The IKA RCT digital for reliable stirring tasks.

IKA Magnetic Stirrer Plate (RCT digital) is an all-round reliable stirring device specially designed for industrial production. Its compact design and integrated speed controller make it particularly space-saving and flexible to use.

The stirring tool is made of high-quality stainless steel and is therefore particularly robust. It is also splash-proof to IP45 and therefore ideal for production in harsh environments.

What makes the product so special?

The Plate is the perfect tool for delicate stirring operations. Its compact design and low weight make it particularly powerful and easy to handle.

The digital magnetic stirrer is also equipped with a speed controller and timer. This allows you to set the optimal stirring speed for your stirring process and precisely control the stirring time. The maximum speed here is 1500 rpm.

The KS-coated stirring plates (corrosion protection) ensure long durability and optimal results. A removable lid with integrated anti-blocking system (ABS) protects against injuries. The stainless steel heating element guarantees long durability and optimal result.

Other products from the series

There are of course other products in the series.

  • RCT basic is a simple and inexpensive version of the magnetic stirrer
  • RCT control is a higher quality version of the magnetic stirrer with adjustable speed and better operability

However, both models are very reliable and offer you excellent performance.

Moreover, the manufacturer's equipment is available in a wide range of sizes and power classes, so you can choose the right machine for any application. In addition to the standard models, custom designs are also available to meet the exact requirements of the customer.

Robust design and high durability

The IKA Plate is made of high-quality materials, including a rugged aluminum housing that will withstand years of use. The stirring plate itself is made of durable ceramic that is resistant to scratches and wear. Its design and construction make it one of the best magnetic stirrers on the market today.

With its compact dimensions of 27 cm × 16 cm × 8.5 cm and weight of 3.3 kg, you can easily store this model at your workplace.

A technical refinement

The digital display makes it easy to set the stirring speed and other parameters, while the timer function ensures that you can maintain the perfect stirring time. The unit also features a safety shutoff that prevents accidental spills or over-stirring. Furthermore, it contains a powerful magnet that creates a strong stirring effect, making it ideal for use in laboratories and other scientific environments.

The device is also equipped with a high-quality, powerful permanent magnet impeller. Its compact design makes it particularly space-saving and easy to handle. The integrated LCD display enables precise temperature control. The temperature range goes up to + 310 °C.

It is designed for the preparation of samples up to a volume of 20 liters . To ensure that the sample is always heated evenly, only suitable stirring containers should be used.

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Additional information

Weight 3.3 kg
Dimensions 27 × 16 × 8.5 cm
Stirring volume

20 l


mit Heizplatte, with hot plate


RS 232, USB

Stirring positions

einstellig, one place

Model of stirrer

magnetic stirrer, Magnetrührer

Speed range max. (stirrer)

1500 rpm

Material (plate)

aluminium alloy, Aluminium-Legierung

Depth (magnetic stirrer, agitator)

270 mm

Protection category

IP 42

Width (magnetic stirrer, agitator)

160 mm

Height (magnetic stirrer, agitator)

85 mm

Speed range min (stirrer)

50 rpm

Stirring power (magnetic stirrer, agitator)

9 W

Temperature range

bis +310 °C, up to 310 °C