HB eco from IKA: the heating bath for your requirements.

The IKA HB eco is considered the optimal heating bath for any laboratory facility. This laboratory heating bath can be operated with liquids or water. This model scores with a compact design and high functionality.

The device has ergonomic carrying handles. The temperature of the medium is between 99 °C and 200 °C. An integrated magnetic stirrer for mixing the temperature control liquid is available as an option. This ensures better heat distribution in the bath. In this way, particularly meaningful results can be achieved.

The temperature range allows numerous different applications. Heating or heating often serves as a preliminary step or decision for the further procedure in the examination of liquids.

The technical specification

The high-quality device has a precise temperature display as well as a USB interface. The capacity is 4 liters and the dimensions are 330 mm x 325 mm. Due to this compactness, the model provides a lot of flexibility at the workplace. The power output is 1,400 W.

The USB interface and the alternating set/actual temperature display make working much more convenient. The scope of delivery includes a 2-meter USB cable with USB A to Micro-B as well as the device itself.

It is ideal for temperature control and heating of laboratory baths for numerous applications.

The safety of the model

The HB 10.3 protective hood is necessary when it is not possible to work in the fume hood. This protects the employee from hot liquid splashes or possible fragments of the evaporator flask. The double jacket also protects against burns.

A safety temperature limiter is used to monitor the temperature so that overheating cannot occur. This unit is also subject to mandatory inspection in accordance with DGUV V3. This should take place at least once a year.

If the model is used frequently or is even in continuous use, the VDE test must take place every three to six months. Both the most common parameters and the functionality are checked.

Other advantages of the device

This heating bath from IKA is ideal for any laboratory that needs to heat or warm up liquids such as water or other substances . The ergonomics and functionality of this compact model make it easy to work in the laboratory. Safety is the top priority.

The simple operation and safe use ensure that tests and other activities can be carried out quickly, easily and safely. All parts, including the protective hood, can be easily removed and cleaned. The design is space-saving and the high-quality device is easy to move.

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Additional information

Weight 4.9 kg
Dimensions 32.5 × 33 × 19 cm

nein, no

Heating bath model

Wasser-/Flüssigkeitsbad, water/fluid bath

Heating bath volume

4 l

Heating bath temperature max.


Power (heating bath)

1400 W

Width (heating bath)

330 mm

Height (heating bath)

190 mm

Depth (heating bath)

325 mm