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What are environmental simulation cabinets used for?

Environmental simulation cabinets can be used for a wide range of applications thanks to their sophisticated features and functions. Discover environmental simulation cabinets in the MedSolut online catalogue that are perfectly tailored to the requirements of your laboratory, institute or company . We offer high-performance models from selected brand manufacturers for the following types of tests:

Temperature test

Cell structures, medicines, but also food as well as metal and plastic parts from different areas of industry and pharmacy have to be tested and analysed at different temperatures. We offer you suitable tensile test and temperature test cabinets with or without a permanently implemented machine room, so that you are optimally equipped in your laboratory, institute or company.

Climatic test

In the automotive industry, in the food industry, but also in biochemistry, products and raw materials have to be exposed to various climatic influences and thus tested for their durability and functionality. You can individually test environmental influences such as sunlight, humidity or dryness through to stresses caused by road irregularities in our environmental simulation chambers.

Corrosion test

Road salt, salty ambient air, seawater or high humidity can have a corrosive effect on surfaces. In modern environmental simulation cabinets from our online shop, you can test base metals, plastics, painted surfaces and many other materials for their corrosion resistance. This is an essential safety and quality feature in economic, industrial and medical areas.

Emission test

Emissions of volatile organic compounds can have health consequences for passengers in certain environments and especially in vehicle interiors. Emission levels even increase when exposed to heat or sunlight. Selected environmental simulation devices from our portfolio help you to determine the quality and provide meaningful results.

Stability test

In the pharmaceutical industry, as well as in science and research in general, the demands on samples and specimens are high. It is therefore necessary to carry out individual stability tests under robust conditions . An environmental simulation cabinet with humidity and temperature control as required is therefore an essential component in these areas. Please contact us. We will support you in your search for the right environmental simulation oven.

Vacuum test

Flight equipment from the aerospace industry is usually exposed to extreme humidity and temperature fluctuations in a vacuum. Accordingly, it is important to test the components for their durability and quality within the framework of vacuum tests. And ideally before each use. With the brand-name environmental simulation cabinets, you are able to simulate extreme environmental conditions and generate precise results.

Material testing

The environmental simulation devices on are ideal for testing materials under dynamic conditions. Thanks to the high change speeds, testing in accordance with standards is always guaranteed. Of course, the temperature profiles can be adjusted according to the model and requirements. In addition, some environmental simulation units can even regulate the humidity levels in specific areas.

Which industries use environmental simulation cabinets?

Many industries use environmental simulation cabinets in their daily operations. We can help you find the right environmental simulation cabinet for your industry at


Companies active in the aerospace industry cannot do without a functional environmental simulation cabinet. Here in particular, the products and components used are exposed to extreme climatic and environmental conditions . With a view to quality and functional assurance, it is therefore essential to carry out regular tests in the environmental simulation cabinet.

Automotive industry

The automotive industry and its suppliers in particular rely on the use of high-quality environmental simulation cabinets. This is because a large proportion of the products installed in vehicles are exposed to the most adverse environmental and mechanical stresses in road traffic. For constant quality assurance, a functional environmental simulation cabinet is required that is specially tailored to the corporate and legal requirements.


Cell structures, seeds, but also bacteria and other cultures have to withstand various climatic conditions under certain conditions. With an environmental simulation cabinet from our range, you will generate precise results within the scope of your tests.

Pharmaceutical industry

The substances used in medicines and infusions are often extremely sensitive. At the same time, the quality requirements are very high. In order to test them, companies in the pharmaceutical industry need individually designed environmental simulation devices. We will be happy to help you with the selection. Please get in touch with us.

Food industry

When it comes to genetic research, but also to the redesign of food products, stringent legal requirements must be followed. For safety and consumer protection reasons, companies in the food industry need special cabinets in which environmentally specific tests can be carried out, usually even long-term studies.

How does an environmental simulation cabinet work?

An environmental simulation cabinet is quite clearly structured in its design, but equipped with numerous functions. This gives you the opportunity to use your environmental simulation or drying cabinet to investigate how climatic or thermal influences affect substances, materials or products.

The construction of an environmental simulation cabinet

An environmental simulation cabinet usually consists of one or more chambers that are characterised by extreme stability and uniformity. In the test chambers for thermal or climatic environmental simulation, it is possible to simulate humidity, dryness, but also frosty temperatures or great heat by regulating the outside.

Special features make this possible, so that shelf-life tests, stability tests as well as conditioning and much more can be carried out with food, biomass, medicines and other products. Environmental simulation cabinets are extremely strong, corrosion-resistant and leak-proof in their outer segments, so that no stressful influences can penetrate inside and potentially falsify the results.

Environmental simulation cabinets from BINDER and RUMED

At you will find exquisite brand manufacturers with national and international reputations. The companies Binder and Rumed have established themselves as market leaders in the manufacture of environmental simulation cabinets and impress with an excellent range of products and services.


The family-owned company Binder has specialised in the manufacture of first-class simulation cabinets and has become the world’s leading expert in this product category in recent years. More than 22,000 simulation cabinets leave the production facilities every year and reach laboratories, institutes and companies in a wide range of industries all over the world.


Rubarth Apparate GmbH – Rumed has existed on the market with great success for over 65 years. The extraordinary quality of the high-precision environmental simulation equipment for industrial and scientific laboratories has always spoken for itself. Even well-known global corporations have been using Rumed’s professional products for many years.

Choose the right environmental simulation cabinet for your needs

MedSolut offers a high-quality selection of environmental simulation cabinets for a wide range of needs and requirements. The outstanding functionality, the precise operation as well as the remarkable durability of the environmental simulation devices will inspire you and bring you forward with success in your laboratory, institute or company.

Highest precision

In the pharmaceutical industry, as well as in research and science in general, the demands on precision and efficiency are particularly high. Therefore, in view of the precise work performance, you are well advised to use the environmental simulation devices on

Stainless steel liners

Wherever dangerous or aggressive substances are handled, special protective measures are indispensable. The solid stainless steel inner lining in the high-quality brand-name environmental simulation cabinets is a guarantee for a particularly long service life.

Low power consumption

Some environmental simulation units are in use for several days or weeks in order to carry out complete examinations or tests . This means that you benefit from the energy-efficient operation of the environmental simulation cabinets in our online catalogue.

Low noise emission

Intense noise pollution can have a negative impact on staff motivation and work performance. We therefore offer professional environmental simulation cabinets for laboratories and institutes that are characterised by very low noise emission. Please contact us. We will advise you in detail.

Order environmental simulation cabinets from MedSolut

Order the environmental simulation cabinets that perfectly fit your industry, laboratory or company. Trust in the professional support of our excellently trained experts and benefit from further customer-oriented services. Call us on +49 30 209 657 900 or write to us at [email protected]. We are always there for you. That’s a promise!