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What is a magnetic stirrer?

A magnetic stirrer is an electrical device used in laboratories for stirring liquids. Often, the control plate of high-quality laboratory stirrers is also a heating plate for the laboratory. This allows you to heat the corresponding liquids in an Erlenmeyer flask or beaker as needed.

Meanwhile, a magnet rotates at an adjustable speed under the plate. This acts on another magnet in the Erlenmeyer flask, which is rod-shaped and plastic-coated. This is referred to as a magnetic tube, the Rhrschwein or Rhrfisch. The mutual influence of the magnets sets the liquid in motion.

What is a heating tube?

Laboratory stirrers with an integrated hot plate are also called heating stirrers. One of the advantages of magnetic stirrers is that liquids can be mixed even in closed containers. This is done without having to use special stirring equipment. This avoids, among other things, the following:

  • Seals are not affected by drive fluids or lubricants.
  • If necessary, you can work under a protective gas atmosphere with liquids whose vapours should not be released into the environment.
  • Cleaning and sterilisation are greatly simplified.
  • The use of a Bunsen burner to heat the liquid is not necessary. Instead, the temperature control can be adjusted as required.
  • The supplied heat is distributed evenly and within a short time. Boiling delays are thus a thing of the past.

Magnetic stirrers Applications in the laboratory

When it comes to uniform stirring and mixing and, if necessary, uniform heating of liquids and solutions in the laboratory , you can’t do without a high-quality magnetic stirrer. They are excellent for microbiological, biotechnical, chemical, pharmaceutical or medical applications, for example:

  • in sample preparation
  • for dosing in the food industry
  • in water analysis
  • for circulating and mixing liquids with different viscosities
  • for the measurement of surface and interfacial tension, viscosity, sedimentation and density.

Various liquids can be processed with a magnetic stirrer, such as water samples with a view to examining the pollutant content. Chemicals and toxic substances, whose vapours should not come into contact with the ambient air, can also be conveniently stored and analysed in a closed container.

Furthermore, you can order laboratory tubes for liquid to paste-like media from Please contact us. We will be happy to help you with any questions you may have about your desired products.

Types of magnetic stirrers

There are two main types of magnetic tubes. At you can order the following laboratory tubes:

Magnetic tubes without heating function

Classic magnetic stirrers that are not equipped with a heating plate are ideal for stirring liquids with liquids or solids. Low-viscosity liquids in particular can be easily and quickly stirred or mixed with other substances.

Magnetic stirrers with heating

Magnetic stirrers with heating plates are equipped with a second control dial, which allows a specific temperature to be set. This allows the liquid to slowly heat up to the appropriate heat level and maintain it until the magnetic stirrer heating plate is turned off again. Thanks to the tube fish, the temperature is distributed quickly and evenly throughout the liquid.


You can also use only the heating function with a heatable stirrer without causing the liquid to move or rotate. An aspect that is relevant when heating flammable liquids that cannot be held over an open flame.

Advantages of magnetic stirrers

Compared to classical stirrers, laboratory stirrers offer numerous advantages. For example, it is easy to mix liquids in closed vessels without any contamination or interference with the surrounding air, such as from sealants or lubricants, or from toxic vapours. The magnetic rod is either glass or plastic encased, so there is no interference with the solution.

Depending on the device, the magnet can even be rotated at a particularly high number of revolutions. The heater can even be operated for several hours. In addition, compared to the use of a Bunsen burner or a laboratory heating bonnet, magnetic heaters offer more safety in everyday laboratory and institute work. In addition, the liquid is heated more gently and evenly than over the open flame of the Bunsen burner.

The correct application

Basically, the use of a magnetic stirrer is simple. If you have any technical questions about the product, the MedSolut competence team will be happy to help you.

  • When using a magnetic stirrer, it is first of all the size that matters. The more liquid to be processed, the larger the container and the magnetic rod or the tube fish should be. Otherwise, even stirring cannot be guaranteed.
  • Make sure that the tool is secure and positioned on a flat, stable work surface. In this way, nothing can tip over or become injured.
  • Adjust the speed of rotation of the magnetic rod to the size of the container to ensure even rotation and thus constant mixing of the liquid Increase the speed of rotation slowly but steadily. If the speed is increased too quickly to the maximum level, the liquid will usually spill out or the vessel will overturn.
  • Because the laboratory hotplate with magnetic stirrer can sometimes be very hot after use, you should always wear gloves when the work is finished.

Criteria for choosing a magnetic stirrer

To help you find the perfect magnetic stirrer for your laboratory, has some helpful tips. Consider the following when choosing your magnetic stirrer:

  • Do you want the instrument with or without a heating function? Depending on whether you want a heating plate on the magnetic drill, the functionality and the areas of use of your drill will increase.
  • Measure the size of the plate according to the quantities of liquid you want to process per operation. You will find agitators for small quantities, but also for larger volumes of liquid.
  • Depending on the viscosity of the liquids, the rotational movements of the agitator should be aligned. How many revolutions per minute do you think are appropriate? Please contact us. We will be happy to advise you in detail.
  • The design of the gear is also important. Choose from our portfolio of rotators depending on the conception of the rotator plate, the rotator volume and the intended rotator positions.
  • The minimum and maximum achievable stirring speeds also play an important role in view of the corresponding liquids you are working with.

Manufacturer and selection at MedSolut

Discover the large selection of first-class magnetic stirrers from numerous well-known brand manufacturers in the MedSolut online catalogue. Renowned manufacturers such as IKA, BioSan, Phoenix Instrument, Shimadzu and many others await you at Our hand-picked selection at a glance:

2mag AG

2mag AG has been shining for over three decades with its impressive expertise in the development, manufacture and distribution of professional magnetic and inductive drive concepts. The company has always been highly committed to its demanding customers and offers economical solutions tailored to the requirements of your company.

witeg laboratory technology GmbH

witeg Labortechnik GmbH was founded in 1960. Since 1994, the QMS has been officially certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001. Whether laboratory or glass measuring instruments, the company now sells over 30,000 high-quality articles in more than 100 countries.


The globally active company Heidolph is one of the leading manufacturers of professional laboratory instruments. The company’s products have always been in great demand in the fields of biology, chemistry, the cosmetics industry and pharmaceutical research. In the meantime, the name Heidolph has become synonymous with quality, value and durability in over 80 countries.

Selection of magnetic and heating tubes at MedSolut

Whether you are looking for heating tubes or laboratory tubes without heating plates, the huge selection of instruments in this product category in the MedSolut range is remarkable. Do you have questions or need valuable expert advice to help you find the right magnetic drill? We look forward to hearing from you!

Magnetic stirrers for processing small and very small quantities

When it comes to measuring or mixing samples, often only tiny quantities are available. Order directly from us the magnetic stirrer for small and very small quantities.

Laboratory equipment for mixing large quantities of liquids

Do you often handle liquid volumes of several litres in your daily laboratory work? In our store you will also find the right heating stirrer for the laboratory for these requirements, whether with or without a heating plate.

Mixers with heating plate

If you order stirrers with an included heating plate from us, you can conveniently dispense with the use of a laboratory heating bonnet or a Bunsen burner in the future. Heating plates in magnetic tubes make a lot of things easier and ensure uniform, safe mixing of liquids.

The right accessories for your needs

Of course, you will also find the right equipment for every magnetic stirrer. From Erlenmeyer flasks to additional heating plates and small and large tube fish. Visit now and get the right equipment for your lab!

Order magnetic stirrers for the lab at MedSolut

With just a few clicks you can order the right magnetic stirrer for your institute or laboratory. Contact your personal advisor at any time by phone (+49 30 209 657 900) or by e-mail at [email protected]. Simply ask your questions or make use of the customer-oriented services. What can we do for you?