Germ-free interiors with the BioSan UVR-M

Whether hairdressing salons, medical practices, laboratories, buses or other public facilities: The ambient air in which we spend time has an increased potential for germs. That's why our customers rely on BioSan's UV purification equipment.

The BioSan UVR-M air purifier can thus be used in numerous facilities to ensure clean air. It is composed of a fan including dust filters, a UV lamp to kill germs and an intuitive control system. The model is effective not only against bacteria, but also against viruses and fungi.

We will be happy to briefly introduce you to the device below. However, beyond that, our team will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

The function of the device

The UV airflow cleaner has a bactericidal effect. This means that it works on the principle of permanent air circulation. This is permanently active and flows through the circulation chamber. This is located in close proximity to the UV lamp, which ensures the highest possible efficiency of disinfection.

Since the inner surface of the unit is mirrored, there is a constant reflection of the UV rays. This enables higher radiation density and better effect in terms of thorough disinfection.

Modern, safe design

As mentioned, the air flow cleaner is a combination of a fan including dust filters, a germicidal lamp with UV light and a control in the flow chamber. The device is available in white and blue colors. By default, the model can be mounted on the wall.

But optionally it is also possible to mount it on a tripod, so it can be transported flexibly. The lamp is small and compact and can therefore be stored very well.

More safety at your workplace

The UV airflow cleaner has numerous advantages. For example, it is a great help especially in the operating room, in the outpatient clinic, in the delivery room or in the emergency room and helps you to ward off harmful germs and viruses. In addition, the air purifier can also be used in laboratories, veterinary clinics, kindergartens and other such facilities.

The circulating pump acts against pathogens that spread through the air. It disinfects them and can destroy microorganisms or viruses in addition to bacteria. This is where the UV radiation comes in. The lamp is easy to install, handle and maintain. Furthermore, it convinces by its very quiet operation.

The radiation level is 18 mW per square centimeter and second. It is an ozone-free radiation. The air flow is 21 cubic meters per hour.

You are completely protected from UV radiation during use. There is also an operation indicator on the lamp. The service life of the device is specified as 9,000 hours.

The technical data

Finally, in order to give you an even more accurate idea about the technical details of the model, we would like to provide you with the other technical data.

The dimensions of the device are small110 mm x 130 mm x 660 mm in width, depth and height. Therefore, it can be easily mounted anywhere on the wall or optionally even on a stand. The weight is specified at 2.7 kg. The energy consumption is 120 or 230 volts and 125 or 160 watts.

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Weight 4 kg

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