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Memmert WTB series – Waterbaths for your laboratory

Memmert WTB waterbaths for professional requirements offer a precisely controllable water temperature in six different model versions. In addition to the standard Basic class, which is particularly suitable for routine temperature control tasks, the popular Excellent version offers you precise processes and guarantees maximum safety.

For every requirement in the laboratory or in cosmetics or pharmaceutical production, there is a suitable size of water bath with a useful capacity of between 7 and 51 liters of interior space. The temperatures can be calibrated very precisely and can also be viewed via a remote screen.

With the easy-care materials, the units offer easy cleaning and very hygienic handling, both in the interior and on the housing. Our staff will be happy to advise you on your needs and the suitable devices of the series.

The most important features of the baths at a glance

The Memmert appliances operate in a temperature range from 10 °C up to 100 °C. The temperature can be set very precisely. The temperature can be calibrated very precisely to 0.1 °C and can also be checked via a remote view. This access can be personalized, allowing only certain people to access the data. The instruments in this series feature 2-point calibration with an easy-to-use touch screen.

The stainless and hygienic stainless steel used to make the inner tray and outer housing is easy to clean. The water outlet also works with special ease. With state-of-the-art control technology, you can always precisely check the temperatures inside. The technology should also keep them optimal at all times. The calibration is accurate to 0.1 degrees Celsius. To protect against overheating, an alarm is triggered as soon as an excess temperature can be measured.

The additional timer can be set up to 99 hours and 59 minutes. When the set time expires, a visual-acoustic alarm is triggered. And you can also observe and document all possible changes in temperature on the remote screen at any time. This effectively prevents an unnoticed drop or rise of the desired temperature.

Outside the usable area is the heater, which with its corrosion protection promises safe operation – even after a long period of use. The device can operate in an ambient temperature of +5 °C up to + 40 °C without any restrictions.

Which products belong to the WTB series?

The WTB series includes a total of six water baths, which have a useful capacity of 7 liters to 51 liters, depending on the device, and provide you with sufficient space. You can also buy various accessories to the devices to expand their functionality. So it is for every need to find the right water bath. With a free consultation on the devices, it is easy to define the right product.

Design and interior equipment of the devices

The devices from the WTB series consist of a stainless steel housing and a stainless steel interior. The high-quality stainless steel tank with rounded corners is made in Germany and is particularly well suited for handling in the laboratory. This is because it can be completely emptied without tilting with the help of the drain cock provided as standard and is very easy to clean. As a result, the units offer you an excellent standard of hygiene.

There are many accessories available for the various water bath models. These include, in particular, flat and inclined lids. The compact and ergonomic design of the devices also makes it possible to place them ideally on the laboratory bench.

Furthermore, the models feature the so-called 2-point temperature calibration and an intuitive touchscreen. Their individual temperature control is optimally safeguarded by optical-acoustic alarm signals. These are activated, for example, if the temperature is too high.

Maximum safety

The safety of the individual water bath models is supported by factors such as the alarm function . If the temperature is outside the calibrated range, the visual-acoustic alarm is triggered.

Temperature monitoring via a remote screen also allows you to keep track of temperature compliance, keeping you informed of the current status at all times. The integrated self-diagnosis system also shows you errors at an early stage.

The acid- and base-proof tub of the interior is highly resistant to the effects of contents.

Technical features at a glance

Memmert's waterbaths are suitable for work in a temperature range between +10 °C and +100 °C. The individual models offer an interior for use that has a volume of between 7 liters and 51 liters. The device with 7 liters of usable capacity weighs about 6 kg. With the usual voltage of 230 volts, the device is connected to the power.

The smallest device in this series measures 349 mm x 348 mm x 289 mm and thus fits perfectly into all working environments. All other models are correspondingly larger and offer even more space for your work material.

Advice from our experts

Our team of discerning experts will make sure you get the materials that fit your needs. Do you have any questions about our different items, their benefits or the manufacturers?

We are extremely happy to support you and can always be reached by phone at +49 30 2096579 00 or also by e-mail at [email protected]. We look forward to getting in touch with you!

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Heating bath model

Wasser-/Flüssigkeitsbad, water/fluid bath

Heating bath volume

10 l, 17,1 l, 23,1 l, 37,5 l, 51 l, 7,5 l

Heating bath temperature max.


Power (heating bath)

1000 W, 1420 W, 2800 W

Height (heating bath)

380 mm, 400 mm, 420 mm, 460 mm

Width (heating bath)

450 mm, 530 mm, 610 mm


als Zubehör erhältlich, Available as accessories

Depth (heating bath)

570 mm, 670 mm, 910 mm