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In our assortment we offer you a large number of different bath categories. Whether liquid baths, water baths, oil baths, glycol baths or sand baths: Let us find the right model for your area of application. The following temperature or application ranges are distinguished between the individual water or heating bath types:

Water baths are thus used at temperatures up to 100 °C. A glycol bath, on the other hand, is used between 100 °C and 200 °C. An oil bath is equally used at temperatures above 100 °C. At even higher temperatures, so-called sand baths are used.

Depending on which device or manufacturer you choose, you can supplement the article with additional individual parts. Whether test tube insert, ring set, insert rack, intermediate bottom, controller, heating bath water baths and much more – the selection is promising.

The optimal heating bath for your laboratory

The safety heating bath or water and liquid bath HB digital from IKA is characterized by its handy design as well as its ergonomics. The temperature of the medium is approximately between 99°C and 200 °C, depending on the type. In addition to the temperature display, on which you can always track the correct temperature, the bath also has a USB interface. This allows you to transfer the data to your PC without any problems. Optionally, some of the IKA baths contain an integrated magnetic stirrer drive with which the temperature control liquid can be even better mixed. This allows you to achieve excellent heat distribution in the bath. Designation: IKA heating bath HB digital
Volume: 4 l
Max. temperature: 180°C
Power: 1350 W
width: 330 mm
Depth: 325 mm

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Additional information

Dimensions 32.5 × 33 × 19 cm

nein, no

Heating bath model

Wasser-/Flüssigkeitsbad, water/fluid bath

Heating bath volume

4 l

Heating bath temperature max.


Width (heating bath)

330 mm

Height (heating bath)

190 mm

Power (heating bath)

1350 W

Depth (heating bath)

325 mm