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What makes the Liebherr pharmaceutical refrigerator so special?

Liebherr has been a German family-owned company since 1954 . Cooling technology and freezer systems of the highest quality. With innovative refrigeration technology, energy efficiency and technical networking options, Liebherr’s appliances also meet the high demands of everyday laboratory use. They offer precise displays, reliable and durable construction, integrated alarm systems, comfort electronics and much more.

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Applications of the Liebherr pharmaceutical cabinet

Medicine cabinets are used wherever medicines, vaccines, chemicals or sensitive samples are to be stored at constantly low temperatures. This applies, among other things, to:

  • Hospitals
  • Sectors of the pharmaceutical industry
  • Pharmacies
  • Medical practices

Depending on the requirements, medicine cabinets are equipped with additional functions. For example, a Liebherr medicine cabinet in which chemicals are to be stored has an explosion-proof interior. Smaller Liebherr medicine cabinets can be installed underneath and can therefore be optimally integrated into the furnishings of doctors’ surgeries, pharmacies and the like.

The numerous equipment options make Liebherr medicine cabinets important and reliable equipment in the laboratory.

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Liebherr medicine refrigerator: Equipment

In order to carry out research with sensitive samples, cultures and chemicals, high demands must be made on storage conditions, such as temperature safety or purity. The medicine cabinets from Liebherr meet these requirements and can also be equipped with many additional features. This means that your device provides you with optimum support in everyday laboratory work and during experiments, tests and process controls.

The following functions can be part of your modern Liebherr medicine cabinet:

Alarm test function

The Liebherr medicine cabinet has a test run system which allows you to test internally connected alarm equipment (in some cases this is also external). This allows you to check the functionality of this system without interrupting the cooling.

Storage of medicines: DIN 58345

According to the guidelines of DIN 58345, a medicine cabinet must meet the following requirements:

  • Operation: The unit must operate at temperatures between +2C and +8C to ensure that the substances inside do not freeze or spoil.
  • Locking: The tr must be lockable.
  • Load-bearing capacity: The storage surfaces (drawers or shelves) in built-in cupboards must have a load-bearing capacity of at least 100 kg/m2 so that even heavy containers can be stored safely inside.
  • Safety thermostat: To ensure constant temperatures above 2C, a safety thermostat must be used. This prevents temperatures below zero, which would cause the medicines to disintegrate.
  • Safety in the event of a powerfailure: In the event of a power failure, a visual and audible alarm signal must be switched on for at least 12 hours so that rapid solution measures can be taken.
  • Safety incase of temperature deviations: Likewise, a visual and acoustic alarm signal must be given if the optimum interior temperature is undershot or exceeded.
  • Noise level: The noise emission of a medicine cabinet must be below 60dB. This helps to keep the noise level in the working environment as low as possible.
  • Recording: The correct storage of the medicines inside must be proven. Therefore, a Liebherr medicine cabinet must be able to record the internal temperatures.
  • Ambient temperature: Liebherr medicine cabinets must be able to maintain a constant internal temperature of +2C to +8C at ambient temperatures of +10C (minimum room temperature) to +35C (maximum room temperature).
  • Remote maintenance: In the event of a temperature deviation or a power failure, it is not always possible to have someone on site quickly. Remote maintenance options such as potential-free contact allow immediate response at any time.

Digital temperature display

In order to determine that the temperature is within the specified range, the digital temperature display shows the values precisely. This provides a quick overview for users and operators.

Recirculating air cooling

Goods that are newly stored should immediately reach the optimum temperatures. Effective fans provide the necessary power and ensure that the new substances cool down quickly. They also ensure a constant and low temperature inside the Liebherr medicine cabinet.

Efficient refrigeration system

Thanks to decades of successful development, Liebherr can offer top technical performance in terms of refrigeration systems . By installing high-quality components such as compressors or evaporators, the company also excels in terms of energy consumption and thus the reduction of operating costs.

Serial bus interface

Bus interfaces enable more convenient and comprehensive monitoring. This allows you to connect your Liebherr medicine refrigerator to an external monitoring system or, optionally, even to a PC or laptop using an interface converter add-on. The bus interface allows up to 20 devices to be networked and connected in series, supporting optimum documentation for performance monitoring.

These features can vary depending on the unit. Liebherr also provides a number of additional functions and optional accessories that you can purchase if required.

Additional features of the Liebherr medicine cabinet

Since a Liebherr refrigerator should be individually usable, numerous additional functions are also available. These include:

  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant (R600a and R 290)

Liebherr pays attention to economic efficiency and sustainability when developing its appliances. This is why the company relies on the use of the refrigerants R600a and R 290, as these have a very low greenhouse effect and do not promote the depletion of the ozone layer in any way.

  • explosion protection

When storing chemicals, an explosion-proof interior becomes necessary. This is guaranteed by the Atex 95 certification, which confirms that your Liebherr medicine cabinet guarantees safety when storing explosive or highly flammable substances in accordance with EU Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX).

  • Replaceable transstop

Units that are frequently moved or need to be accessible from different positions are equipped with an exchangeable cover. This means that the unit can always be positioned flexibly and be optimally accessible.

  • Models suitable for underfloor installation

Under-counter models are ideal for space-saving and aesthetic furnishing. They can be integrated into cabinets and furnishings and offer sufficient space for smaller areas of use such as doctors’ surgeries.

Guidelines and standards for Liebherr medicine cabinets

The Liebherr medicine cabinets at MedSolut comply with all the required EU directives and safety regulations:

DIN 58345

The DIN 58345 guideline formulates regulations for refrigerators that store medicines between +2C and +8C. It requires that a Liebherr medicine refrigerator must be state-of-the-art and meet certain safety criteria (e.g. alarm or built-in safety thermostat).

DIN EN 60068-3

DIN EN 60068-3 concerns temperature stability. All refrigerators for the laboratory are tested at Liebherr using the latest methods, whereby the temperature is measured at several different points in the unit. This ensures that the correct temperatures are constantly and reliably maintained.

Atex 95

This directive applies to equipment intended for the storage of chemicals and equipped with built-in explosion protection. Atex 95 indicates that Liebherr models are suitable for this purpose in accordance with EU Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX).

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