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Binder climatic chamber: Technology from the experts

Binder GmbH was founded in 1850 and has been producing laboratory technology in the field of drying and incubation cabinets since 1983. This means that the owner-managed family business can look back on more than 30 years of experience in this field. The success speaks for itself. In the meantime, Binder employs about 400 people and produces about 22,000 instruments annually. The manufacturer is one of the largest and most renowned producers in this field.

Among the outstanding characteristics of Binder GmbH are the high standards of innovation and quality as well as the strong focus on customised products for customers in various industries. The company invests 9% of its turnover in research and development, which is carried out in the company’s own centre. In addition, this manufacturer works closely with institutions to get the most out of product development, which is reflected in the high-quality air-conditioning cabinets.

Types of air-conditioning cabinets

Not all climatic cabinets are the same – Binder GmbH manufactures various environmental simulation cabin ets as well as different series and models, so that a suitable unit is available for every requirement and you can put your needs and requirements for the unit in the foreground. A distinction can be made between constant climate control cabinets and alternating climate control cabinets:

Constant climate chamber

This Binder climate chamber is a model series that ensures constant temperature and humidity conditions . This allows materials to be tested and inspected under constant conditions without any other influences leading to a change in the results.

Constant climate chambers are therefore used wherever simulations are carried out. These include , for example, biotechnologies, the cosmetics and food industries as well as medical and pharmaceutical research facilities. Since the requirements of the ICH guideline are met, standardised stability tests for active pharmaceutical ingredients can also be carried out.

Interchangeable climate chamber

In alternating climate chambers, on the other hand, material tests are carried out under dynamic conditions. Standardised testing is also possible in these binder climatic chambers, which are carried out at high exchange speeds (approx. 5 K/min). The alternating climate chambers generate demanding temperature profiles and humidifications, which is why they are also found in many laboratories.

The areas of application of both variants visibly overlap, but the actual areas of application are correspondingly different due to the difference between constant and dynamic environmental conditions.

Binder climate chamber: available models

In order to provide you with the ideal techniques and features for your requirements, Binder manufactures a number of different climatic cabinet models. You can also find these at MedSolut so that no wishes remain unfulfilled. In particular, we have the following Binder climatic cabinets:

MK environmental simulation cabinets

The MK series, which includes the MK 53 and MK 720 models, is designed for all heat and temperature tests between -40C and 180C. Cyclic temperature tests make it easy to fulfil individual and complex solutions.

In addition to a heated viewing window, precise programming options and extensive data acquisition, this model series also offers homogeneous climate conditions thanks to Binder’s APT.line preheating chamber. The interior volumes of the various units range from 60 l to 734 l.

KBF constant climate chambers

With the KBF series, constant climate cabinets are produced that meet all the requirements of the ICH guideline and convince with a wide temperature and humidity range, such as the KBF P 720 and KBF LQC 240 models. Depending on the model, the ranges are between -10C and +100C and between 10% RH and 80% RH.

These constant climate control units also operate with steam humidification and feature a modern humidity control system with capacitive sensor. The KBF series can be divided into further model series:

  • KBF-S Solid.Line: This series is designed for long-term and accelerated stability tests and complies with ICH guideline Q1A.
  • KBF-S ECO Solid.Line: With the aid of patented heat dissipation and optimised Peltier technology, the energy consumption of these devices is particularly low. This makes ECO Solid.Line devices among the most effective constant climate chambers available on the market.
  • KBF P: The “P” in these models stands for an ICH-compliant light spectrum in the lighting, which allows standard-compliant long-term tests.
  • KBF LQC: This also applies to the KBF LQC series. This is built with the Light Quantum Control light sensor system, which makes it suitable for carrying out photostability tests.

KMF constant climate control units

The KMF series is characterised by its small space requirement, which is why these constant climate cabinets can also be installed in small laboratories without any problems. The water supply is flexibly regulated. Due to the wide temperature and humidity range, units of this series (such as the KMF 115 and KMF 240 models) are primarily designed for stress test series.

KBW climate control cabinets

With the KBW series, Binder covers more specialised areas, so that these models can also be referred to as growth cabinets. The temperature and humidity control is supplemented by homogeneous light so that plants and other organisms can grow optimally. The five fluorescent tubes used can be positioned variably. Representatives of this series include the KBW 400 and KBW 720 models.

Do you have any questions regarding the range or the selection for your individual requirements? Then get in touch with our highly qualified customer service! Simply contact us by phone at +49 30 2096579 00 or by email at [email protected] we look forward to hearing from you!

Important criteria for the purchase of your Binder climatic cabinet

To ensure that your new Binder climate control cabinet meets all your expectations and can fulfil future tasks with distinction, you should pay attention to several criteria when selecting a suitable model:

Constant climate cabinet or alternating climate cabinet

Do you want to simulate a constant climate or do you need to create dynamic conditions? Depending on the area of application and purpose, constant climate cabinets (such as the KBF-S 115 model) or alternating climate cabinets (such as the MK 56 model) are worthwhile.

Steam or ultrasonic humidifiers

A distinction can be made between steam and ultrasound humidifiers. Steam humidifiers are installed in the KBWF series, for example, and can be detected particularly sensitively by the sensor system. Ultrasonic humidifiers, on the other hand, produce an even finer dispersion of droplets.

ICH-compliant lighting

In order to be able to carry out standard-compliant long-term tests, the Binder climatic chamber must have ICH-compliant lighting. This is important, for example, if you want to carry out stability tests on active pharmaceutical ingredients or if your work requires photostability tests.

Direct or indirect water supply

A distinction can also be made between a direct and an indirect water supply. This means that the instruments can either be connected to an existing water supply or operated with a tank. This can play an important role in the possible areas of application.

Areas of application for the Binder climatic cabinet

The possible areas of application are as varied as the Binder climatic cabinets. These are mainly found in research and in production, where constant and changing environmental conditions have to be simulated. The most frequent places of application for these devices include the following in particular:

  • Production, automotive and aerospace industry
  • Bio- and chemical technology
  • Medical research (e.g. human diagnostics and in vitro fertilisation (IVF))
  • Semiconductor and electrical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Cosmetics manufacturing
  • Food and beverage production

Find the Binder climatic cabinet for your laboratory at MedSolut.

The wide range of models, the high quality of workmanship and the innovative technologies are just a few reasons why you have made an excellent choice with a Binder climatic cabinet. The different temperature and humidity conditions are ideally simulated and you receive constant and reliable results.

Would you like more information about the individual models or would you like individual advice? Our excellent customer service will be happy to assist you with all your questions and concerns! You can reach us throughout the year by telephone on +49 30 2096579 00 or by e-mail to [email protected]. We look forward to advising you!