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Showing all 12 results

What does a medicine refrigerator have to do?

Highly sensitive substances, antibodies, serums, liquids and cultures etc. are stored in laboratories and medical facilities . In order to ensure safe and quality-preserving storage, a functional medicine cabinetis required.

Only with the high-quality cooling technology of such a laboratory refrigerator can the stored substances remain usable for process controls, experiments, tests, measurements and the like. The requirements for a modern laboratory refrigerator are therefore very high.

The following functions distinguish the Kirsch medicine refrigerator:

  • smart functions
  • Safe storage of highly sensitive substances
  • optimal control functions
  • high efficiency during commissioning
  • constant temperatures or maximum temperature safety
  • a very good overview of the contents
  • highest hygiene standards
  • warning function
  • precise measuring methods
  • reliable data input and output

Philipp Kirsch medical refrigeration technology from Germany

Philipp Kirsch GmbH, based in Willsttt-Sand, has existed successfully on the market for over 150 years. Since then, quality-conscious corporate customers have come to appreciate the excellently thought-out cutting-edge technologies made in Germany. With a view to refrigerators and freezers for hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, blood banks, institutes and laboratories , the internationally active company is constantly setting new standards.

As one of the leading manufacturers on the market, the family-owned company, whose roots go back to 1865, has a great deal to offer. The high-performance professional refrigerators and freezers are designed, developed and conceived according to the latest state of the art.

As a result, the manufacturer’s product innovations can now be found all over the world. Let the MedSolut experts advise you and find the Kirsch medicine refrigerator that perfectly suits your company.

Buy a Kirsch medicine cabinet at Your advantages

Demanding corporate customers from the medical, research and development sectors are always well advised with the innovations from Kirsch. Discover the right Kirsch medicine cabinet for your projects or institutional plans at The friendly specialists at MedSolut AG will be happy to provide you with help and advice if you have any technical questions about Kirsch medicine cabinets. We also offer you:

  • flexible, individual advice to suit your requirements
  • a service that is available to you around the clock
  • a wide range of quality products from top manufacturers
  • fast delivery times and first-class price-performance conditions

Kirsch medicine cabinets Product lines

At you will find the right Kirsch medicine cabinet for the most varied requirements. Discover the three first-class product lines in our online catalogue and benefit from the individual advantages of Kirsch laboratory cabinets.


The Essential Series from Kirsch is the perfect product line for companies, laboratories and institutes that are just discovering the impressive world of Kirsch medicine cabinets. The temperature stability, the flexible properties in terms of functionality and handling and, last but not least, the high safety standards ofthe refrigerators from the Essential product line speak for themselves.

The Essential MED 125 model is equipped with four shelves and a mobile design. You also benefit from:

  • Recirculating air cooling
  • optimised air baffles for minimal temperature differences inside the cabinet
  • Automatic defrosting
  • Defrost water evaporation

The microprocessor-controlled temperature regulation as well as the digital LED temperature display and the lockable door further enhance the model. In comparison, the Essential Med 85 is considerably smaller, but no less functional. The appliance can even be built in and under and is equipped with three drawers and a grill.


The Pro-Active range combines all the advantages of the Essential line. In addition, the individual appliances are significantly more energy-efficient: power consumption is up to 60 per cent lower, depending on the model . If you would like to know more about the high efficiency of the Pro-Active product line, MedSolut’s competent advisors will be happy to answer your questions.

Also worth mentioning is the considerably faster reaction time in the event of any stresses occurring. This is made possible by the proactive alarm system, which offers you an additional measure of security and reliability. Of course, the data recording can also be read out and downloaded to a USB stick via a USB interface.


The Ultimate product line from Kirsch is the king of medicine cabinets. Everything that the high-quality Pro-Active series already offers also distinguishes the Ultimate cabinets. In addition, the innovative medicine cabinets are equipped with a touch display that impresses with its elegant glass design.

If required, the high-quality devices can even be operated remotely. If you need to operate the touch display while wearing laboratory gloves, this is also no problem. This makes many everyday laboratory tasks even more efficient. In addition to access control with protocol, digital data documentation is also possible with the professional Kirsch Datanet software.

Popular Kirsch medicine cabinets

We are happy to take the time to advise you individually and in detail. Discover the particularly popular medicine cabinets from the renowned manufacturer Kirsch and benefit from the numerous advantages:

Kirsch MED 100 medicine cabinet

The MED 100 model from Kirsch is particularly hard-wearing and offers maximum convenience for storing important samples, vaccines and medicines. The electronic temperature control is simple to operate and can be secured by a key holder if required. The balanced circulating air and convection cooling ensure consistent cooling results and guarantee reliable storage.

Kirsch MED 288f medicine cabinet

In the MED 288 medicine refrigerator from Kirsch you can safely store a wide variety of substances, serums and medicines. In addition to the balanced temperature circulation, the freeze protection, the automatic defrost and the convection cooling make this model an indispensable part of your laboratory.

Kirsch MED 125 medicine refrigerator

The MED 125 medicine refrigerator stands for high-quality functional and performance standards and leaves nothing to be desired. The available temperature regulation, the minimum and maximum temperature memory, but also the key holder and the innovative no-frost technology guarantee reduced icing and thus add value to the unit.

Kirsch MED 85 medicine cabinet

The Kirsch MED 85 medicine cabinet can be found on in two different versions. The automatic defrosting function, the simple temperature control as well as the high energy efficiency of these innovative models will inspire you. Find out more about the outstanding range of functions from our MedSolut experts.

Order Kirsch medicine cabinet at

Order your Kirsch medicine cabinet now at No matter what substances, serums or medicines you want to keep safe in it, our MedSolut professionals will be happy to help you. Benefit from our first-class advice and strong services. We look forward to hearing from you by e-mail at [email protected] or by phone at +49 30 209 657 900. What can we do for you?