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Showing all 9 results

Areas of application for laboratory baths

You can use the powerful laboratory baths in a wide variety of work areas. In clinics and medical facilities, but also in the chemical industry, in the food industry or even in breweries , laboratory baths are helpful.

  • Laboratory ovens are used for precise automatic temperature regulation. This allows you to gently thaw samples or medicines, such as infusions.
  • With a laboratory bath, chemical reactions can be carried out at temperatures of over 100 degrees Celsius . For example, it is possible to heat ointments and emulsions gently and without damaging the product in beakers or Erlenmeyer flasks.
  • Cultures can be tempered or incubated in the bath as required. Baths are also ideal for fermentation and homogenisation.
  • When it comes to heating nutrient media or plates in laboratories, laboratory baths are indispensable.
  • Lab testers are ideal for corrosion and material testing.
Would you like to know which laboratory bath from the MedSolut online catalogue is best suited for your institute, laboratory or company? Please contact our team of specialists.

Structure of a laboratory bath

A laboratory bath is quite simple in its design, but extremely complex in its functionality. Basically, a laboratory bath is a liquid in a crystallising dish or in an open vessel that can be heated to over 100 degrees Celsius .

The bath is brought to temperature on a laboratory hotplate, often using a magnetic stirrer. This allows the liquid to be heated more quickly and evenly. A beaker, round-bottomed flask, Erlenmeyer flask or other reaction vessel is then immersed in the bath. A thermometer is held in the liquid to monitor the temperature development.

Safety instructions

For the protection of the staff in the laboratory or in the institute, specific safety precautions have to be taken with regard to the laboratory baths and corresponding guidelines have to be observed. Our friendly team of experts will be happy to advise you on this important subject.

  • Only use thermal silicone gels for your laboratory bath. Conventional minerals resinify, whereas thermal silicones are inseparable and therefore ensure easier and safer use.
  • Because higher temperatures can be achieved in laboratory baths, the risk of burns is correspondingly higher. It is therefore essential to wear fireproof protective clothing when handling oils.
  • For reasons of safety, never place laboratory oils on smooth or slippery surfaces.
  • Burning oils must not be extinguished with water or CO2. A special safety cover must be used for this purpose and should always be within easy reach of the bath.

Laboratory belts in our assortment

Discover the high-quality selection of laboratory and multi-purpose instruments in the MedSolut range. You will find the right laboratory bath for every need and every work project in our online portfolio.

High-temperature bath

For special requirements in your laboratory or institute, we recommend the professional high-temperature baths from selected brand manufacturers. Temperatures of up to 300 degrees Celsius can be achieved. Equipped with additional features, such as separate control modules, you benefit from an extra measure of safety.

Multi-purpose heating bath

The high-quality multi-purpose heaters in our range are characterised by their considerable heat output and long service life. With a volume of up to 10 litres and a temperature performance of up to 250 degrees Celsius, the laboratory heaters at offer you numerous functional and safety advantages.

Precision heating bath

The highest precision is required in everyday laboratory work. This also applies to laboratory baths. We offer you the appropriate devices that allow you to set the desired temperature precisely in advance . During the heating phases, the temperature is continuously monitored by special sensors. This means that you can be sure that the preset temperature is precisely maintained.

Spare parts for heaters at MedSolut

With suitable accessories from our range, you will always get the best out of your laboratory bath. We offer a wide range of spare parts and accessories, such as:

Test tube racks

The test tube racks are fitted with sturdy holders and can be easily mounted on the bath and removed just as easily.

Ring supports

Thanks to the special ring supports, containers of different sizes can be attached as required. This means that you benefit from greater comfort when working with the ladle.

Insert frames

Insert frames are fixed to the inner segment of the bath so that the containers that are to be fitted later are stable. The sizes of the insert frames can be adjusted as required.


With a view to optimising work processes, it makes sense to use intermediate shelves that you can implement below the laboratory bath in a few simple steps. This often allows you to save several work steps and thus work more efficiently.


The more individual the handling of a laboratory bath, the more precise are usually the results. If a replacement is necessary, spare controllers are easy to fit and make it easier to carry out certain work steps.


In addition to insert racks, stands are also a reliable and stable solution when it comes to fixing containers securely and optimising work processes. We would be pleased to show you the suitable stands for your laboratory bath.

Manufacturer with quality at MedSolut

We only stock laboratory baths from selected brand manufacturers. These include the following well-known suppliers:


The company Harry Gestigkeit was founded in 1953 and has established itself as an internationally renowned company. The innovative developments are always excellently thought out and of long-lasting quality.


IKA’s company history began in 1910 and today IKA is the world market leader in the manufacture of high-quality laboratory instruments. IKA is present on four continents with a total of eight locations and employs 900 people.

Witeg Labortechnik GmbH

Over the course of many years, Witeg Labortechnik GmbH has become an internationally renowned company that has specialised with great success in the manufacture of high-quality laboratory instruments. The company’s portfolio includes more than 10,000 professional products.

Your high-quality laboratory bath at MedSolut

Simply order on the laboratory bath that best meets the requirements of your company, laboratory or institute. Our excellently trained team will be happy to advise you. Benefit from our customer-oriented services and offers and get in touch with us right away.

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