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When is there a need for a cooling bath in the laboratory

Whether in the context of material testing, in basic research or in technical systems and plants, cooling baths, like heating baths, are valued by experts in a wide variety of areas. For example, for the storage of blood or blood reserves and blood plasma, as well as for the cold storage of chemicals of various kinds. Coolers are also of fundamental importance for bone, tissue and biobanks.

Coolers for the laboratory from

Coolers are also needed for litho pastes and notched impact samples, as well as adhesives that need to be stored in a cool place. When it comes to the professional storage of vaccines and medicines, you also need a laboratory refrigerated bath. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will provide you with expert and goal-oriented assistance in finding the perfect cooling bath for your laboratory or institute.

Construction of a cooling bath

In professionally equipped laboratories, institutes and companies, coolers from the Medsolut Online Shop are indispensable. We distinguish between two basic types and are happy to help you choose the right cooling variant. Please feel free to take advantage of our expert advice at any time.

Cooling by means of refrigerant

A classic cooling bath generally refers to a liquid that helps to maintain low temperatures. In laboratory practice, this often involves temperature ranges between + 13 degrees and -196 degrees Celsius. With us, you can find the cooling method that best suits the requirements of your laboratory with just a few clicks.

Cooling with 3 components

The common cooling bath variant is the combination of three starting materials. These are usually water or dry ice or a comparable refrigerant, plus water, acetone or ethylene glycol as the liquid. In addition, a special additive is used to lower the melting point of the liquid to be cooled. Meanwhile, the liquid serves to transfer the heat between the cooling bath and the container.

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Ice mixtures or ice-rock salt mixtures are often used. This lowers the overall freezing temperature of the water.

Types of coolers

In our innovative range, we have a variety of cooling bath solutions and systems from selected brand suppliers for discerning customers. Our portfolio includes the following types and accessories:

Coolers with mixed solvents

Various cool ants are used for coolers with mixed solvents. Organic solvents such as dry ice, liquid nitrogen, ethylene glycol, 2-propanol, diisopropyl ether, m-xylene or acetone are the most important in this context. Also n-octane, cyclohexanone, 3-heptanone or o-xylene play an important role in this context.

Traditional coolers

The individual models in classic design are available in different forms, always suitable for the requirements and conditions in your laboratory, institute or company. Simply contact us so that we can find the ideal cooling bath for your laboratory on Let us advise you individually on the following products and cooling methods:

Water and ice baths

Whether it’s a reaction vessel, ice tray, ice bucket or special light aluminium inserts, we stock a wide range of water and ice baths so you can find the perfect cooling bath for your projects and work in just a few clicks.

Dry ice baths at -78C

Dry ice baths that guarantee a temperature level of up to -78 degrees Celsius can be found from numerous well-known brand manufacturers on An individual consultation with the MedSolut team of experts will reveal which method is best suited to your work.

Dry ice above -77C

Specific materials are used to generate temperature ranges above -77 degrees Celsius. With the innovative solutions you will find in this category on, you will be able to realise even the most demanding projects. Take advantage of the wide range of products in our online catalogue.

Liquid nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen is one of the classics in the refrigeration sector. It is a tasteless, odourless and colourless gas that is non-flammable and lighter than air. The temperature of this material is -196 degrees Celsius. This makes this material particularly versatile in refrigeration technology.

Functions and extras of the coolers at MedSolut

The radiators you find at MedSolut are always of excellent quality and impress with their remarkable functionality. We would be pleased to inform you about important functions of Grant ch illers and show you the corresponding advantages for your daily laboratory or institute routine.

Visual and audible alarm

You can preset different alarming methods for your Grant laboratory refrigeration bath. The visual option has the advantage of eliminating noise. Audible alarms, on the other hand, can be heard in the next room, so you or your team can respond immediately. When it comes to programmable features, we’ll be happy to show you the latest solutions.

USB interface

Thanks to an included USB interface, you have the option of transferring the generated data directly to a mobile device if required. This makes it possible to work with the data immediately and to initiate further measures if necessary.

Alarm and heating control

The variable alarm for high and low temperatures can be configured as needed to switch a relay depending on the project, thanks to the excellently thought-out technology. This feature provides safety and supports precise work in your laboratory.

Adjustable overtemperature cut-off

To ensure that you have the perfect temperature levels for every operation, you can take advantage of the adjustable over-temperature switch. In this way, a possible over- or under-temperature is immediately indicated and you can react immediately. A decisive advantage in the cooling bath for the Grant laboratory.


Depending on the substance to be cooled, you can regulate when certain temperatures are to be set and to what level. The timer function offers you many advantages during use and helps you to work in a targeted manner and to use the appropriate measured values.

Low-level protection through float switch

If a certain pre-set level of clinker is exceeded, liquid will build up. A float inside the device indicates the corresponding level. If this is exceeded, an alarm sounds, allowing you to take immediate action.

Grant the manufacturer of laboratory coolers

The internationally renowned company Grant Instruments was founded in 1951. Since then it has stood for excellent product quality and the highest level of customer orientation when it comes to solutions and coolants for laboratories, institutes and companies. The aim is not only to meet the high demands of customers time and again, but to exceed them. And the designers and engineers at Grant have always succeeded in this in many ways.

Grant – a guarantee for first-class quality

Of course, specific customer requirements are also fulfilled, which are perfectly matched to the circumstances and objectives of the respective company. In the future, too, the excellently thought-out chillers will be in demand on a national and international level. Because quality and value are, among other things, the aspects that distinguish Grant Instruments.

Ordering the right cooling bath for your laboratory at MedSolut

Order now the cooling bath for your laboratory that meets the requirements of your company in all respects. Not sure which of the professional solutions is best for your laboratory, institute or company? Our MedSolut consulting service is here for you. Call us on +49 30 209 657 900 or send us an e-mail at [email protected]. Together we will find the optimal cooling bath for your laboratory.