Liebherr Smart Monitoring for monitoring refrigerators and freezers

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Smart Monitoring – the intelligent management of your Liebherr Refrigerators

The Liebherr SmartMonitoring system was developed so that you can professionally monitor your Liebherr refrigerators at all times. It offers both protection and safety for the equipment, which can be relevant in many sensitive areas – think, for example, of refrigerated medicines in the laboratory or perishable foodstuffs in the catering industry. What Liebherr SmartMonitoring is all about and which additional components are required can be found out here.

What is Liebherr SmartMonitoring?

With Liebherr SmartMonitoring you have everything in view – so this combination of hardware and software allows you to access all measurement and operating data of your Liebherr refrigerators . Any alarm messages and equipment statuses are visually processed and made available around the clock in a collected location. At the click of a mouse, you receive direct reports on temperature documentation and quality processes.
If a power failure occurs in one of your cooling units, you will receive direct notification via the SmartMonitoring function. All device histories are additionally stored so that a fault analysis can also be carried out retrospectively. Security is a top priority, and the encryption process is compatible with the current DSGVO regulations.

These components are required for SmartMonitoring

So that you can intelligently connect and monitor your Liebherr refrigerators, several components are required. These consist of both hardware and software:

  • SmartCoolingHub
  • SmartMonitoring RS 485 connector plug (one plug per cooling device)
  • SmartMonitoring RS-485 patch cable 5 m (one cable per refrigerator)
  • SmartMonitoring license