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Binder a leading manufacturer of drying cabinets, heating ovens and the like.

The Binder Group is a family-owned company and is the world’s largest specialist for drying and drying ovens as well as related equipment. Innovative technologies and maximum quality are the brand essence of the specialist for simulation cabinets. All of its top products are manufactured at the German site in Tuttlingen.

A Binder heating oven or a Binder drying oven fulfils the challenging laboratory tasks in a scientific and industrial environment with absolute reliability. Even with a Climate cabinet from Binder biological, physical and chemical boundary conditions are perfectly simulated. Superior products, professional advice and an outstanding service concept ensure that you have the best boundary conditions to be successful in your industry.

What is the purpose of a drying oven or drying cabinet?

A drying oven, also called a drying cabinet, is used to store or dry chemical substances, sensitive objects, components or laboratory equipment. The cabinets have a tightly sealable door, and temperatures of up to 300 C can be reached inside.

Natural convection, forced air circulation or vacuum functions ensure the right storage conditions. For dehumidification, additional desiccants can be used to absorb the moisture.

A Binder warming cabinet can be used in a wide variety of industries. Examples are:

  • cultural institutions such as museums and libraries,
  • scientific and industrial laboratories,
  • medical areas or
  • the electrical industry.

Drying cabinet, Warming cabinet: Binder product lines.

Since the requirements for a drying cabinet can be very different, there are cabinets with different equipment focal points. At you can choose from a wide range of drying and warming cabinets with different application focuses.

The various cabinet systems differ, for example, in the type of materials to be dried, the ventilation and the control system. Furthermore, there are cabinets with different dimensions and variable loading volumes.

ED-S, ED series: Drying cabinets with natural convection

The Binder drying oven of the ED series are systems for routine drying or sterilisation tasks. Temperatures of up to 250 C (Solid Line) or 300 C (Classic Line) can be achieved. The natural convection process allows for a uniform temperature throughout the oven regardless of sample quantity or size. Other aspects are:

  • An APT Line preheating chamber,
  • an adjustable exhaust air damper,
  • a class 2 temperature limiter
  • and a controller with time function.

At you can buy numerous models here, for example the BINDER ED 23.

FD-S, FD, FED series: Drying cabinets with forced air circulation

The FD series is designed for particularly fast drying and sterilisation tasks. In addition to the parameters of the ED line, the forced air recirculation system ensures a high:

  • particularly fast temperature dynamics and
  • a homogeneous temperature curve inside the enclosure
  • by means of a particularly powerful ventilation system.

The FED system is also equipped with a timer function as well as an adjustable fan. This leads to:

  • a particularly high temperature accuracy in terms of time and space, and
  • the best energy efficiency on the market.

Examples at are the BINDER FD 23 and the BINDER FED 400.

FDL Series: Safety Drying Cabinets for Limited Solvents

The FDL series is designed for the safe drying of samples containing solvents, such as solvent-based paints or coatings. High temperature accuracy, defined air changes and short drying times make this cabinet the perfect candidate in chemical and surface engineering.

This binder drying cabinet is equipped with:

  • a silicone and dust-free interior,
  • symmetrical air ducting and
  • meets all requirements of DIN EN 1539:2015.

At you can purchase the BINDER FDL 115.

VD series: Vacuum drying ovens for non-flammable solvents

A Binder VD series drying oven enables gentle drying using vacuum technology. The technical innovations ensure that the materials to be dried are not endangered by the drying process.

These features make the system the optimal choice for particularly challenging and special applications. An excellent safety system allows samples to be dried with both flammable and non-flammable solvents. Examples at are the BINDER VDL 23 drying cabinet or the BINDER VDL 53.

The right Binder heating oven for your work area

The following questions will help you find the best binder oven for your specific needs:

  • Are flammable substances dried?
  • Can flammable or explosive mixtures arise?
  • In what quantity are solvents present?
  • Are the substances sensitive to heat?
  • Are varying temperatures necessary?
  • Are the substances to be dried light or heavy?

For flammable substances or explosive mixtures, a Binder drying oven from the VDL series with the highest safety standards is always the best choice. Light, non-heat-sensitive substances are best dried with the ED series, while a Binder drying cabinet from the FD series can also be used for heavy substances.

Top products from Binder: Order your drying oven now at!

Would you like to equip your laboratory or analysis area with a new Binder drying oven, or do you have any questions about equipment selection, installation and maintenance? Contact us at any time!

Our experienced service staff will be pleased to advise you on the choice of the right solution for you and will be available to answer any questions you may have. You can reach us by phone at +49 30 2096579 00 or by email at [email protected]