BioSan Programmable “3D Sunflower” Shaker Multi Bio 3D


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High-quality mixing tasks with the Biosan Multi Bio 3D

The Multi Bio 3D programmable shaker can perform various types of movements in a single module. With such an option of the manufacturer's instruments, the possibilities can be significantly expanded and the efficiency for the preparation of test samples can be increased and it allows the selection of personally preferred mixing mode.

Various applications can be performed with this instrument. Thus, it is possible to observe hybridization reactions as well as cell growth, gel washing, gentle extraction and homogenization of biological components in appropriate solutions.

Key features

The BioSan Multi Bio 3D offers support for different types of movement. This increases the range of applications and also the efficiency of sample preparation. Sample mixtures can always be adapted to individual needs .

Thus, the various microprocessor-controlled movement types"circular 3D movement", "reciprocal 3D movement (ping-pong type)" and"gentle vibration" can be selected. All three types of movement can be performed individually, in pairs or in repetitive cycles.

Also available from BioSan are the MR-1, MR-12, 3D Sunflower mini shaker and the PSU-20i multifunctional orbital shaker.

Design & Interior

This model is in simple white with blue lettering. There are four buttons on the front for control. A display provides information about setting details. The device is equipped with a rocker for rocking movements and for orbital and reciprocal movement.

The device can be moved with circular 3D movements controlled by microprocessor or with reciprocal 3D movement as well as with gentle vibration. This multifunctional model can be used as a circular, orbital, tumbling or even vibratory shaker.

Technical data at a glance

This device has the dimensions (W x D x H) of 235 mm x 235 mm x 140 mm. The total weight is only 1.8 kg. The speed range for circular and reciprocating motion is 1 – 100 rpm. The tilt angle for reciprocating motion is between 0° and 360° (in 30° increments). The rotation angle for vibrating motion is 0° – 5° (in 1° increments).

The fixed tilt angle of this platform is 7°. The orbit diameter is 22 mm. The maximum load is 1 kg. The working area on this platform is 200 mm x 200 mm. There is an anti-slip mat in the standard equipment for the operation of this device. The timer for circular and reciprocating motion can be set to 0 – 250 seconds. The timer for vibrating motion can be set to 0 – 5 seconds.

The cycle repetitions are 0 to 125 times. The power connection in the input is AC 100-240 volts at 50/60 hertz. The output is DC 12 volts. The benchtop unit can operate in a temperature range between 4 °C and 40 °C. This shaker is simply ideal for laboratories with certain upscale requirements regarding mixing, extraction and cell growth procedures. With the non-slip and heat-resistant silicone mat on this shaker platform, stable vessel support is provided during the shaking process.

An optional crimped PDM mat can prevent tubes of different sizes from rolling off. Such a device should not be missing in any scientific laboratory. You too can use such a versatile and comprehensive shaker in your laboratory.

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Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Shaker type

Kreis- / Orbitalschüttler, Multifunktionsschüttler, Taumelschüttler, vibration shaker, Vibrationsschüttler

Shaker speed range max.

100 rpm

Shaking weight max.

1 kg