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For what purposes is an lan incubator or incubator suitable?

Microorganisms or cell cultures that you work with in your daily laboratory and institute routine often need to be incubated in a controlled atmosphere. Depending on whether you need a refrigerated incubator or a microbiological incubator or a CO2 or gassing incubator, different factors are important.

In a gassing incubator, for example, values such as the humidity level, the carbon dioxide content, and the oxygen or nitrogen content also take on special significance.

The incubators from our online catalog are excellently suited for the following applications, among others:

  • for the growth of crystals of different types
  • for controlled storage of samples
  • for the cultivation of living cell cultures
  • for breeding and hatching eggs in biology or zoology
  • for the propagation of microorganisms or germ colonies

Types of lab incubators

Lab incubators with possible temperature conditions from 50 to 110 degrees Celsius are very suitable for the cultivation of microorganisms, animal or bacterial cultures as well as for different incubation and development processes. Incubators in this category are also excellent for observing the behavior of cells and their growth.

In medicine, incubators are mainly used for the care of premature babies. Inside the incubator, there are optimal, constant humidity conditions and thus a constant climate, so that the development of infants is supported in the best possible way.

The branded incubators we offer you at are of elementary importance in biological research. We have the following types ready for laboratory and institute customers in our excellently assorted portfolio:

Cooling incubator

Cooling incubators are preferably used for the development and observation of bacterial or eukaryotic cells. The temperature and humidity as well as the oxygen and CO2 content of cooling incubators can be controlled as required.

Depending on the performance and function portfolio, the acquisition costs for a cooling incubator from our store are around 5,000 to 12,000 euros. Please do not hesitate to contact us and let us show you the individual details of your desired product.

CO2 incubator

A CO2 incubator at a price of around 9,000 euros is predestined for the examination and cultivation of animal cells. Thanks to the constantly regulated CO2 supply, a balanced pH value is guaranteed at all times.

CO2 incubators in this product category are also perfectly suited for observing a wide range of incubation and development processes, as well as for studying cells and their growth, because excellent humidity and temperature conditions can be implemented in them.

Shaking incubator

A shaking incubator is equipped with a vibrating bottom plate. This prevents, for example, the formation of a so-called creamy skin with bacteria.

Shaking incubators are also used to establish animal or insect cultures in biology, pharmacy, medicine, chemistry and the food industry. They cost around 4,000 to 8,000 euros to purchase and impress with their compact design and reliable operation, among other things.

How does an incubator work?

With regard to the cooling or heating of cell cultures, a laboratory incubator is primarily divided into water jacket and air jacket incubators. We would be pleased to show you the advantages of both variants.

Water jacket incubators

Although water jacket incubators have a comparatively high dead weight, they are characterized by their better temperature stability. In addition, when using models of this product category, you have significantly lower temperature fluctuations when opening the door.

But the most important thing is that even in the event of a possible power failure, these will maintain temperatures longer than usual. Therefore, you benefit from an additional level of reliability and safety.

Air jacket incubators

Air jacket incubators are lighter in weight compared to water jacket incubators, making them easier to transport from point A to point B. With longer openings, faster temperature recovery is ensured. In addition, even higher disinfection and sterilization temperatures are possible without hesitation.

The faster measurements and improved controls also speak for the use of an air jacket incubator. Get detailed advice from our friendly MedSolut team to find the incubator that best suits your needs and objectives.

Choose the right incubator for the lab

With the expert help of MedSolut professionals, you can find the right incubator for the lab with ease. We recommend that you consider the following important criteria when making your selection:


When choosing your lab incubator, make sure that not only the temperatures can be adjusted according to your needs, but that the temperature level inside the incubator remains permanently constant.

CO2 content

For optimal results with regard to the development and observation of cells or cultures, it must be possible to precisely preset the CO2 content. Also, the constant maintenance of the carbon dioxide level must be ensured.


Cultures of different types must each have a specific humidity level. Therefore, the incubator should be designed to ensure that the cells or cultures are humidified as required.


On the one hand, the doors of the lab incubator should close tightly and be leak-proof. On the other hand, it is important that no strong vibrations occur when opening the doors. In addition, care should be taken to ensure that the temperature drop in the course of this is gentle.


High-quality incubators can be easily decontaminated after use with suitable tools. Among other things, both the design and the structure of the interior play a role here. Please contact us, we will be pleased to advise you.


Incubators should ideally be easy to clean or easy to maintain. To ensure this, models with particularly smooth surfaces are highly recommended.


The conception of the included shaking plate shines through a high stability and a constant vibration. An aspect that is fundamental in the development and observation of insect and bacterial cultures.

O2 regulation

If a simple and demand-oriented regulation of the oxygen content inside the incubator is guaranteed, this will affect the qualitative value of your results. The distribution of oxygen inside should also be regular and continuous.

Manufacturer at MedSolut

At MedSolut we offer you selected lab incubators from well-known brand manufacturers. Order now your high quality incubator from Germany from leading companies directly on


The family-owned company Memmert looks back on a long history. Over the course of many decades, it has established itself as the market leader with regard to the development and manufacture of professional laboratory equipment. The product range always shines through its first-class quality and excellently thought-out design.

Fisher Scientific Laboratory

The top brands of the Fisher Scientific Laboratory Group include Fisher Chemical, Thermo Scientific, Honeywell and Fisherbrand. Discerning corporate and institutional customers greatly appreciate the rich, high-quality product portfolio, consisting of more than 11,000 different items.


The Binder family company is the world’s largest specialist in professional simulation cabinets for industrial and scientific laboratories. More than 22,000 lab incubators and other selected cutting-edge technologies are distributed throughout the world from the Tuttlingen plant.

Order the lab incubator of your choice at MedSolut

Order the lab incubator of excellent quality that fully meets the requirements of your laboratory or institute from our online range. Take advantage of the expert advice of the MedSolut specialists. We will be happy to assist you – both by telephone on +49 30 209 657 900 and by e-mail to [email protected]. Which incubator do you need?