BioSan UVC/T-AR: Protection against contamination of DNA samples.

This BioSan UV control cabinet is a benchtop unit consisting of a metal frame, walls made of Plexiglas, and a work surface powder-coated with enamel . The open UV lamp on the top hood deactivates the DNA/RNA fragments.

Exposure can range from 15 to 30 minutes and is controlled by a timer. The fragments are disabled during the 15 minutes. The daylight lamp provides adequate illumination.

This model has a bactericidal pass-through cleaning recirculator AR. The recirculator is equipped with a UV lamp, a dust filter and a fan.

As a user, you are protected from the UV light while working. This guarantees continuous antiseptic working conditions.

Functionality of the model

The device is enormously safe and antiseptic due to the continuous flow UV cleaning recirculator AR. Since this model is equipped with a UV cleaning recirculator AR, the operation constant decontamination inside the cabinet is given throughout the working process.

The special design increases the maximum UV. These cleaning boxes ensure the RNA inactivation of the UV. After 30 minutes of exposure, the UV is deactivated. The UV cleaning boxes with the patented cleaning recirculator AR are suitable for work with DNA/RNA.

Safety is always guaranteed!

The UVC/T-AR cleaning box is used wherever sterile work is required according to the EN 12469:2000 standard. All models are TÜV certified. All UV cleaning boxes are low-noise and emit only low CO2 emissions .

The units are easy to operate and have an attractive and functional design. Employee protection and operational safety are ensured at all times. As electrical work equipment, all devices are subject to mandatory DGUV V3 and VDE tests.

The technical features

The model meets the highest safety standards. The walls are made of impact-resistant Plexiglas. The worktop is powder-coated with enamel, which is highly resistant to chemicals. There are different variants of equipment as well as programming modes to choose from.

The side panels are covered with chemical resistant powder coating. The open 25W UV lamp has a UV radiation level of 18 mw/cm2/sec. The nominal operating voltage ranges from 100-240V and 50/60Hz.

The unit consumes 67 W of power. A T-4 stage is available as an option. The screen is 8 mm thick and the side walls are 4 mm thick. The effectiveness of the UV recirculator is >99% /h.

The advantages of the unit

The optical transmission is 92 %. The UV lamps have 9000 hours of working power. When the screen is open, the open UV lamp immediately switches off automatically. The energy consumption is low.

This UV cleaning box with patented bactericidal UV cleaning circulator AR meets the highest demands and is easy to handle. A built-in socket with 1000 W has a power cable inlet. The dimensions of 720 mm x 535 mm x 555 mm are practical.

The optional T-4 table is larger than the standard table, measuring 800 mm x 600 mm x 750 mm. The weight is about 33 kg. This BioSan UV cleaning box enables highly efficient work with DNA/RNA.

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Additional information

Weight 33 kg

PCR box, PCR-Box


601 mm – 700 mm


501 mm – 600 mm


501 mm – 600 mm


Oberfläche, Surface