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The IKA Group – a leading manufacturer of laboratory technology

The manufacturer IKA can look back on a long company history: the company was founded in Kln in 1910. Today, IKA-Werke has more than 900 employees who give their best at eight locations on four continents. The manufacturer has long been one of the top addresses for laboratory technology, mixing and kneading machines. In particular, the dispersers for laboratories, pharmacies and hospitals are used worldwide.

When you order a disperser from IKA at, you will be impressed by the first-class product quality and the user-oriented handling. ” Designed to work perfectly” is the credo of the group of companies. This applies to all product groups that you will find from IKA in our range. It is worthwhile to rely on quality if you expect first-class results.

What makes IKA dispersers stand out?

When it is a question of mixing at least two substances together, which can only be dissolved into each other or chemically combined with each other to a limited extent or not at all, then we speak of dispersing. In this process, one substance is dispersed into another substance. The mode of operation of devices in this product category is based on the rotor-stator principle.

The rotor of the crop is set in motion at an extremely high peripheral speed. This creates suction, which sucks the medium to be processed into the rotor and presses it outwards through the segments of the stator. In the course of this, the substance is dispersed. Whether homogenising, emulsifying or suspending, IKA dispersers always deliver the best results.

This is what distinguishes the IKA dispersers:

  • Tiny liquid droplets are crushed to the smallest size with remarkably smooth running.
  • Filigree solid particles can also be reduced to a minimum.
  • Speed ranges of up to 24,000 revolutions per minute are achieved.
  • Whether homogenisation or dispersion tasks under pressure, under vacuum or in PCR analysis, the reliable operation is convincing.
  • The digital speed display and the soft start further enhance user-friendliness.
  • A wide range of accessories for dispersing tools is included in the scope of delivery.
  • Highest functionality and maximum precision are guaranteed for professional particle reduction.
  • The units have a digital speed display and electronic speed control.
  • An electronic overload protection and an error code display are also available.

Ultra Turrax: Order disperser at Your advantages

The IKA disperser impresses with its outstanding functions and durable design. In addition to the first-class devices from IKA, you will of course also find dispersers from other manufacturers on MedSolut. Take a look at our wide range of products and benefit from numerous advantages.

We have revolutionised the global market for medical and laboratory equipment and strive to make contact with our quality-conscious customers as personal as possible.

You can rely on our commercial excellence and the many years of technical expertise of MedSolut specialists. We always offer you the best personal advice and an outstanding range consisting of over 150,000 different first-class articles from recognised brand manufacturers.

Whether laboratory or medical products, we are always there for you to find the right product for your company or institute and to convince you of our quality, service and performance.

Ultra-Turrax models: Your choice at

Whatever project or challenge you need the IKA disperser for, you will find it at Our experts will be happy to help you find your ideal model:

The IKA high-performance disperser

The T 25 digital Ultra-Turrax is a high-performance disperser with digital speed display, which has a volume of 1 to 2,000 ml. The special speed range from 3,000 to 25,000 min makes it possible to work at extremely high peripheral speeds. The extensive accessories portfolio is also impressive.

The UTL mixer

The UTL mixer is also an Ultra Turrax that scores with its outstanding output volume. It is a single-stage high-performance dispersing machine with which you can produce suspensions or emulsions in continuous operation. The robust mixing tool is equipped with a high flow rate to ensure moderate shearing during homogenisation or mixing.

The IKA Workstation

The Ultra Turrax Tube Drive Workstation is a guarantee for highest performance and maximum efficiency. It makes working at high peripheral speeds literally child’s play. The amazing speed range of this workstation is a valuable asset to your daily laboratory or medical diagnostic work.

Accessories for Ultra-Turrax rotators

The best quality Ultra-Turrax rotators available at are characterised by their extremely powerful rotors, so that you can process even highly viscous media and benefit from first-class results. The speed is infinitely adjustable and the slim design as well as the smooth running also enhance this accessory.

But it is not only the dispersers that stand out due to their excellent quality, the accessories are also convincing due to their high quality.

Order the right accessories for your Ultra-Turrax drill at Our experts will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

Floor stand for IKA disperser

The electrically adjustable and extendable floor stand makes homogenising and dispersing even easier and more efficient. Raising and lowering of the boom is ensured with the help of the implemented electro-hydraulic pump.

The Ultra-Turrax bracket

The Ultra-Turrax bracket is used to attach the safety switch of the telescopic stand. This gives you optimum security and stability during handling.

Ultra-Turrax dispersion tool

The high-quality Ultra-Turrax dispersion tool for driving the crop is equipped with a ball-bearing shaft as well as a one-sided sliding directional seal. With this accessory it is even possible to work under vacuum. It is also resistant to solvents and can be sterilised.

Ultra Turrax from IKA for first-class dispersion results

Order your Ultra Turrax disperser and the matching accessories in excellent quality at Get individual and detailed advice and make use of our outstanding service. Write to us at [email protected] or call us (+49 30 209 657 900). We look forward to hearing from you.