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More protection and safety with Liebherr Smart Monitoring

Smart control and time-saving monitoring of equipment are also becoming increasingly popular in laboratories. Anyone who wants tofuture-prooftheir work area and focus even more on their work in the future is relying on the new technologies. Liebherr's innovative SmartMonitoring is one of them.

Find out here how the system works, what components it is made up of and which laboratory equipment it is compatible with.

The innovative management of your refrigerators and freezers

Imagine being able to put your full focus on work all day without being regularly distracted because ofchecking your refrigerators. The brand manufacturer has now developed the right solution for this, which can be individually adapted to your requirements and needs.

With the help of the new monitoring system, you can now professionally monitor your laboratory cooling units at all times without losing focus on the essential tasks. Thanks to the optimal networking components and innovativecloud services, you can link all your devices together and receive current measured values and operating data via the SmartMonitoring Dashboard.

System thus offersdevice protection as well as security in one and can be used in numerous application areas from medicine and pharmacy to gastronomy.

Always and everywhere informed

This hardware and software combination gives you access to all the measurement and operating data of your Liebherr refrigeration unit in no time at all. Alarm messages and unit statuses are processed visually and are available24 hours a day in a central location on the dashboard. At the click of a mouse, you receive temperature documentation and direct reports on the quality process.

In the event of a power failure or a noticeable temperature deviation as well as unauthorized access to one of the cooling units, you will be informeddirectly via SMS or phone call(optional). This allows you to intervene quickly in case of problems. The entire device history is also stored, so that you can perform an error analysis even after the fact. As you can see, security is a top priority here. The encryption method is also compatible with the current DSGVO regulations.

What components are needed for smart monitoring?

To intelligently network and monitor your refrigerator or freezer with the Liebherr cloud, you need several components. These consist of both hardware and software.

  • SmartCooling Hub
  • SmartMonitoring RS 485 connector plug (one plug per cooling unit).
  • Smartmonitoring RS-485 patch cable 5 m (one cable per cooling unit)
  • SmartMonitoring license

Note: When purchasing a SmartCooling Hub, the following accessories are already included in the package and do not need to be purchased separately:

  • SmartMonitoring RS 485 connector plug (one plug per cooling unit).
  • SmartMonitoring RS-485 patch cable 5 m (one cable per cooling unit)
  • SmartMonitoring license

The components at a glance

Take a closer look at the individual components of SmartMonitoring:

The SmartCooling Hub

Liebherr's SmartCooling Hub is the heart of the system. It clearly connects all refrigerators and freezers in one place. The hub has aWLAN 2.4 GHz and a 100 Mbit LAN connection, giving it optimal access to the existing network. Even if the Internet connection is interrupted, the hub ensures that all important data is storedoffline for up to 48 hours. Thus, your materials to be stored are optimally protected even in the event of a power failure.

With the help of the SmartCooling Hub,up to 20 cooling devices can be connected to each other – so this interface ensures that even a large demand for corresponding devices can be managed clearly. The status LED display and the modern design further increase the installation and user comfort.

Note: When purchasing a SmartCooling Hub, the connector, cable and license are included in the package.

The SmartMonitoring RS-485 patch cable 5 m

In addition to the connection plug, a corresponding connection cable is also required for each connected cooling and freezing device – namely the SmartMonitoring RS-485 Patch Cable 5 m. Due to the length of 5 meters, there is enough room to provide for sufficient spatial distribution of the individual devices.

This component also has the 3-wire connection, so that the interface can be connected quickly and easily. In addition, thecable is ModBUS suitable, which also makes it easy tocontrol. The Smartmonitoring RS-485 patch cable 5 m acts as the connection point between the connector and the SmartCooling Hub.

The SmartMonitoring RS 485 connector plug

The hardware components also include the SmartMonitoring RS 485 connection plug, which must be present for each integrated cooling or freezing unit. This connector is designed forconnection to the Smart Cooling Hub and contributes to the networking of the system.

With three connection poles, this component ensures that anoptimal connection can be made to the equipment as well as to the RS 485 patch cable. While one side of the connector plug is connected to the device, the other side is used to connect the hub.

The Liebherr SmartMonitoring license

The SmartMonitoring license completes the system on the software side and ensures that you can use all the functions of this intelligent monitoring system. The individual modules can be adapted toyour individual needs. Thus you have all important information in view at any time. You can choose between licenses for 12 or 36 months. You need one license per device.

The clear dashboard of the basic functions of this license also allows you to access agraphical presentation of all connected Liebherr cooling units, which can make your work much easier. In addition, there is an alarm log, messages via e-mail as well as temperature reports and role-based user and device management.

Which laboratory equipment is compatible with the system?

Laboratories have high requirements for the storage and cooling of samples, liquids and substances, so the chosen laboratory refrigerator must impress withprecise temperature technology and optimal storage conditions.

This is where a wide range of Liebherr refrigerators and freezers come into play, which can be added to the monitoring software. Included in particular are some appliances from the popular MedilLine. Our service team will find out for you in just a few minutes whether your appliance is also compatible with the smart monitoring system.

Find your SmartMonitoring solution

Don't hesitate to contact our experienced consulting team to help you configure your Liebherr system. We're here to help – whether you need information on the product or on individual functions and devices. You can reach us all day by phone at+49 30 2096579 00 or by e-mail at[email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!