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Showing all 3 results

IKA heating plates: Structure

Precise heating and safe temperature control – that and more is possible with modern IKA heating plates. Such a device is made of robust stainless steel composite material. The chemical-resistant surface is made of solid glass ceramic. Thanks to the implemented temperature control and a temperature sensor, it is possible to preset the desired temperature exactly and directly in the respective medium.

A so-called hot-top indicator helps to protect against burns on the hot surface. A BNC socket for connecting a pH electrode as well as an RS 232 and a USB interface offer the advantage of controlling the integrated magnetic stirrer. In addition, all test parameters can be documented as required. The lock function can be activated as required and helps to prevent accidental adjustment of temperature or speed.

In the MedSolut portfolio you will find high-quality heating plates for a wide range of laboratory applications. We would be pleased to show you the advantages of an IKA heating plate with and without magnetic stirrer:

IKA heating plate with magnetic stirrer

  • IKA hotplates with magnetic stirrers offer the possibility of mixing liquids in closed containers. The risk of contraction with foreign substances is virtually eliminated.
  • If an IKA heating plate is equipped with a magnetic stirrer, safe and injury-free handling is guaranteed. This is because you will not come into contact with hot or toxic substances during the process. The chemical-resistant magnetic stirrer takes care of that.
  • When using heating plates with magnetic stirrers, you have the advantage that substances can even be processed or treated in an inert gas atmosphere. This protects the environment and provides additional safety.
  • It is possible to process samples in infinite mode, as the magnetic stirrer can be regulated individually.
  • Circulation of the heated tempering substance is possible and serves for better, more even heat distribution.

IKA magnetic stirrers from the MedSolut online catalogue impress with their excellent performance and function portfolio as well as their ease of use. Contact us if you would like to find out more about the IKA heating plates with and without magnetic stirrers. We are here for you!

Heating plates without magnetic stirrer

  • Heating plates without magnetic heaters are used to heat various containers, such as beakers, Erlenmeyer flasks or heating vessels. Their temperature can be individually preset and continuously maintained.
  • They are suitable for heating solid and liquid substances. Depending on the desired functionality, you have the option of using an additional magnetic tube or tube fish if required. This gives you more flexibility in your laboratory work.

The C-MAG HP 10 heating plate from IKA is a product that ensures safe and efficient heating of your laboratory material. Just like the IKA C-MAG HP 7 Ikatherm heating plate or the IKA C-MAG HP 10 Ikatherm heating plate with fixed safety circuit and hot-top indicator.

IKA heating plates: Application areas

IKA hotplates are used in biology and chemistry, but also in research and industry. IKA heating plates are also indispensable in food processing, mining and industry as well as in agriculture and pharmacy. Among other things, they can be used to bring distillation and beaker flasks, but also Erlenmeyer flasks or heating vessels to the desired temperature.

The following liquids are usually heated on an IKA heating plate:

  • Emulsions
  • Lyes
  • le
  • acids
  • liquids to which solids are added
  • liquid substances mixed with gases.

The corresponding degrees of heat can be set with high precision thanks to the functionality of the heating plates. We will be happy to help you choose the right heating plate. Our friendly team of professionals looks forward to hearing from you.

IKA heating panels: technical features and extras

The innovative IKA heating plates have various technical equipment and features. Discover on the heating plates and this renowned manufacturer that fit your projects and plans:

  • The hot-top indicator warns the user of a possible overheated heating plate and thus protects against burns.
  • The LED display is easy to read and shows, among other things, the precise temperature setting.
  • The square user surfaces are stepped and therefore protect against possible liquids leaking from the heating plate.
  • Temperatures of between 50 C and 500 C can be generated.
  • A DIN socket is also provided to allow the connection of a contact thermometer for accurate temperature control.
  • An error code display gives an indication of possible faults.

IKA heating panels at MedSolut.

In our portfolio you will find a selection of high-quality IKA heating plates that are perfectly tailored to the needs of your laboratory or company. Find out more about the selected product highlights in this category below:

IKA C-MAG HP 4 IKATHERM heating plate

The IKA C-MAG HP 4 IKATHERM heating plate is ideal for laboratory work in chemistry or biology as well as for temperature control under high-precision temperature conditions. With this device you benefit from safe and efficient tempering of your working materials and samples. The high resistance, the low dead weight and the offset user surface make this device something special. The fixed safety circuit up to 550 C also speaks for itself.

IKA C-MAG HP 7 IKATHERM heating plate

The IKA C-MAG HP 7 IKATHERM heating plate is all about efficiency and precision. The solid glass ceramic plate is particularly robust. Exact temperature presetting is very easy with the implemented digital display. The power volume is 1000 watts and the possible temperature ranges are 50 C to 500 C.

IKA C-MAG HP 10 IKATHERM heating plate

The special features of the IKA C-MAG HP 10 IKATHERM heating plate with a power capacity of 1500 watts include the hot-top indicator, the error code display in the event of any faults and the DIN socket 12878 for the connection of electronic contact thermometers. This ensures highly precise temperature control.

IKA laboratory technology at an international level

It all began in 1910, when the foundation stone was laid for IKA ‘s current success story. IKA has long been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of laboratory equipment, analysis and process technologies. More than 900 employees are highly motivated and committed to developing the best solutions for laboratories all over the world. Today, the professional innovations are sold in more than 150 countries. When you buy an IKA hot plate from MedSolut, you will be impressed by the excellent value of the equipment.

Find the IKA hot plate for your laboratory at MedSolut.

When it comes to quality, functionality, usability and durability, IKA hotplates are a cut above the rest. They stand out from the competition in many respects. Take advantage of the personal professional advice of our MedSolut experts and benefit from many other advantages. If you have any questions about IKA heating panels, give us a call or send us an e-mail at [email protected] What can we do for you?