BINDER FD 23, Drying oven with forced convection



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Binder FD 23: energy-efficient drying oven for use in the laboratory.

With this model, Binder offers you a small and compact drying oven for use in the laboratory or in industry as well as in universities. Thanks to its efficient thermal insulation, the oven consumes particularly little electricity. The device also does not require complicated operation. At the same time, it is versatile and can also be used for medical purposes, among others.

You can find out here what other special features the model has to offer.

What makes the device stand out?

This model is a simply built and compact drying oven that can be used for various purposes in medicine or research . For example, you can use it as an incubator or as a storage place for other materials. The drying oven is ideally insulated, so it does not lose much heat, which makes its energy consumption much lower than uninsulated devices.

Furthermore, you can look inside the drying oven through a small window in the door and thus observe and document the processes. In addition, the temperature inside can be individually regulated via the display on the outside, and in the event that it falls below or exceeds this temperature, a visual alarm will be triggered, alerting you to the problem.

Practical, hygienic design

The drying cabinet has a simple, white design. This allows the unit to fully blend visually into an already furnished laboratory. The temperature controls and knobs are in red, making it quickly clear to the user of the product where and how to operate the device. The door can be opened with an ergonomic handle, through which you can also lock the door and thus the device.

Through the window made of safety glass, all running processes can be optimally monitored. The device also has an adjustable exhaust flap, which you can set individually.

In addition, the unit stands on four feet that raise it off the floor. The elevated position ensures easier cleaning underneath the unit. Thus, hygienic standards in the laboratory can still be met.

Overview of modern technologies

The Binder drying oven features modern technologies that make it such a popular item.

Firstly, the Binder FD 23 has what is known as Binder Controlling, which allows you to collect and analyze data about your processes. The manufacturer has made it his business to present the data as clearly and understandably as possible to ensure smooth processes. Furthermore, you can set a timer for controlling.

In addition, the model comes with an electronic chart recorder that records a diagram while recording your data, which can also be used later for documentation.

Safe working

To ensure that nothing goes wrong when using the device, it has an optical temperature alarm. This is activated when the set temperature in the interior is either exceeded or undershot. This quickly alerts your staff to the problem and allows them to take precautions. If you have an unexplained problem with your unit, our staff is also available to help and advise you.

A look at the technical data

Binder has been one of the most popular manufacturers worldwide in the field of incubator production for decades and offers an extensive range of products. To help you decide which model is right for you, we will give you a brief overview of the technical information of the device:

The cabinet has external dimensions of 435 mm x 495 mm x 300 mm, which makes it very compact, allowing it to fit into smaller workspaces or be easily stored. The cabinet has a weight of 27 kg, but can be filled with a maximum weight of 25kg.

The temperature range is 5 °C to 300 °C , thus providing space for many different objects and organisms.

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Additional information

Dimensions N/A
Cabinet type

heating oven

Load max.

11 – 50 kg

Interior volume

bis 50 l, up to 50 l

Maximum temperature (heat)

+ 300 °C

Width outside (incubators,...)

435 mm

Width inside (incubators,...)

222 mm

Height outside (incubators,...)

495 mm

Height inside (incubators,...)

330 mm

Depth inside (incubators,...)

300 mm

Depth outside (incubators,...)

520 mm