BioSan PSU-10i orbital shaker for laboratory use.

The BioSan PSU-10i orbital shaker is designed to be used in small or large laboratories. Due to the different platforms, it is possible to perform a wide variety of procedures. The existing platforms are also interchangeable.

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The most important features

This high-quality device was developed for operation in small biotechnical laboratories specializing in certain areas and for large laboratories. It is equipped with 5 platforms that can be exchanged as needed. This allows you to use different methods and procedures.

You can use the shaker in incubators or in cold rooms. The allowed room temperature varies from 4 °C to 40 °C. It is operated by the external power supply. It features a low voltage of 12 volts. This ensures that they can work safely and securely even in humid rooms.

Modern, functional design

The design of the shaker, which is available in white, presents a modern and contemporary look. The front area features a display that is easy to read. In addition, a direct drive system is among the professional features of this model. It is driven by a brushless motor that is guaranteed to last a maximum of 35,000 hours.

The automatic load balancing system is also part of the device. The above details are innovative features that are responsible for ensuring maximum reliability of the device.

First and foremost, this also applies to uninterrupted, long working hours. In addition, the product performance is significantly increased in terms of lower and upper limits.

Practical functions

The speed setting range is between 50 and 450 rpm. You can set it in increments of 10 rpm. The maximum speed depends on the shape of the vessels used and the load. You can set the time digitally, continuously from one minute to 96 hours.

As an indication to you, there is a timer sound signal. It is also possible to control the speed digitally. The operating time runs without interruption up to 168 hours. The orbit diameter is 10 mm. You can load the device with up to 3 kg kilograms.

The technical features

Finally, let us tell you about the technical characteristics of this model.

The external dimensions of the orbital shaker are 255 mm x 255 mm x 100 mm in width, height and depth. Thus, it is handy and compact and can be used flexibly. The low weight of 3.4 kg makes the device particularly flexible. It is also economical with an energy consumption of 5.7 watts .

Other models

In addition to this device, there is another orbital shaker from the manufacturer. We will tell you the name and briefly describe the device.

  • PSU-20i: this device is a multifunctional orbital shaker. It is also suitable for use in various laboratories, which are biomedical or biopharmaceutical.

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Additional information

Weight 4.5 kg
Shaker type

Kreis- / Orbitalschüttler, orbital shaker

Shaker speed range max.

450 rpm

Shaking weight max.

3 kg