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Medicine cabinet requirements

In order to guarantee the effectiveness of medicines and vaccinations, prescribed storage conditions must be strictly adhered to. Especially in the case of goods requiring refrigeration, the defined temperature range must not be undercut or exceeded, otherwise they can no longer be used. In addition, the value of the goods is often very high and spoilage of the medicines would cause considerable economic damage.

Maintaining temperature constancy

For this reason, special laboratory refrigerators, i.e. medicine refrigerators, which have various safety devices, are used for storage. This minimises the risk of temperature deviations.

  • Alarm signal in case of under- or overtemperature
  • Temperature recording, so that in case of doubt you can check on the basis of reliable data
  • Self-closing doors
  • Efficient refrigerating machine, so that the initial temperature is quickly reached again after opening.
  • freeze protection

No unauthorised access to the medical refrigerator

In addition, medicines often need to be protected from unauthorised access, which is why a medicine cabinet is lockable in most cases. Newer models are even equipped with chip-controlled access control.

Uniform temperature distribution

For example, fans (recirculating air cooling), air baffles or materials with particularly high thermal conductivity should ensure a uniform temperature inside the cabinet.

Easy handling in everyday work

Finally, there are also requirements arising from everyday work: a simple opening mechanism is just as advantageous as a glass door so that the contents can be seen at a glance. A low-noise ventilation system, for example, makes concentrated work easier, and an automatic defrosting mechanism saves valuable time.

DIN standard 58345 for the storage of medicines requiring refrigeration

For medicine cabinets with an operating temperature of +2 C to +8 C, a DIN standard has existed since 2007 which defines the characteristics of suitable equipment. When purchasing a new medical refrigerator, it is advisable to ensure that this standard is met.

Among other things, it prescribes:

  • lockable door
  • operating temperatures between +2C and +8C
  • acoustic and optical warning in case of power failure and temperature deviation
  • safety device against minus temperatures
  • documentation of operating temperatures
  • potential-free contact for alarm transmission

Do you have questions about the suitability of existing refrigerators or would you like to know whether a particular product complies with DIN standard 58345? Our expert advisors will be happy to help you. Simply contact us by e-mail ([email protected]) or telephone (+49 30 2096579 00)!

Refrigerator for Medical Devices Manufacturer at

Are you looking for an efficient, reliable refrigerator for medical devices? At you will find a wide range of products from the top companies in the industry. The latest cooling technology and many years of experience of the manufacturers guarantee the quality of the devices.

Some examples of the manufacturers in our range:


Liebherr is one of the biggest names in the refrigeration industry. For decades, the German manufacturer has been developing high-performance refrigerators for the private, commercial and medical sectors. Liebherr medicine refrigerators impress, for example, with innovative no-frost technology, an integrated data memory and the option of attaching an external temperature sensor. All Liebherr medicine refrigerators comply with DIN 58345.


With Kirsch Medical, we have another top brand in the field of medical refrigerators in our range. Specialising in refrigerators for laboratory, medical and pharmacy use, Kirsch manufactures products that are tailored to the high demands of this sector. Among other things, Kirsch’s medicine refrigerators feature a powerful, efficient refrigerating machine, numerous safety devices and intuitive one-touch controls. The ULTIMATE and PRO-ACTIVE product lines were specially developed with DIN 58345 in mind.


The German company BPV specialises in pharmacy technology and offers, among other things, letterbox systems, emergency service systems and medicine cabinets that are precisely adapted to the needs of pharmacies. A particular advantage of BPV cabinets is their optimised air distribution, which saves considerable energy. BPV refrigerators also have a powerful refrigeration unit from Liebherr. All refrigeration units are certified according to DIN-58345.

In addition to these manufacturers, we also carry several other top brands such as National Lab, POL-EKO and Witeg. Take a look directly in our online shop!

Medicine cabinet special design variants offers you not only a large portfolio of brands, but also a wide range of product variants. Our aim is to provide you with exactly those devices that ideally meet the requirements of your field of work.

Small medicine cabinet

Whether as an under-counter unit or an additional unit for special goods: if a medicine cabinet is small, this can offer many advantages. Most manufacturers therefore not only offer the large floor-standing units, but also lower versions. These include, for example, the MED 100 from Kirsch with a height of 0.82 m, the MediKS 45 model from BPV with a height of 0.67 m or the small medicine cabinet from Liebherr MKUv 1613 with a height of 0.82 m.

Tip: Simply enter the desired cabinet height in the filter on the left-hand side and you will see the matching products at a glance.

Explosion-proof interior

A special refrigerator with explosion protection is needed for highly flammable substances. The interior of the appliance must be completely free of ignition sources. To find an explosion-proof refrigerator, take a look at our laboratory refrigerators and select the explosion-proof setting for the filter. You are also welcome to contact us for personal advice.

Freezer for medicines

Some medicines, e.g. special vaccinations, have to be stored at very low temperatures. For such cases a refrigerator is not sufficient, but a laboratory freezer or medicine freezer is required. At you will find a wide range of high quality medical freezers, e.g. the medicine freezer FROSTER MED 95 PRO-ACTIVE by Kirsch or numerous freezers by CARLO ERBA. A refrigerator-freezer combination is also possible, e.g. the MedLab ML 2725 WN from National Lab.

Pharmaceutical refrigerator with convection cooling

In a pharmaceutical refrigerator with recirculating air cooling (or dynamic cooling), the cool air is distributed in the interior by a fan. The result is a much more even temperature distribution – the inside of the cabinet is no longer divided into different cooling zones, as is usually the case.

Many cabinets now have such dynamic cooling, but in some cases static cooling may be more advantageous. You can use the product filter on the left to select your preferred variant and then see all the corresponding products.

Vaccine and medicine cabinet accessories

With various accessories, the medicine cabinet can be adapted even better to the requirements of your company. When ordering, ask for any additional equipment you require, such as:

  • Shelves
  • Display
  • Additional temperature sensor
  • Data logger
  • Min-max thermometer
  • Drawer organisers
  • and much more

In many cases, specific adaptations are also possible, such as a change in the transfer, please feel free to contact our specialist advisors.

Order a medicine cabinet at

A medicine cabinet is a considerable investment, but one that usually pays off quickly. The safe storage of valuable medicines facilitates the daily work in pharmacies, clinics and laboratories and prevents economic as well as human damage. We would be happy to help you find the right equipment for your work area: Our team of experts is available by e-mail([email protected]) or telephone (+49 30 2096579 00) for a no-obligation consultation .