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The Memmert HCP humidity chamber for your laboratory

The Memmert HCP humidity chamber is a laboratory-approved climatic chamber from the HCP series, specially designed for environmental simulations in biological research or for accelerated environmental testing and life tests. Due to the active humidity control from 20 to 95 % rh and the high temperature range(90 °C +), the units of this series have an extremely excellent humidity and temperature homogeneity. Particularly noteworthy here is a full-surface heated inner glass door, which ensures an unobstructed view of the sensitive temperature-controlled product.

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The most important features at a glance

The units of this product series convince by the standard double doors, which allow you a carefree tempering without any temperature deviations and contamination. In addition, an alarm function and triple overtemperature protection contribute to the further safety of your working materials.

Furthermore, you get a continuous overview of all your manually set parameters such as temperature, humidity, speed of the circulating air motor and air flap position. This is because the models are equipped with the characteristic battery-backed ControlCOCKPIT, which can be operated via touch function . Thus, you get not only an innovative high-quality, but also a highly functional temperature control cabinet.

In addition, the heat of your previously set temperature is stored by an aluminum heat jacket in the event of a power failure. You are therefore guaranteed consistent, unsurpassed temperature homogeneity and optimal temperature distribution.

Another technical feature is the coupling of the alarm function with your mobile device via MobileALERT. This means that you do not necessarily have to be present during the process, but can have alarm signals sent to you as SMS or by e-mail.

Discover the HCP product series

There are a total of four models from this first-class product series from Memmert, but they do not essentially differ solely (see technical details) by their interior volume.

There is

  • the HCP50 with an interior volume of 56 liters,
  • the HCP105 with 107 liters,
  • the HCP150 with 156 liters
  • and the HCP240 with 241 liters.

No matter which unit you choose: So you will get enough capacity for your individual temperature control products.

In addition, with each model you will receive the TwinDISPLAY, which allows you to perform very specific programming using the AtmoCONTROL control and logging software.

Special design & high functionality

What will your new climatic chamber look like? With these models, you get extremely attractively designed and innovative units that clearly stand out from the rest. Particularly unique here is the TwinDISPLAY, which extends across the top third of the cabinet. It appears in a black glass look and includes a touch function. It also features an Ethernet port and a USB port for uploading programs, reading logs and activating the User ID function to ensure tamper-proof operation.

Robustness, durability and corrosion protection are provided by the stainless steel from which the outer and inner walls of the cabinet are made. Coming in a light gray color, it looks as classy as it is high quality. The interior as well as the inner glass door of the cabinet can also be heated. Thus, the formation of condensation due to evaporation is not favored. Your tempering materials remain safe in this respect. The back panel is made of galvanized sheet steel.

The feet of the unit and the ends of the vertically oriented handle are designed in black color.

Technological features

Memmert climatic chambers are equipped with numerous technologies to provide you with the best possible and unique use.

The climatic chamber impresses with a user-friendly and intuitive operating concept, the ControlCOCKPIT with integrated touch screen. In addition to numerous adjustable parameters such as the temperature or air flap setting, functions such as voice control or time bean selection are also available. The AtmoCONTROL software has been specially developed for this purpose in order to be able to carry out complex programming and documentation of data. With devices like the one described here, the software is supplied by means of a USB stick.

In addition, the devices contain a product-specific heating concept, which is characterized by the protected placement of the heating elements in the interior, doors and rear walls.

For your safety

Before removing any covers from the units, switch off the power plug to avoid electric shock. In addition, only load this unit with goods that do not develop toxic or explosive substances after heating.

Allow the unit to cool down first after use, otherwise you may scald yourself when opening the door or touching it. In addition, the door should never be left open during operation to avoid overheating and fire hazards.

To avoid short circuits, allow the unit to rest at ambient temperature for 24 hours after delivery or storage without packing material.

Technical details

In order to have all relevant technical information in one place, the respective data is summarized here.


There are different dimensions for the different models that are available for purchase.

  • The stainless steel interior on the HCP50- model is 400 mm wide, 425 mm high and 330 mm deep minus the 35 mm that the fan measures. The case is 559 mm wide, 795 mm high and 521 mm (depth +56 mm door handle) deep.
  • The interior on the HCP105 model is 560 mm wide, 480 mm high and 400 mm (depth minus 35 mm for fan) deep. The outer case is 719 mm wide, 850 mm high and 591 mm deep (depth +56 mm door handle).
  • The third model, the HCP150, is 560 mm wide, 700 mm high and 400 mm (depth minus 35 mm for fan) deep inside. The case 719 mm wide,1070 mm high and 591 mm (depth +56 mm door handle) deep.
  • The last model, the HCP240, is 600 mm wide inside, 810 mm high and 500 mm (depth minus 35 mm for fan) deep. Outside it is 759 mm wide, 1180 mm high and 691 mm deep (depth +56 mm door handle).

So there is always the right unit for your individual temperature control project. The different sizes ensure that you can integrate your desired model exactly into your workspace. The distance between the wall and the rear panel of the unit should be at least 15 cm. The distance to the ceiling may be 20 cm and the lateral distance to the wall or to an adjacent unit may not be less than 5 cm.

Power consumption

The voltage at power consumption is between 115 and 230 V. The mains frequency is between 50 and 60 Hz and the rated power is approximately 1520 W. Energy efficiency is ensured by the SetpointWAIT function, which starts the process only when your individual temperature setting is met. Thus, the device is very energy efficient.


The net weight of the HCP50 oven is 55 kg, of the HCP105 oven 75 kg, of the HCP150 model 90 kg and of the HCP240 model 110 kg. The gross weight of HCP50 cabinet is 74 kg, HCP105 is 100 kg, HCP150 model is 116 kg and HCP240 model is 145 kg.

Any questions? We will be happy to advise you!

You have now received a comprehensive overview of the innovative humidity chambers from Memmert. Presumably, you have had some requests for advice or queries, which our team of experts will be happy to answer in detail at any time. You are welcome to contact us at the following number: +49 30 2096579 00 or simply send us an e-mail: [email protected] We are looking forward to the contact!

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Load max.

101 – 150 kg, 51 – 100 kg

Interior volume

101 – 200 l, 201 – 300 l, 51 – 100 l

Width inside (incubators,...)

400 mm, 560 mm, 600 mm

Depth inside (incubators,...)

330 mm, 400 mm, 500 mm

Height outside (incubators,...)

1070 mm, 1180 mm, 795 mm, 850 mm

Height inside (incubators,...)

425 mm, 480 mm, 700 mm, 810 mm

Cabinet type

Heating-up chamber

Maximum temperature (heat)

+ 90 °C

Lowest temperature (cooling)

+ 18 °C

Width outside (incubators,...)

559 mm, 719 mm, 759 mm

Depth outside (incubators,...)

521 mm, 591 mm, 691 mm