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IKA Schttler in the MedSolut range

IKA’s slitters are distinguished by their high design quality, precise results and particularly long service life. The right device for every application is available in the MedSolut portfolio:


3D-scrapers work with a three-dimensional tumbling motion and have an adjustable speed. This allows mixing tasks for samples to be carried out gently. IKA mixers with 3D function such as the ROCKER 3D basic are suitable for homogeneous mixing in various vessels such as flasks, culture bottles, Petri dishes and tubes. The Rocker 3D digital has a digital display with illumination for easy reading.

Horizontal shaker

The IKA horizontal shakers have individually adjustable temperatures, a robust housing and a low noise level. The HS 260 control NOL as well as the HS 501 digital with digital display is a helpful and reliable instrument for examinations in bacteriology, biotechnology or virology.

Incubation shutter

An incubation shaker creates controlled conditions for development and growth processes. These IKA incubators have a movable base plate and support such processes by preventing bacterial cultures from forming a creamy skin. The precise temperature control and adjustable shear frequency of the KS 3000 ic control and KS 4000 ic control ensure precise investigations and make IKA instruments an indispensable aid in every laboratory.

Circular and orbital shuttle

Circular and orbital shakers are compatible with various platforms and ensure optimum mixing results. For example, the KS 130 control NOL or the Hula Dancer basic can be used to mix samples in various vessels such as Erlenmeyer and round-bottom flasks, culture bottles or beakers. The IKA shakers allow gentle to strong shaking movements as required.

Test tube shaker

Test tube shakers, which are also available in a compact design (e.g. the MS 3 digital small shaker), are ideal for mixing in test tubes and for simultaneous mixing of several samples. Like most IKA instruments, the IKA Lab dancer has an individually adjustable keyboard, an error code display and a low noise level.

Roller shutter

The roller shuttles with six rollers(Roller 6 basic and Roller 6 digital) or ten rollers(Roller 10 basic and Roller 10 digital) provide smooth rocking and rolling motion. The fixed speed of the IKA shakers also ensures optimum mixing of the contents of the tubes.

berk-head shaker

The IKA berk head shakers are designed for specific shaking processes with Erlenmeyer flasks and various bottles. They are used for water and wastewater as well as sludge analysis, but are also suitable for the preparation of eluates according to DIN 38414/4. Discover the outstanding functionality of the Trayster basic and Trayster digital from IKA.


With their low noise level, the Vortex shakers also ensure pleasant working conditions. The high resistance of the Vortex 2 or the Vortex 4 basic with particularly easy application promise special durability with precise measurement results. Discover the various features of the IKA testers for specific requirements.

Microtitre shakers

These are circular shakers with one or more microtitre plates designed for special applications with glass. The 2/4 digital microtitre shaker with easy-to-read display from IKA has individual speed control, a safe stand and is easy to operate. In addition, you can choose from various oscillating movements to optimise your results.

Rocker shaker

Rocker shakers such as the Rocker 2D digital or the Rocker 2D basic generate one-dimensional vertical movements that enable uniform mixing of samples. They are suitable for the cultivation of cell cultures, for example. Standard vessels are culture flasks, but inserts for Erlenmeyer flasks are also available.

Small-scale fermenters

Various IKA shakers are available in different versions. They are also available as small versions: for example, the VXR basic Vibrax for circular movements as well as reciprocating movements, the MS 3 digital small sc aler for circular orbital movements or the IKA KS 130 control for orbital and oscillating movements.

Find the right IKA scissors in the MedSolut product range.

Find the right instrument for any examination with laboratory shakers in the MedSolut range: Discover the high-quality IKA shakers and benefit not only from innovative pragmatic designs, but also from lifelong customer service. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at +49 30 209 657900 or via the contact form. We look forward to your enquiry!