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Magnetic stirrers Application and function

In terms of their visual appearance, laboratory stirrers can be compared to classic household scales. The upper segment consists of a housing with a digital display and a magnet inside. Above the magnet is a plate on which a container can be positioned. In the laboratory, such vessels are usually Erlenmeyer flasks or beakers.

If you want to set the liquid contained in them in motion, a small magnetic stir bar, the so-called stir fish, is placed in the liquid. The IKA magnetic stirrer is usually fitted with a control knob with which you can adjust the stirring speed to suit your needs. Immediately after operating the control, the liquid is stirred constantly and evenly. If desired, you can close the container with a lid during the stirring process.

IKA tubes brand quality from an industry leader

Precision and quality are extremely important in medicine, science and research. That is why it is important to rely on quality Made in Germany right from the start. IKA Labortechnik from Germany is the supplier par excellence when you want first-class products.

IKA laboratory technology from Germany

The internationally renowned IKA Group is the group of companies in the field of laboratory and analysis technology. Companies, institutes and other facilities from medicine, science and research therefore trust the market leader and benefit from a comprehensive product portfolio. Whether laboratory stirrers or calorimeters from IKA, whether dispersers, rotary evaporators or thermostats – the design of the products from IKA Labortechnik is always excellent.

In addition, we at can also provide you with software solutions developed for laboratory and analytical instruments on request. If you have any questions, the friendly MedSolut experts will be happy to help you at any time.

Laboratory instruments from IKA

The high-quality IKA magnetic stirrers are among the most frequently sold professional stirrers in the laboratory segment. IKA Labortechnik offers well-designed stirrers for stirring and mixing tasks, which you can order from both with and without heating. Whether for open or closed vessels, you will be impressed by the high quality and functionality.

Among other things, the manufacturer’s laboratory heaters regulate the temperature of the medium with the help of a contact thermometer and do so very precisely and sustainably. It is also possible to carry out multiple syntheses in up to 36 containers at the same time. Another plus point: IKA magnetic stirrers require 25 percent less energy than comparable devices from the competition. This protects the environment and reduces energy costs in your company or institute.

IKA magnet drill product lines at a glance

Quality-conscious commercial customers from a wide range of industries have always appreciated the broad portfolio of our brand manufacturer IKA. At you will find the right IKA magnetic drill in outstanding quality for every sector. Discover a selection of the range on offer at below:


If you need a functional magnetic drill with a heating plate from IKA, the IKA C-MAG series is exactly what you need. The heating plate is made of robust glass ceramic and impresses with its very good chemical resistance. The powerful motor for mixing quantities of up to 10 litres convinces with its remarkable power volume and the exact temperature setting as required. The Hot Top Indicator feature warns when surfaces are too hot and protects you and your team from burns.

IKA colour squid

The innovative IKA magnetic stirrer colour squid has a glass surface and is available on with different motifs. The vessel can hold up to one litre. The digital LED speed display and the electronically controlled motor further enhance the product. You also benefit from a comprehensive range of functions thanks to the wide speed range of 02,500 min-1.


The IKA RCT laboratory drill is characterised by its particularly powerful motor, which enables you to work precisely in the higher speed range. This IKA magnetic drill with heating plate also has an additional temperature control mode so that the media can be heated up more quickly. This means that you benefit from greater user comfort and efficiency during your work.

IKA laboratory drill accessories

Of course, you will also find the right accessories for the professional IKA magnetic stirrers at Whether you are looking for protective covers, temperature sensors or extension cables, the expert team at MedSolut will be happy to help you find the right accessories for IKA laboratory stirrers.

Temperature sensor from IKA

Discover the range of high-performance temperature probes coated with a special SafeCoat layer. Our MedSolut professionals will be happy to show you which version is most suitable for your projects.

Extension cables

The high-quality extension cables serve, among other things, to separate the housing from the accessories. This means that the sensitive housing with the electronics can be removed from the dangerous steam space of the medium and you can still achieve the desired results when vaporising.

Protective bonnet H 100 also offers matching protective covers for the RCT Basic and other models . The protective cover is resistant to most alkalis and acids and also withstands contact with organic solvents.

Order magnetic stirrers from IKA – the MedSolut experts will be happy to advise you!

In’s comprehensive online catalogue you will find everything you need to know about IKA magnetic stirrers, not to mention the right accessories. Contact your personal MedSolut consultant today and get detailed advice on your desired products. We look forward to hearing from you by e-mail at [email protected] or by telephone on +49 (0)30 20965 79 00.