BioSan Multi Speed Vortex MSV-3500



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BioSan MSV-3500: First-class solution for your laboratory

A highly successful orbital shaker is the BioSan Multi Speed Vortex MSV-3500. There are different series devices that can function as orbital shakers. With these devices it is possible to perform gentle or intensive mixing of test tube contents as a homogenizer. The device can be used to achieve valuable research results. You can find out more about the details here below. In addition, our team is at your disposal for a detailed consultation.

Special features of the model

Among the most important features of the device is the adjustability to a certain number of revolutions of the device. Thus, this shaker can be used in life science laboratories , especially in the field of biochemistry with cell and molecular biology.

This model comes with four different types of interchangeable platforms. These platforms can be ordered separately or as a set with the MSV-3500, please contact us for more information. The orbital shaker is an irreplaceable tool for research.

In addition to this model, there is also the BioSan MPS-1 High-Speed Multi-Plate Shaker-Vortex SET. These devices are also ideal for research and science.

High-quality design and practical functions

The design is in a plain white with blue lettering. The selectable buttons on the device are black and can be pressed as needed. The device stands stably on the surface and effectively dampens the vibrations caused by operation.

The equipment includes four different platforms, which can hold different numbers of test tubes accordingly. The model allows you to conduct more advanced research and obtain the most precise results.

An orbital shaker integrated into the instrument ensures optimal mixing of test tube contents. A full 200 grams can be shaken with an orbital diameter of 4 millimeters. The model impresses with its robustness and absolutely easy-to-clean, hygienic design.

Technical data at a glance

This device comes with an adjustable speed range between 300 and 3500 rpm. The maximum speed also depends on the load. The time can be set between 0 and 60 minutes and non-stop operation.

The device also has a meaningful LCD display with 2 x 16 characters. The acceleration time is 3 seconds. The orbit diameter is 4 mm. A maximum of 200 g can be loaded into the device. The excellent shaker allows professional processing and mixing of samples.

Continuous operation allows a maximum of 8 hours of shaking. The dimensions are (W x D x H) 180 mm x 170 mm x 145 mm and allow you to easily store it in the work area. The weight is 2.6 kg. The power connection requires 12 volts at 1 amp.

The speed and time are microprocessor controlled. The display shows all set and actual values. With this model, a fast rotation is made, which efficiently mixes the platform. This allows small samples of less than 5 ml to be mixed effectively.

High quality sample preparation

This instrument is designed for use in scientific laboratories in biochemistry, cell and molecular biology. The MSV-3500 enables you to perform gentle as well as intensive mixing of appropriate reagents in a wide variety of plastic tubes.

The shaker provides optimum support for professional laboratory work and is a valuable component for scientific work. You too can use the latest laboratory technology for your research work. With the orbital shaker you can mix all samples very reliably. Among the special features of Biosan equipment appreciated by our customers are:

  • a powerful design
  • a low noise level
  • individual programming options
  • suitable for long-lasting operation
  • individual programming of the oscillating movements
  • user-friendly operation
  • integrated error code display
  • flexible transport possibility due to compact dimensions
  • manufacturer warranty

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Additional information

Weight 3.5 kg
Shaker type

Kreis- / Orbitalschüttler, orbital shaker, Vortex

Shaking weight max.

200 g

Shaker speed max.

3500 rpm