BioSan Overhead Mixer Multi Mixer MM-1000


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BioSan MM-1000 Multimixer for mixing liquids.

The BioSan MM-1000 multimixer is designed for mixing liquids in laboratories. Its capacity is maximum 20 liters. It is a high quality and quietly operating device that runs stably and can be used continuously for up to seven days. The mixer can move in three different ways. It vibrates, is reciprocal or rotates.

The features and functions of the mixer

The multimixer can be used to mix various liquids in the laboratory, and it can do so by rotation, vibration and in a reciprocal manner. The unit runs stably and quietly. The operation is pleasantly quiet. It works in separate cycles or in consecutive binary cycles. In addition, it can also be used in triple cycles.

The control of speed, time and angles is performed by a microprocessor. With the instrument you have the possibility to mix solutions whose viscosity is in the medium range. It is the perfect instrument for use in the biotechnical field, for analytical laboratories or organic analysis.

The combination of the three possible movements is innovative and ensures a strong homogeneity of the liquids to be mixed through turbulent and laminar flows. This enables faster dissolution of these. Power is supplied by a separate twelve-volt power supply unit. This also ensures a high level of safety when using the device.

Design and equipment

The device is available in a modern design in the colors white and blue. In the upper area is the clearly readable display, which can be operated using the arrow keys. You can buy additional accessories for the multimixer.

The speed setting range for rotating motion is between 40 and 1,000 rpm. You can set the time between 0 and 250 seconds. In addition, the reciprocating motion is at a rotation angle of 0° to 360°, at 30° for a single sample.

For the vibrating movement, the angle of rotation is between 0° and 5° , for a single specimen at one degree. The time of vibration is between 0 and 5 seconds.

The timer is audible by sound signal. The capacity of the contents is specified as a maximum of 20 liters . The time setting is done digitally on the display. It varies between one minute and 96 hours, depending on your needs. The setting is made in one-minute increments.

Technical data at a glance

To round off the details of the multi-mixer for you, you will now find out the other technical points and information. We list them briefly and compactly.

The dimensions of the multimixer are 140 mm x 135 mm x 250 mm in width, depth and height. This means that it is handy and does not require much space to be used. With a weight of 2.4 kg, the mixer is also lightweight and can be transported flexibly. Power consumption is a low 8.4 watts.

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Additional information

Weight 3.4 kg
Stirring volume

20 l


ohne Heizung, without heating


intern, internal

Stirring positions

einstellig, one place

Model of stirrer


Speed range min (stirrer)

40 rpm

Speed range max. (stirrer)

1000 rpm

Width (magnetic stirrer, agitator)

140 mm

Depth (magnetic stirrer, agitator)

135 mm

Height (magnetic stirrer, agitator)

250 mm