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Memmert ICH: efficient climatic chambers for the modern laboratory.

The Memmert ICH series offers climatic chambers for the exact provision of humidity, temperature and carbon dioxide for use in the laboratory. Test series, experiments or research can be optimally carried out with the devices under conditions that can be very precisely regulated in the climatic chambers.

The models of this series focus in particular on the adjustment of three special characteristics: these include the temperature in the range from -10 °C to + 60 °C, humidity between 10 and 80 % rh and the level of carbon dioxide in the air. The manufacturer is already producing and developing laboratory equipment in the third generation. Our service team will be happy to advise you on the individual models and regarding various requirements in the laboratory.

State-of-the-art instruments with innovative features

Outstanding reliability and precision are the hallmarks of Memmert appliances. Many years of practice in the development and manufacture of laboratory technology are proven in the high-quality products for industry and laboratories. The climatic chambers in this series have an innovative ControlCockpit with two high-resolution displays.

You can select the system language that suits you best from seven languages. A backward clock with a measuring range of 99 days is also ideal for long-term test series. You can select the function so that it only starts measuring time when the test temperature is reached.

You can program and manage the controller via the integrated Ethernet interface. The models of this series are able to log the program sequence in the event of a power failure. In addition, they have automatic over- and under-temperature protection.

The integrated alarm signals warn you both acoustically and visually in the event of malfunctions. The units in this series also feature an energy-saving and CFC-free cooling system. The stainless steel doors, equipped with two latching points, provide safety when closing. This is a compression door latch of the fully insulated high quality stainless steel door.

Discover the ICH series

The series includes different size units of the climatic chambers and also a model with very efficient energy use, namely the climatic chamber ICHeco260. The different models have different volumes and are suitable, for example, for stability tests in the food industry or in medicine.

The manufacturer's climatic chamber with the number ICH 110 provides a basis for tests in the range up to 110 liters. The climate chamber ICH260eco offers a very constant climate in its interior. It is suitable, among other things, for long-term tests and for various tasks in human and veterinary medicine.

Design and interior

The design of the stainless steel housing offers a practical and hygienic textured surface. The units are very sturdily equipped with their fully galvanized stainless steel back panel. In addition, the interior glass doors further protect the climate-controlled space and provide a clear view of the samples and products.

The interiors of the series have a joint-free stainless steel finish, which makes cleaning particularly easy. With several adjustable shelves in the form of stainless steel grids , you can use the climatic cabinet individually and configure it according to your needs. The slide-in shelves can support up to 20 kg of weight.

In addition, the cabinets of this product series can be transported on casters , which are also lockable. Lighting is provided by fluorescent lamps, which emit a cool white light.

Use of reliable technologies

The devices have a self-diagnostic system, which quickly diagnoses errors, allowing you to monitor more accurately. The AutoSAFETY system thus ensures that the target temperatures are maintained. It controls the shutdown of the heater just before overheating or the shutdown of the cold source before the samples inside get too cold. With the air jacket temperature control system , the temperature control is implemented gently.

Our brand manufacturer Memmert is already in its third generation in the field of laboratory equipment technology. The company is considered an innovative and market-relevant manufacturer.

Technical details at a glance

The ICH110 model is a particularly popular model in this series and can be presented as an indication of the technical data. The dimensions of the appliance are 560 mm x 480 mm x 400 mm. The useful capacity is 108 liters. It weighs 109 kilograms. The set temperatures range from -10 °C up to + 60 °C. De humidity can be regulated in the range from 10 to 80% rh .

For a more detailed comparison of the features, please take a look at the technical data sheet of the respective model or ask our expert team for detailed advice.

Suitable Memmert appliances for your needs

Our team of trained service staff wants you to get the right products for your requirements. Do you have any questions about our various models, their features or the respective brand manufacturers?

We are extremely happy to assist you and are available all day by phone at +49 30 2096579 00 or by e-mail at [email protected]. We look forward to getting in touch with you!

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Cabinet type

climate chamber

Load max.

101 – 150 kg, 151 – 200 kg

Interior volume

101 – 200 l, 201 – 300 l, 701 – 800 l

Lowest temperature (cooling)

– 10 °C, + 10 °C, 0 °C

Maximum temperature (heat)

+ 50 °C, + 60 °C

Depth inside (incubators,...)

400 mm, 500 mm, 600 mm

Width inside (incubators,...)

1040 mm, 560 mm, 640 mm

Height inside (incubators,...)

1200 mm, 480 mm, 800 mm

Depth outside (incubators,...)

585 mm, 685 mm, 785 mm

Width outside (incubators,...)

1224 mm, 745 mm, 824 mm

Height outside (incubators,...)

1233 mm, 1552 mm, 1950 mm