6000 global standards Package 1/12.

Operating modes of IKA calorimeters

Calorimeters can be used in different operating modes. IKA calorimeters can run in one specific mode or combine different modes in one device.


In the adiabatic mode, the materials to be analysed are measured in a thermally insulated vessel. The actual combustion reaction takes place in the combustion chamber, producing a defined amount of heat. The resulting temperature increase can then be measured very precisely.


In the isoperibol method, a constant-temperature water jacket is used as an outer vessel. The temperature rise is determined from the temperature difference between the two vessels.


The double-dry method is particularly time-saving. Here, the increase in temperature is measured directly by measuring the heat of combustion in the decomposition vessel. This eliminates the need to transfer the heat quantity to a medium (e.g. water).

IKA: Calorimeters from the international manufacturer

Founded in 1910, IKA today has 900 employees. High-quality and innovative laboratory measuring instruments are manufactured at eight locations on four continents. With entrepreneurial courage, foresight and efficient processes, the company has made a name for itself on the world market. Today, the IKA Group is the world market leader in most product groups and can count renowned companies such as Bayer, Procter & Gamble or BASF among its customers.

The new slogan of the IKA Group, “IKA Designed to work perfectly”, symbolises the company’s quality standards and future orientation, also for the IKA calorimeter. Continuous willingness to innovate, agile thinking and attractive design ideas are paired with a global and regional sense of responsibility, which is proven by numerous awards.

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