BioSan UVT-B-AR, UV Cleaner Box for PCR

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Working under dust-free, sterile conditions

The UVT-B-AR is mostly used by our customers and partners in the optics, laser, semiconductor or electronics technology.

This means in all work areas where both the safety of the product and of your employee through a hygienic environment are of high relevance. All Biosan safety cabinets and laminar boxes are designed and manufactured to meet all requirements of the European standard EN 12469:2000. In addition, they have been awarded a TÜV certificate. The model is also characterised by a very low CO2 emission value, a quiet noise level, a functional design and simple operation.

In addition, some of the boxes from our manufacturers have additional features, depending on the model:

  • Maximum safety standard
  • High performance manufacturing
  • Ventilation test
  • The specified workplace limits are complied with
  • Never a space problem, thanks to modular design
  • Wide range of equipment variants
  • Large clean room work area
  • Space-saving
  • Integrated filters
  • Simple filter exchange
  • Safety glass panes
  • Various programming modes Width: 601 mm – 700 mm
    Depth: 501 mm – 600 mmDisinfection: surface

For more detailed information on the equipment features of the unit, please always contact our expert service team.

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Additional information

Weight 42 kg
Device type

PCR box


601 mm – 700 mm


501 mm – 600 mm


501 mm – 600 mm