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How does an orbital oscillator work?

Compared to classic laboratory shakers, the high-quality orbital shakers from the online shop are able to perform a wide range of movements . This ensures a more uniform molecular distribution for any substances and samples.

Orbital Shakers consist, among other things, of an electric basic motor unit with which the included platforms can be set in motion. Additional decks, turntables and drums as well as further storage platforms also provide space for samples to be brought into the desired movements.

Flexibility in everyday laboratory work

For the conception of optimal mixtures of substances or samples, several circulations and speed ranges can be set. Depending on whether you need light linear movements, orbital movements or high speeds, you can set everything as required for your project.

Whether alternating forward and backward movements or orbital movements, whether rocking or wave-like rotators move the samples and specimens on both vertical and horizontal planes. This makes it possible to set up different angles of inclination at the same time.

What are orbital shuttles used for?

We have a range of orbital shredders in various sizes and excellent quality. You can find the perfect orbital shaker for every application. No matter whether for

  • light to medium-heavy applications in the weight range from one to 10 kilograms,
  • standard quantities
  • or for maximum loads,

we will be happy to show you the ideal orbital shaker for your laboratory.

You can use orbital shakers for general laboratory applications that require both circular and reciprocating motion. They are also needed for fermenting foods, performing biochemical reactions and hybridisation. Small laboratory shuttles with test tube devices in enzyme and tissue research are also used in the design of bacterial cultures.

Orbital shuttles in different versions

Do you need orbital shakers for biochemical reactions or hybridisation projects? At we have the right laboratory shaker for every need. Even for more extensive tests or work processes, such as the fermentation of specific substances, there is the ideal shaker for your laboratory. Discover the high-quality instruments in the MedSolut online catalogue:

Orbital Shaker Benchtop Instruments

For long-term incubation projects, we recommend our high-quality orbital shakers with robust and flexible platforms for culture flasks, plates and glass flasks. Please also ask us for models suitable for cold storage.

Horizontal Orbital Shakers

In enzyme and tissue structure research, horizontal laboratory shakers are elementary. The orbital shakers in our range are characterised by their precisely arranged platforms that move back and forth smoothly. Depending on the project, they are even designed for long-term projects. Just get in touch with us.

Double-deck orbital shuttles

Some tests, investigations or research require a speedy and cost-effective approach. Double-deck orbital shuttles increase efficiency and offer exceptional functionality.

Stackable orbital shakers

The stackable laboratory shakers in our range guarantee ideal mixing of all media and are designed with first-class performance in mind for all tasks. Stackable shakers are excellently suited for the production of emulsions or suspensions, but also for working with bacterial cultures.

Important selection criteria when buying orbital shuttles

Learn from us what you need to consider when buying the right orbital shutter. We are here to help you find out more about the important criteria when choosing the right orbital shredder for your purposes.

The right size

If the Orbital Shaker is used with test tubes, you will need a different size of instrument than if you are using Erlenmeyer flasks or beakers. Therefore, the right size is an important criterion when making a purchase.

Heating and mixing functions

Many chemical and biochemical tasks require the use of orbital shakers with included heating and mixing functions. Whether orbital, vibrating or reciprocal – you can adjust the settings according to your needs. It is also irrelevant whether Petri dishes, beakers, flasks or other laboratory vessels are used for the mixing process: Thanks to a reliable direct drive, easy handling is always guaranteed.

We offer selected orbital shakers with fast heat-up and cool-down times as well as individually adjustable temperature settings. If required, uniform mixing can be achieved by means of a thermosetting block which is also available.


When working with particularly sensitive substances, the highest precision is indispensable. Even with long-term projects, orbital shredders must work evenly, continuously and reliably . Therefore, choose special devices with included control and monitoring functions from renowned brand manufacturers from our range.

Orbital shredders in the MedSolut range

The high quality of the exquisite manufacturers on creates trust and is another aspect that convinces our discerning customers. Whether from Bhler, IKA, Bio San or from the engineering company CAT M. Zipperer , you have the choice between numerous renowned suppliers. The portfolio of orbital shredders is extremely comprehensive and of excellent quality. For example, you can order laboratory grinders with the following features at

  • large mounting surface

Thanks to the large mounting surface and the resulting higher carrying capacity, you benefit from an even wider range of applications when using your laboratory scissors.

  • Included timer function

Use the timer function to set the duration of the desired shaking frequencies as required. Of course, the presettings can also be changed or adjusted during commissioning.

  • Error code display in easy-to-read display

Any deviations in temperature or weight are displayed directly. Acoustic or visual signalling functions are also available.

  • Continuously variable temperature regulation

Instead of setting the desired temperatures at the touch of a button, you can order Orbital Shakers with infinitely variable temperature control . Let our team of experts show you the specific advantages.

Find the perfect orbital shaker at MedSolut

We are happy to support you in finding the right orbital shaker for your laboratory, institute or company. Call us on +49 30 209 657 900 or email us at [email protected]. Take advantage of our professional advice and other customer-oriented services. We are here for you.