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How does an ultrasonic cleaning device for industry work?

Every industrial ultrasonic cleaner has a tank into which a cleaning liquid is filled. This is usually water to which an industrial cleaning product is added. The objects to be cleaned are then placed in the tank.

The so-called ultrasonic transducer, which is responsible for generating the ultrasound and causing the liquid to vibrate, is usually located on the side of the tank. A generator supplies the liquid with high-frequency electrical energy.

In the course of this, a positive pressure and a negative pressure are alternately created in the liquid, so that small air bubbles are formed. These in turn condense at ultrasonic speed. This rapid change in the state of aggregation from liquid to solid and vice versa results in mechanical friction on the objects to be cleaned.

It is a fact that cleaning is done indirectly, i.e. via the friction function, and not directly through the ultrasonic waves. The cleaning frequency is similar for most ultrasonic cleaners. It is in the range of about 40 to 50 kHz. One speaks of an ultrasonic frequency when the value is higher than 16 kilohertz.

Tip from your experts:

The higher the frequency, the better the cleaning result.

What are ultrasonic cleaners used for in industry?

Ultrasonic cleaners are mainly used for cleaning components. Opticians, dental technicians, goldsmiths, jewellers and watchmakers use these devices to clean their production parts. But there are many more applications for ultrasonic cleaners in industry:

Steel and metal industry as well as plant and mechanical engineering.

In large-scale industry, raw parts are cleaned with the help of ultrasound. This is elementary, among other things, with regard to professional surface finishing.

Trade, chemical and food industry

Disinfection equipment or parts thereof are cleaned by means of ultrasonic cleaning, so that the required exposure time of the preparations is shortened. This makes your equipment ready for use even faster.

Automotive industry and shipbuilding

Ultrasonic cleaning devices are regularly used in the steel industry, but also in the automotive industry. For example, when it comes to cleaning injection nozzles, spark plugs, carburettors or other vehicle and machine parts. Anilox rollers and tools are also effectively freed from stubborn dirt, oils and grease.

Medical and pharmaceutical industry

In the pharmaceutical and medical industries, the ultrasonic bath is used for the reprocessing of surgical instruments. Both blood and tissue stains can be thoroughly removed from the joints of the cleaning objects. In addition, the development of unpleasant odours is prevented.

Advantages of an ultrasonic cleaner for industry

Whether in the automotive or steel industry, pharmaceutical or electrical industry, ultrasonic cleaners for industry offer decisive advantages and make operational processes significantly more efficient. From steel to car parts, instruments to containers, ultrasonic cleaning is characterised by its remarkable thoroughness. These and other advantages speak for themselves:

  • Even complex shaped objects with numerous joints, angles, grooves and corners are cleaned thoroughly and residue-free by ultrasonic cleaning devices for industry.
  • Manual rework, such as polishing, wiping or brushing, is no longer necessary.
  • The time required is extremely low.
  • Only little energy is needed to achieve the best results.
  • It is easy to use and therefore possible even for the inexperienced user.

Ultrasonic bath for industry: Accessories and cleaning agents

At you will not only find a large selection of ultrasonic cleaning equipment from renowned suppliers such as Bandelin, Emag or Hielscher, but also a very extensive portfolio of accessories. It is optimally tailored to the needs of demanding customers from business and industry:


For optimum protection of the objects to be cleaned, they should never lie directly on the bottom of the cleaning tub. In our excellently sorted online catalogue, you will find high-quality single-wall baskets that are a perfect match for your ultrasonic bath for industry.

Tip from your experts:

When selecting the enclosures, look for models with the widest possible mesh size. This will make them even more permeable to ultrasound.

Perforated lid

Perforated lids should be used for smaller items or when particularly aggressive cleaning solutions are used. This accessory is particularly useful for removing stubborn contamination. In this way, you can prevent the entire ultrasonic bath for the industry from becoming contaminated or the tank floor from being damaged.

Plastic accessories

Plastic cleaning trays are the ideal accessory when ultrasonic cleaning is carried out with acids. This saves valuable time and energy, and also reduces evaporation losses. In addition, the cleaning liquid is protected against contamination from the outside and the resulting odour.

Special cleaner

The highly efficient mechanical cleaning effect of ultrasound is usually supported by chemicals when used in industry. Discover powerful special cleaners in our range that guarantee maximum cleanliness.

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment for industry at Manufacturer

Discover the ultrasonic cleaners for industry in our online catalogue, which are perfectly tailored to the requirements of your company. Whether you are looking for a well-known supplier such as Bandelin, EMAG or Hielscher, our friendly team of experts will be happy to advise you and provide you with expert advice to help you find the right equipment.


Bandelin is a renowned traditional manufacturer of ultrasonic devices of the highest quality. The company is based in Berlin and has been successful on the market since 1949. On you will find top sellers from Bandelin, such as the ultrasonic cleaning device Bandelin Sonorex Digitec or the Bandelin Sonorex Super Model.


For many years, the well-known EMAG AG has been producing high-quality devices as well as individual customer solutions for the industry . The internationally active company has been highly successful in bringing more than 20 patents to market. These include the Emmi 04 ultrasonic cleaning device for industry and the Emmi H22ultrasonic cleaner.


Over the years, Hielscher Ultrasonics has established itself as a leading manufacturer of first-class ultrasonic homogenisers for use in laboratories, pilot plants and industrial areas . The product portfolio of this supplier is extremely comprehensive. At you will find a range of powerful innovations from this company, such as the Hielscher UP200St-T ultrasonic transducer. We will be happy to advise you individually and in detail about the current Hielscher solutions.

Buy Ultrasonic Cleaners for Industry Hints and Tips

On you will find all the information you need to help you choose the right ultrasonic cleaner. When buying an ultrasonic cleaner for industry, make sure that it is made of stainless steel . This way, you will benefit from a long service life of the device: keep in mind that the product comes into contact with liquids during every single cleaning process, which can promote oxidation.

The experts have even more tips for you:

Tip No. 1: Choose the right capacity: offers ultrasonic cleaners in the right sizes for every business. Choose the optimal capacity to ensure maximum efficiency. This will save you time and allow you to control the amount of cleaning agent according to your needs and thus work more economically.

Tip no. 2: The transducers must be positioned correctly:

It is important that the sound transducers inside the machine are arranged in such a way that uniform sound fields are generated during each cleaning procedure. Static sound fields have no influence on the cleaning effect. Since it is not easy to check the cleaning efficiency, we will be happy to help you with your selection.

Tip no. 3: Is there a degassing feature?

Every high-quality ultrasonic cleaner for industry is characterised by the fact that it also has a feature for degassing the cleaning liquid used . The fact is that air bubbles in the liquid can have a negative effect on the cleaning results.

Tip no. 4: The housing must be soundproof:

The sound power is an elementary criterion when buying. In addition, you should make sure that the housing of the ultrasonic cleaner is fully insulated against sound vibrations

. Otherwise, the ultrasound will reach the outside and possibly cause damage.

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment for industry we advise you on the right product!

Find the optimal ultrasonic cleaning device for industry on Let our friendly team of experts advise you individually and in detail. We will be happy to assist you by telephone on +49 (0)30 -209 6579 00 or by e-mail at [email protected]. What can we do for you?