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At Liebherr, you can choose from a wide range of high-quality refrigerators and freezers for a wide variety of requirements, which differ from each other in detail specifications. The following product description for the medication refrigerator MKUv 1613 from Liebherr shows you summarized important data and the interesting extras. If you would like to receive further advice on this model, we will of course be happy to assist you.

Safe storage and numerous functions for more convenience

The relatively compact Liebherr medication refrigerator guarantees safe as well as space-saving storage and offers numerous integrated additional functions. Specially developed to meet the requirements of DIN 58345, this refrigeration unit isideal for storing medicines in pharmacies, hospitals and doctors' surgeries. In particular, expensive and sensitive medications can be safely stored and cooled according to temperature requirements thanks to an efficient cooling system and robust design.

The medication refrigerator from Liebherr features a practical insulated glass door and switchable LED ceiling lighting, making it easy to see the contents from the outside. The manufacturer'spre-equipped SmartMonitoring enables a digital solution for monitoring some operating data via the RS 485 interface provided for this purpose.

Additional elements can be added to the medicine refrigerator as accessories if required, such asaluminum drawers, roller rails, adjustable feet and converters, among others.

Robust design with practical shelves

Liebherr appliances also enjoy high popularity thanks to their noble and at the same time ergonomic design. The material of the housing of this medicine refrigerator is made of a sturdy steel with a white finish. Inside, the device is made of a white, insensitive plastic, which is very easy to clean.

The three shelves inside the refrigerator are made of plastic-coated support grids, which are particularly durable and can be loaded with a weight of up to 45 kg. The height of the support shelves can be adjusted closely and easily, and they can also be removed if necessary.

The height-adjustable shelves and storage options (aluminum drawer accessory) are designed to provide optimum support even when storing small packs of medication. In addition, a bar handle with integrated door opening mechanism and lock always ensures safe storage and protection against unauthorized access.

The technical data of MKUv 1613 medication cooler

The MKUv 1613 medication refrigerator from Liebherr meets all DIN 58345 requirements for medication refrigerators. Flush-mounted electronics ensure precise temperature control and optimal storage conditions thanks to highly effective insulation and a dynamic cooling system. Intuitive operation is via the clearly arranged keys, or externally via the available interface. All this is supported by an integrated visual and acoustic alarm system that detects and reports temperature deviations at an early stage.

The dimensions

The useful capacity of the MKUv 1613 is 76 liters with a total gross volume of 152 liters. The compact external dimensions are 601 x 618 x 820 mm in width / height / depth (H/W/D), thus enabling storage even with limited floor space. The net weight of the refrigerator is 45 kg.

The energy consumption

With an energy consumption of 369 kWh per year, the manufacturer ensures power-saving operation for the MKUv 1613 series medication refrigerator. In addition, a comparatively quiet working atmosphere is created by keeping the noise level of the device moderate at 47 dB(A) as stated by the manufacturer.

The temperature ranges

Liebherr specifies an operating temperature maintenance of +2 °C to +8 °C and an ambient temperature of +10 °C and +35 °C for the temperature ranges. A built-in power failure alarm provides a continuous display of the interior temperature for up to 12 hours in the event of a power failure.

Temperature alarm & alarm test function

The laboratory refrigerator includes a temperature alarm function that is automatically triggered when the temperature exceeds or falls below thealarm limits. This alarm works with both audible and visual signaling, allowing for maximum safety for your stored medications and co.

With the integratedalarm test function, you can test the internal or, if necessary, externally connected alarm device for functionality. The highlight: the cooling of the device is not interrupted in the process.

Network & monitoring: Serial bus interface

The MKUv 1613 laboratory cooling unit can be connected to an external monitoring system via the integrated serial bus interface. In this way, a connection to a PC or laptop can also be established. For technicians: The bus interface enables up to 20 devices to be networked together and connected in series. For example, temperature and alarm data can be monitored, documented and archived via Liebherr's monitoring software.

SmartMonitoring pre-equipped

SmartMonitoring for refrigeration units, specially developed by Liebherr, offers extensive options for documenting and monitoring your measurement and operating data, alarm settings and unit statuses. In order to fully utilize the pre-equipped SmartMonitoring on this model, aSmartCoolingHub is required, which can simply be connected directly to the unit via the pre-equipped RS 485 interface. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or requests in this regard.

Circulating air cooling with fans

The cooling unit's highly efficient fans ensure rapid cooling of newly stored goods and uniform cooling throughout the interior.

Efficient ActiceGreen refrigeration system ensures low energy consumption

Liebherr has been researching refrigeration technology for decades and can therefore guarantee outstanding quality in its refrigeration systems. Only high-quality compressors, condensers, evaporators andother refrigeration components are used. Your advantage: A significant reduction in energy consumption with simultaneous savings in operating costs when purchasing a Liebherr refrigeration unit.

Environmentally friendly refrigerant

The naturalrefrigerants R 600a and R 290 used here are both environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. In combination with highly efficient compressors, they also ensure extremely powerful operation. So when it comes to sustainability and low operating costs, this refrigeration unit is in no way inferior.

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Additional information

Weight 46 kg
Cooling technology

Kühlschrank, refrigerator

Lowest temperature

+ 2°C

Explosion proof

nein, no

Scope of application

Blutkonservenkühlschrank, commercial refrigerator, Gewerbekühlschrank, Laborkühlschrank, Medikamentenkühlschrank

Glass door

mit, with


ja (Tür), yes (door)

automatic defrost

mit, with


akustisch, optical, optisch

Average consumption

1,010 kWh/24h, 1.010 kWh/24h

Cooling (Cooling technology)

dynamic (circulation cooling), dynamisch (Umluftkühlung)

Width (refrigerator)

600 mm

Height (refrigerator)

820 mm

Depth (refrigerator)

615 mm

Depth inside (refrigerator)

435 mm

Width inside (refrigerator)

440 mm

Height inside (refrigerator)

670 mm

Cooling capacity (gross)

115 l