BioSan Mini-Shaker PSU-2T for Immunology


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BioSan PSU-2T: Mini shaker for immunology.

The BioSan PSU-2T is suitable for mixing liquids in personnel laboratories. Mixing can be adjusted as required. The shaker runs reliably and safely. Its smooth and quiet movements are particularly convincing. If you have any questions about the device, please feel free to contact our team at any time.

Practical functions and features

The model impresses with its reliable operation. It features smooth movements, in combination with a low speed. There is a non-stop mode that allows operation for up to a week. The direct mechanism ensures more than two years of trouble-free operation. This is also supported by the brushless motor of the device. The display of the data alternates between the information about the time as well as the speed.

The model allows you to mix reagents within microplates. This can be adjusted according to the particular requirements. The device is user-friendly and compact. Since it takes up little space, you can conveniently place it on tables. It was designed for immunoassays. The shaker is perfectly suited for use in personal laboratories.

It is used in incubators or cold rooms, and the temperature should be between +4 °C and +40 °C during this time. As it is externally supplied with power under low voltage of twelve volts, it can also be used safely in humid rooms.

Modern design and easy handling

The shaker is round-shaped and available in a compact design. Its dominant hue is white, with blue accents. Overall, the design is modern and adapted to the needs in laboratories. At the front is the red on/off switch, which stands out from the rest of the look due to its hue.

In the middle is the timer, which you can operate with four different buttons. On the far right is the rotary knob for the speed of the shaker. You can conveniently adjust this.

The speed setting range is between 150 and 1,200 rpm. The time setting on the timer is digital. It is possible in steps of one minute up to 24 hours, and uninterrupted. The equipment of the device includes a convenient direct mechanism.

Without interruption, the device can be operated for up to 168 hours. The speed can also be adjusted digitally. The orbit diameter is specified as 2 mm.

The technical features at a glance

To give you a complete impression of the shaker, we would now like to clearly list the other important data for you.

As the name of the device suggests, it is a compact shaker. It is 255 mm wide, 255 mm deep and 100 mm high. For you, this means you can place it on any table, because it does not take up much space. Moreover, since its weight is very low at 2 kg, the shaker can be transported flexibly.

Another advantage of the practical device is that it consumes only 3.4 watts of energy. Therefore, you can use it sparingly.

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Additional information

Weight 3.6 kg
Dimensions 50 × 38 × 29 cm
Shaker type

Kreis- / Orbitalschüttler, orbital shaker

Shaker speed range max.

1200 rpm