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High-performance vacuum cleaners for industry: What are the differences?

Whether construction dust, metal chips, wood splinters or other small waste products: Depending on the model, an industrial vacuum cleaner is capable of sucking up both fine dust and liquids. And it does so without damaging filters, electronics and the like.

Practically, the suction hose can be connected to a wide variety of implements, tools or tools with the help of an adapter. In this respect, high-performance vacuum cleaners for industry are true all-round talents. And they are robust to boot. In terms of suction power, filter system, dust class, size, manoeuvrability and construction function, however, there are some differences.

The most important differences in a nutshell:

  • Suction power:
    Basically, the suction power of the high-quality brand models is similar. However, not every manufacturer provides information on the suction power of its industrial vacuum cleaners. Therefore, if you have any questions, please contact the technical experts at In general, the suction power increases with the wattage.
    Nevertheless, even high-performance vacuum cleaners with a low wattage can score points with their intensive suction power . In any case, it is worth taking a look behind the scenes to find out what the technology is like and how the components work together.
  • Filter system: The high-performance industrial vacuum cleaners of our well-known manufacturers are equipped with different filter systems. In contrast to conventional hoovers, the technical requirements at the industrial level are sometimes extremely high. For example, the devices have to pick up dry dirt as well as liquid contaminants or stubborn moist dirt.
    Whether it is the finest dust or large particles, modern filter systems have to withstand a lot.
    At you will find the right suction devices for every need and every performance or functional requirement. Whether special filter fleeces, fine dust fleece bags, paper dust bags, permanent pleated filters or foam filters for high-performance wet-dry vacuum cleaners – the selection in our range is huge.
    Tip from the experts: Discover powerful industrial vacuum cleaners without bag and with bag according to your needs. We will be happy to show you the advantages of each variant.
  • Mobility:

    The longer the cable of the vacuum cleaner, the more freedom of movement there is for the user. The length of the suction hose also plays a central role in this context. If the dimensions are too short, this has a detrimental effect on the thoroughness, as certain areas cannot be reached and dirt cannot be removed adequately.

Dust classes for industrial vacuum cleaners

Modern industrial hoovers are usually specialised in one dust class. This is subject to an explicit standard prescribed by the legislator. The corresponding ratings take into account, for example, the general design of the equipment, the size and the hazard potential of the dust and dirt particles that can be sucked in with the respective model.

In this way, the dust classes for industrial hoovers allow you to immediately recognise for which purpose the hoover is best suited – private household or industry. This aspect is particularly important with regard to filter selection in order to

ensure optimum cleaning performance on the one hand and
on the other hand, to protect people and the environment.

Tip from our experts:

High-performance vacuum cleaners for industry should comply with the EN 60335-2-69 standard . If you have any questions, please contact our specialists.

Dust class For which materials? Products at
Dust class L Slightly hazardous dust such as normal house dust, lime, mica as well as sand or gypsum particles.
Other non-hazardous materials also fall into this category. There are no special requirements for disposal.
ESTA industrial vacuum cleaner – MULTISOG-4
– ESTA industrial vacuum cleaner – WHISPERSOG 2.2 FM
Dust class M Medium hazardous dust such as wood dust, various metal dust and paint particles.
When it comes to disposing of the filter, this must always be done in a dust-free manner.
– ESTA E Industrial vacuum cleaner SPNESOG-SB

– ESTA industrial vacuum cleaner – CENTRASOG CVS 15

iVISION industrial vacuum cleaner iV1 EXTRUSION LINE, 38 l

Dust class H Highly hazardous dust, such as asbestos, lead dust, mould spores, certain mineral fibres and other hazardous and carcinogenic materials. The filter disposal must always be dust-free. ESTA industrial vacuum cleaner DUROSOG-I-D/N

– ESTA Stationary Welding Smoke Filter – COMPASOG SR

The right industrial vacuum cleaner for your sector

Depending on the sector or industry in which you are active, it is possible to work with various specific industrial vacuum cleaners. We can provide you with an overview of the right vacuum cleaners for a wide range of industries.

Automotive industry

Is your car your life’s work? If so, you not only want your car to be polished to a shine, but you also want it to be clean. Whether it’s when you buy your new car, when you visit your trusted garage or even at the petrol station: Industrial vacuum cleaners for the automotive industry have to meet different requirements in order to achieve impeccable cleanliness.

We have the best industrial hoovers specifically designed to keep vehicles clean.

Pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical industrial vacuum cleaners must be specially designed to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Thus, large filter surfaces with the option of HEPA filters should be implemented to ensure perfect fine dust extraction. In addition, the surfaces should be smooth enough to prevent dust accumulation. This makes the cleaning of the vacuum cleaner easy and efficient.

Food industry

When dealing with food, hygiene and efficiency are absolutely key. In this industry in particular, specific standards and legislationmust be observed. With a view to the professional performance of suction and cleaning work, offers a wide portfolio of industrial vacuum cleaners that are technically mature and absolutely convincing from an economic point of view.

In addition, the impressive performance portfolio and the robustness of the devices speak for themselves. Be inspired by the wide range of industrial vacuum cleaners for the food industry on

We will be happy to inform you individually and in detail about the specific cleaning requirements and possibilities in the various industries. We look forward to hearing from you.

Buy high performance vacuum cleaners for industry at

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