Aerne Analytic Magnetic Stirrer Water Bath



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Discover the heating baths from Aerne Analytic

Sand, liquid, water, or oil baths – choose from our large online catalog of heating baths: Let us find the optimal product for your requirements. The following temperature or application ranges are distinguished between the individual water or heating bath types:

Water baths are often used at temperatures up to 100 °C. A glycol bath, on the other hand, is used between 100 °C and 200 °C. An oil bath is equally used at temperatures above 100 °C. At higher temperatures, so-called sand baths are used.

Depending on what you decide, we offer you the possibility of supplementing and equipping the individual baths with a wide range of accessories or individual parts: whether test tube inserts, ring sets, insert racks, intermediate shelves, regulators, heating baths, water baths and much more – it all depends on your requirements.

The ideal water baths for your laboratory

You can use this Aerne Analytic model for boiling or dissolving culture media in microbiology and for many other applications.

It comes with two magnetic stirring points that you can adjust and regulate continuously. Depending on the version, the bath is designed for 2 l and 5 l laboratory bottles with ISO thread and can be supplemented with a circulation pump if required. External vessels can thus be optimally heated.

What are the advantages of polypropylene?
– Single-walled construction possible thanks to good thermal insulation
– Space-saving solution
– Stability
– Ideal also for laboratory use due to nearly sterile cleaning of the surfaces Designation of the model: Aerne Analytic Magnetic Stirrer Water Bath
Temperature max.: 95°C

More precise information about equipment features of the model can always be requested from the MedSolut team.

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Our first-class MedSolut team guarantees that you will receive the ideal instruments for your field of application. Do you have any questions about our versatile instruments, their advantages or the brand manufacturers?

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