IKA agitator EUROSTAR 20 high speed control


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IKA EUROSTAR 20 high speed control: precise technology in the laboratory.

The IKA EUROSTAR 20 high speed control is suitable for mixing various liquids. In particular, it is equipped with programmable functions and a multilingual TFT display. You can find out about the other advantages of the device in the following. If you have any questions about the model, you can always contact our team.

Details and functions of the device

On the multilingual TFT display of this model, all information can be clearly read. You can program the functions according to your needs. The device works in interval mode and is equipped with a timer . It also has an integrated temperature measurement.

The safety circuit of the device is also adjustable. Furthermore, there is an interlock function on the device. The speed can be regulated continuously. Also available are a short-term overload mode and an overload protection.

Due to its slim design, the device can be placed anywhere it is needed. It is characterized by an error code display and high running smoothness. The high-quality equipment is rounded off by a WH 11 WiCo mount and an H 67.60 temperature sensor.

Further products of the EUROSTAR series

There are other models from this series which we would now like to introduce to you in more detail.

  • EUROSTAR20 digital: With this agitator, the speed display is digital, while the agitator shafts can be plugged through.
  • EUROSTAR40 digital: The speed is also displayed digitally on this unit, while the agitator shafts can be plugged through.
  • EUROSTAR 60 control: The equipment of the device includes a TFT display in several languages, the functions can be programmed.
  • EUROSTAR 200 P4 control: The agitator works with a timer in interval mode and is equipped with an adjustable safety circuit.

The design and equipment

It is a high-speed device, which is equipped with a remote control. It also has a USB and RS 232 interface for optimal data transfer. The precision stirring shaft features a length of 280 mm. In addition, the maximum immersion depth is 220 millimeters. The set speed remains constant due to the microprocessor-controlled regulation. The capacity is 20 liters.

The torque trend display provides information on viscosity changes.

Special technologies of the agitator

The device works with a brushless DC motor. Intermittent operation and attachment to the stand are possible. The stirrer is fixed with a special drive shaft. The time setting range is from 1 to 6,000 minutes.

Technical data in short form

If you would like to know more about the technical data of the agitator, you will now have the opportunity to do so.

The dimensions of the agitator are 86 mm x 325 mm x 230 mm in width, height and depth. Due to these compact dimensions, you have the possibility to integrate the device in any work area and transport it flexibly. The weight is 5.2 kg. Since the agitator operates with a power consumption of 176 watts, it can be used sparingly. The device operates in accordance with DIN EN 60529 to protection class IP 40, which means that it is protected against moisture and foreign bodies.

Learn more details about the device!

Our competent team of consultants wants you to get the right magnetic stirrers, agitators for your application. Do you have any questions about the versatile magnetic stirrer, the functions or the manufacturer?

We look forward to your contact and will be happy to help you. You can reach us by phone at +49 30 2096579 00 or by e-mail at [email protected]

Additional information

Weight 5.7 kg
Dimensions 23 × 8.6 × 32.5 cm
Stirring volume

20 l


ohne Heizung, without heating

Model of stirrer


Depth (magnetic stirrer, agitator)

230 mm

Temperature range

+5°C bis +40°C (80% Luftfeuchte), +5°C up to +40°C (80% humidity)

Speed range max. (stirrer)

6000 rpm

Protection category

IP 40

Width (magnetic stirrer, agitator)

86 mm

Height (magnetic stirrer, agitator)

325 mm