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Cleanroom gloves: certified products for the highest demands

When choosing innovative cleanroom gloves, discerning corporate customers should leave nothing to chance. Contact the friendly team at at any time with all your questions about cleanroom gloves. We would like to inspire you with our professional advisory service and convince you with a wide-ranging product portfolio of the best quality. Please contact us for more information and an individual offer.

Requirements for cleanroom gloves

ISO 14644-1 specifies exactly which requirements must be observed in the manufacture and use of cleanroom gloves and with regard to cleanroom requirements in general. In the pharmaceutical industry, the international Guide to Good Manufacturing Practice for Medicinal Products and its Annexes plays a central role in this regard. Cleanroom gloves should meet these requirements: The material should be non-conductive, not very stretchy and flexible at the same time.
  • In addition, a special resistance to ripening is expected.
  • Protection against microbiological agents should be provided.
  • The material should ideally be abrasion-resistant and easy to clean if necessary.
  • Unlike vinyl or natural latex, synthetic latex such as nitrile or neoprene is very well suited for gamma sterilisation and is remarkably robust.

Cleanroom gloves materials and properties

At you will find cleanroom gloves in a wide variety of materials. Whether latex, nitrile, vinyl, polyamide or PU the quality is always first class. We will be happy to show you which properties distinguish the respective materials:

Vinyl and PVC

Cleanroom gloves made of PVC or vinyl, also known as ESD gloves, are only stretchable and flexible to a certain degree. They are ideal for general laboratory work where you do not come into contact with hazardous substances. Cleanroom gloves in this category protect your hands from normal external influences and are also very comfortable to wear.

Natural latex

Natural latex is particularly resistant to ripening and is characterised by a high degree of elasticity. The remarkable wearing comfort also speaks for itself. The disadvantage of this material, however, is the high particle emission during use due to abrasion. Natural latex charges very quickly, so there is a risk of uncontrolled ion discharge. However, we can recommend cleanroom gloves made of natural latex when working with substances with reduced particle or ion values. Especially if you want to protect yourself from contact with microbiological carriers, these cleanroom gloves from our online catalogue are perfect for you. Last but not least, they also easily withstand the so-called gamma sterilisation and retain their structure.

Nitrile or neoprene

Cleanroom gloves made of neoprene, polychloroprene, polyurethane or polyisoprene stand out due to their good stretchability and abrasion resistance. In particular, the high abrasion resistance of the material makes laboratory gloves of this type so indispensable in your everyday laboratory work. Do you place the highest demands on cleanliness and hygiene in your institute or laboratory? Then cleanroom gloves made of the above-mentioned materials are absolutely recommended.

Cleanroom gloves: models and designs

Discover the high-quality cleanroom gloves in different models and designs in our online catalogue. We will be happy to take the time to show you the individual features of each model.

ESD gloves

The ESD gloves in our shop are of excellent quality. Electrostatic charging of the gloves is prevented by dissipative carbon or copper fibres . Whatever the field, we will find the perfect ESD gloves for you based on the requirements of your laboratory or institute.

Textile gloves

If you are taking samples or specimens from the oven or laboratory autoclave, autoclavable terry or cotton gloves are the ideal tools. They are comfortable, soft and pliable, and also impress with their robustness and durability. Ask us about the latest textile gloves and benefit from numerous advantages at

Latex gloves

Latex gloves protect your hands from chapping, drying out or cracking while working in the lab or cleanroom. If required, order the comfort latex gloves, which are coated with an aloe surface : This ensures that the skin is particularly well cared for during laboratory work.

Nitrile gloves

The nitrile gloves from well-known suppliers in our range guarantee a high level of splash protection against aggressive or harmful substances. We also stock powdered nitrile disposable gloves, which also provide optimum protection against the negative effects of various laboratory and industrial chemicals. Please take advantage of our professional product advice.

Finger cots

Finger cots are your ideal tools when your laboratory activities require special sensitivity and precision of movement. Simply slip the finger cots made of high-quality mixed materials over your thumb and index finger so that your hands remain free and are therefore more sensitive to sensitive inputs.

Gloves with heat protection

High-quality gloves with heat protection are needed to protect the hands when handling extremely cold or hot materials. No matter whether you are handling dry ice or highly heated substances, with the gloves from our online shop you are always optimally protected.

Gloves in the cleanroom: tips to prevent allergies

Latex, vinyl or nitrile gloves are in close contact with the skin for a longer period of time, depending on the work process. Therefore, possible material incompatibilities cannot always be completely ruled out. This is how you protect yourself and your employees from allergies when wearing cleanroom gloves:
  • Pay attention to the specific material composition already when buying. If there are any incompatibilities with the materials used, it is advisable to use other cleanroom gloves. We at MedSolut will be happy to show you suitable alternatives.
  • To avoid allergies, order special under-gloves at the same time. You will easily find the appropriate models in our online shop.
  • With a view to improving functionality, many cleanroom gloves are provided with a special coating. Alternatively, you can opt for uncoated gloves that still offer the desired protective properties.
  • Non-breathable gloves can become less comfortable when worn for long periods of time. Let our professional advisors show you efficient cleanroom gloves with the same protective effect, but which are breathable.
  • Feelfree to request sample gloves directly from us to check for any material incompatibilities.
Note: We are always happy to provide you with individual and detailed advice to help you find the perfect gloves for laboratory work. Allergies or material incompatibilities can be prevented with tips from MedSolut's specialist advisors.

Cleanroom furnishing: We support you in the planning!

The installation of a cleanroom should be carried out with the help of experienced specialists. This is because a large number of legal requirements must be observed and fulfilled. From the room pressure to the humidity content to the room temperature , everything must be coordinated with the applicable production, working and safety conditions. The aspect of contamination control must also not be neglected in this regard. The perfect interplay between air-conditioning and ventilation technologies is elementary. Contact our expert advisors directly. We have individual solutions for you and will help you design your cleanroom. From planning to the purchase of furniture and tools to full support with the installation, we are there for you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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