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Discover reliable appliances from Memmert: the CTC / TTC

The Memmert CTC / TTC is one of the most popular models among our customers. The manufacturer's ovens can be used for numerous tasks in the laboratory. Among other things, the environmental test chamber ensures perfect simulation of the atmosphere, enables fast temperature changes and thus sustainably shortens your processes.

The following information on this product description will show you the important features, data and functions as well as specifics on the technologies used. If you would like advice on this model and other details, we will of course be happy to assist you in word and deed.

The highlights of the model at a glance

Discover the MEMoryCard XL for more process reliability in the laboratory. The built-in MEMoryCard XL stores a temperature profile file with up to 40 ramps. This can be used or accessed as often as you like. The so-called Celisius software ensures convenient programming and documentation of your processes.

To ensure the safety of your working materials, the device is equipped with an electronic temperature monitor, a mechanical temperature limiter and an integrated self-diagnosis system .

For an attractive yet functional design, the housing is made of textured stainless steel, which is characterized by durability and is particularly scratch-resistant, hygienic and robust.

Model variants & service

The CTC / TTC environmental test chambers are available in the model variants CTC256 and TTC 256. With the worldwide service for Memmert spare parts, maintenance, repair, commissioning as well as the IQ//OQ/PQ qualification and training courses offered, long-term and reliable instrument operation is guaranteed. Our team will be happy to inform you about this.

Fast and energy-saving temperature changes

Both the TTC temperature test chamber and the CTC climatic test chamber with humidity unit allow you and your team to perform particularly fast, precise and energy-saving temperature changes in the range from -42 °C to +190 °C.

In addition, controlled material testing, functional testing, aging or climatic testing of composites, concrete, plastics or electronic components are ensured in the highest quality and reliability. These applications are frequently used in the fields of materials engineering, automotive, aerospace and electronics.

Functions and data at a glance

The temperature range for these Memmert devices is -42 °C to +190 °C. The interior volume of both models is around 256 liters. In addition, the ovens are equipped with state-of-the-art control technology. Electronically controlled active humidification and dehumidification from 10 % to 98 % rh ensures maximum comfort and process reliability, giving you work under optimum conditions.

The units in this series are especially suitable for tests in accordance with IEC 60068. The built-in high-tech insulation system also ensures lasting insulation performance and energy efficiency. The refrigerant R449A, which has been optimized with regard to its greenhouse potential, is used in the units of this series. This is significantly more environmentally friendly than its predecessor R404A.

Precise environmental simulation for climate and temperature testing

Both the CTC and the TTC are incomparably powerful and energy-efficient at the same time, with a rated output of 7000 watts and optimally matched heating and cooling technology.The manufacturer also ensures the greatest possible noise reduction with these devices, which is why you can always work under quiet working conditions.

With 256 liters, the interior volume offers enough space for climate tests. At the same time, the units require little floor space and can be easily moved from A to B on their swivel castors on the underside.

Technical details of the units

Precise and homogeneous temperature control is ensured in the units of this product series by a product-specific heating concept. The Celsius software offers a wide range of programming and documentation options. In addition, there is the integrated log memory as well as interfaces for chip cards for extensive digital solutions and connections. The alarm functions promise maximum process reliability.

Housing & interior

The dimensions in width, height and depth (WxHxD) are 640 mm x 670 mm x 597 mm. A total of 6 slide-in modules can be inserted in the interior and flexibly adapted. The maximum load per drawer is 25 kg.

The dimensions of the structured stainless steel housing are 898 mm x 1730 mm x 1100 mm in width, height and depth (WxHxD). In addition, there is 50 mm in depth for the door handle. The unit is equipped with casters, making it convenient to move and lock. A fully galvanized sheet steel rear panel is attached to the back of the housing. The net weight of the unit (without packaging) is around 337 kg.


The temperature setting accuracy is 0.1 °C up to 99.9 °C and 0.5°C above 100 °C. The temperature range without humidity is between -42 °C and +190 °C, with humidity it is around +10 °C to +95 °C (CTC). Two temperature sensors provide mutual monitoring and function takeover in the event of a fault. This allows you to act quickly in the event of a problem and protect your working materials.

Standard scope of delivery

The unit is equipped with stainless steel grid posts (electropolished) as plug-in unit. Built-in is a fully insulated, heated stainless steel door with double adjustment and 4-point adjustment. The interior is particularly easy to clean, hygienic and hermetically welded.

Do you have further questions? We are happy to advise you!

If you now have any further questions about this or any other model or would like advice, we will be happy to help. Our motivated team in customer service will be happy to help you. You can reach us by phone at +49 30 2096579 00 or also by e-mail: [email protected]

Additional information

Weight 463 kg
Dimensions 110 × 64 × 67 cm
Cabinet type

climate chamber, test cabinet

Load max.

51 – 100 kg

Interior volume

201 – 300 l

Height outside (incubators,...)

1730 mm, 898 mm

Width inside (incubators,...)

640 mm

Maximum temperature (heat)

+ 190 °C

Depth inside (incubators,...)

597 mm

Lowest temperature (cooling)

– 42 °C

Height inside (incubators,...)

670 mm

Depth outside (incubators,...)

1100 mm