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An ergonomic workstation is very important so that your laboratory team does not complain about back pain even after a hard day. In our catalogue you will find a large selection of first-class laboratory chairs and stools for the laboratory and practice environment.

With the All-In-One Trend from our brand manufacturer bimos, you are choosing a particularly high-quality chair.

Your bimos: healthy support for your daily laboratory routine

The seat surface of the All-In-One Trend, which is adapted to our body, promotes a healthy sitting position all by itself. Even when the seat is slightly tilted, it supports the buttocks, gives them support, promotes precise motor skills and guarantees continuous contact with the backrest. The unique pelvic support causes the pelvis to straighten and keeps the spine in its natural shape. Fatigue as well as loss of concentration and performance are thus put on hold.

Anyone who stands monotonously all the time needs support. Static standing is an extreme strain on the body. The classic standing aids as well as laboratory chairs and stools from our range support the body and relieve the spine. The seats themselves consist of a robust steel construction. Depending on the area of application, a large number of upholstery materials as well as a colourful range of colours are available.

Dimensions & Design

  • Chair type: Swivel chair
  • Seat width: 460 mm
  • Seat depth: 450 mm

Functional support in everyday laboratory work

Laboratory seating elements from bimos can be excellently adapted to the common pitfalls of everyday working life. The ergonomic helpers come with practical special features. In addition to the design suitable for everyday use, the All-In-One Trend has, among other things, an optional integrated pelvic support and an ergonomically shaped, extremely comfortable seat. You can easily adjust it to the desired height and optionally add a height-adjustable or foldable step-up support.

In terms of materials, depending on the model, you can decide whether the All-In-One Trend should be electrostatically dissipative. With the large number of our laboratory chairs, you can also choose from the upholstery materials fabric, imitation leather or integral foam. The disinfectant-resistant, easy-to-clean upholstery can be easily replaced and guarantees you a particularly long service life and cost-effectiveness. You can also choose, for example, from load-dependent castors with brakes for hard floors or chairs with abrasion-resistant floor glides. The innovative flex function for typical laboratory work rounds off the advantages of the chair. It brings a fresh look to your lab!

These many great features can always vary again depending on the model. To be sure of finding the right laboratory equipment for you, we recommend a personal consultation telephone call with our service team – don’t hesitate!

You can find out even more about our instruments, the various designs or the brand manufacturer from our customer advisor.

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Additional information

Weight 23.5 kg
Chair type

Drehstuhl, swivel chair

Seat width

460 mm

Seat depth

450 mm

Backrest height

500 mm