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Why use a heating bath in the laboratory?

If you are looking for versatile, high-quality branded labware, you have come to the right place. Among our laboratory equipment, you will find top-quality heating baths that are excellently suited for use in various areas .

  • With regard to the generation of chemical reactions at elevated temperatures, branded heaters are of elementary importance.
  • In high-performance heaters, they can heat medical package contents as required or also inactivate them in order to make the respective preparations usable in a target-oriented manner.
  • Heating baths are frequently used in the laboratory for incubation. We will be happy to advise you on this. Please contact us.
  • In many laboratory and business areas, specific material and corrosion tests are carried out in heating baths.
  • When it comes to examining sensitive samples or substances and obtaining precise test results, microprocessor-controlled heating baths are used.

How does a laboratory heating bath work?

A heating bath is a liquid that is contained in an open vessel. The vessels used are usually crystallising dishes, metal pots or glass containers . The liquid used is either water, l or polyethylene glycol in order to achieve the desired temperature. Water baths, for example, are used at temperatures of up to 100 C, glycol baths at 100 C to 200 C and baths at temperatures of over 100 C.

Selected low-melting metal alloys are also very suitable for this purpose, depending on the project. The laboratory heating bath is usually heated on a laboratory heating plate with the aid of a magnetrer. Then either a beaker, an Erlenmeyer flask or a round bottom flask is immersed in it. A thermometer is held in the liquid to check the temperature.

You can also use the heaters from the MedSolut catalogue with other liquids. For example:

  • Water: Both water and cold brines are characterised by their good thermal conductivity and low viscosity. On the other hand, however, the boiling points are usually quite low, which makes it necessary to use alternative solutions.
  • l: l is highly valued due to its high boiling property. Temperatures of up to 300 degrees Celsius are possible. However, our experts draw your attention to the particularly large expansion (up to one sixth of the initial volume). Do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Polyethylene glycol: Polyethylene glycol is one of the classic substances used in the application of heaters. It can also be used to achieve higher temperatures.
  • Especially low-melting metal alloys: Due to their low melting point and excellent thermal conductivity, we recommend alloys such as Rose’s metal, Wood’s metal, solder alloys or Lipowitz metal.
  • Mixtures of bismuth, lead and tin: Tin, lead and bismuth are also characterised by their relatively low melting point, so that they can be used for temperatures of around 250 to 350 degrees Celsius. Our team of experts looks forward to providing you with detailed advice on this.

Types of heaters for the laboratory

You will find the right heater for every need and every requirement in our selected range. We would be pleased to show you the different types:

Water bath/liquid bath

The water or liquid bath is the classic variant among the heating baths. With a water bath for the laboratory from our online catalogue, you can carry out a wide variety of tests and experiments that require temperatures of up to 100 degrees.


The lbad offers you the advantage in your work that significantly higher heat conditions can be achieved. These can be far above 100 degrees Celsius. This is mainly due to the higher boiling point of l. Would you like individual advice? Simply write to us or give us a call.

Air bath

Air baths are primarily used for the distillation of low-boiling or volatile solvents. A special category in our store, which belongs to the air baths, are the highly functional infrared heaters.

Sand bath

If very high temperatures are required to carry out your laboratory work, we recommend the sand bath. With such a device you can slowly bring chemicals to maximum temperature without the risk of sudden overheating . Whether it is a metal bowl or a beaker, both are heated from below while the substance to be heated is slowly immersed in the steadily heating sand.


Delicate tissue structures or sensitive sample types should be heated evenly and at a moderate level. The shaking bath is therefore ideal for various applications. Especially in the area of quality assurance or in life science, where it is important to generate rather low temperatures of between 5 and 99 degrees.

Circulating bath

When working with special enzymes or when handling serological applications, it is often necessary to surround them with a circulating temperature control liquid as part of specific tests or runs. Circulating water baths are the perfect choice for this purpose, as they ensure uniform temperature distribution and control at a high level.

Tripod heater

Tripod heaters bring tanks of different types to the desired temperature, regardless of material and shape. Whether sand, liquid or air bath, you will find the heating bath innovation you need for your projects in the MedSolut portfolio.

Find the optimal heating bath for your laboratory

Depending on the project you and your team are working on, the demands on heating baths for the laboratory are very high. With us, you can easily find the heating bath that best suits the requirements of your laboratory or institute. These and other advantages are offered by the powerful laboratory heaters:

  • The ergonomic design facilitates handling and thus gives you more safety during your work.
  • Thanks to the robust and durable design, you will be able to use your heaters for many years and carry out numerous jobs with them.
  • Because the right accessories are usually included in the scope of delivery or can be conveniently ordered separately, you will be well equipped for any project. Depending on the model, the set may include insert racks, intermediate shelves, ring supports or regulators.
  • Many heaters have a USB interface so that the data can be loaded onto your computer quickly and easily.
  • The integrated magnetic tube drive ensures that the temperature control liquid in the vessel is circulated easily and as required. Especially with sensitive samples, this aspect is a decisive advantage.

Order the heating bath for your laboratory at MedSolut.

Order on the laboratory heating bath that is optimally tailored to the requirements in your laboratory or institute. Contact our friendly team of advisors right away and experience the value of our professional advice. Call us or write to us at [email protected]. We are always happy to help.