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What is an ultrasonic cleaner and how does it work?

Ultrasonic cleaners are devices that clean even sensitive materials particularly gently and thoroughly. They are also energy-saving and environmentally friendly, which is why they have long been used in industry and in businesses such as watchmakers, opticians, piercing studios or doctors’ surgeries.

An ultrasonic cleaning device works by means of two processes, namely air bubbles and ultrasonic vibrations, which run in parallel. This creates bubbles in the water that burst due to alternating negative and positive pressure. This removes dirt gently and effectively.

Caution: Despite the gentle cleaning, not all materials are suitable for the ultrasonic cleaner. Pearls or soft gemstones, for example, should be cleaned in a different way.

Types of ultrasonic cleaners at

Ultrasonic cleaners are used in a wide variety of applications. For example, you can clean spectacles, prostheses, medical tools or aluminium engine parts optimally with the right device. In addition to models for domestic use, we distinguish between professional applications:

Classic ultrasonic cleaning baths

Ultrasonic cleaning is considered a very reliable and environmentally friendly method. Classic ultrasonic baths are ideal for the chemical-free removal of dirt and bacteria from complex surface structures. For this reason, jewellers and beauticians in particular, but also watchmakers and numerous medical institutions use the devices to clean their instruments.

Polymers and synthetic materials, metals or even glass can be suberised particularly well in classic ultrasonic cleaning baths.

Ultrasonic homogenisers

Homogenisers are specially developed for use in the laboratory. In addition to laboratory analysis, they are becoming increasingly important in the fields of environment, medicine, quality control and sonochemistry. The devices are characterised by their easy handling and assure the user of reproducible results.

Their application possibilities are equally diverse. For example, you can use an ultrasonic homogeniser for waste water homogenisation or for the digestion of soil samples for analytical purposes or sample preparation for grain boundary analysis.

Ultrasonic healing air sterilisers

Medical air sterilisers are mainly used in the cosmetics industry and in tattoo or piercing studios. Tools such as forceps for grooming, manicure tubes or piercing needles are heated in a basket in the ultrasonic bath.

The temperature of 180 C healing air ensures that all bacteria are completely destroyed during a sterilisation time of 90-120 minutes.

Are you looking for the right ultrasonic cleaner for your work area? Then please contact our specialist advisors, who are always available to provide you with personal advice.

Ultrasonic cleaners: Manufacturers at

In recent years, numerous companies have concentrated on the production of ultrasonic cleaners. In our assortment you will find a large selection of modern and efficient ultrasonic cleaners from well-known brand manufacturers. All of our devices comply with the specified standards and guidelines and can therefore be optimally integrated into your workplace.

Ultrasonic cleaners from Emag

Ultrasonic cleaning devices from our manufacturer EMAG are suitable for cleaning engine parts, chains or tools, among other things. The compact devices can also be used in the dental sector, laboratories or the optical sector.

The ultrasonic baths have working volumes ranging from 400 ml to 70 l. Depending on how much power your device needs, you can choose from baths with 60 W to 2000 W heating power.

Ultrasonic cleaners from Bandelin

We currently stock 26 different ultrasonic cleaners from Bandelin. Among them you will find a selection of baths and homogenisers, which are available as built-in or compact units. The heating power of the different models ranges between 800 W and 1950 W. You also have a choice of working volume. Depending on the unit, this is between 600 ml and 230 l.

Ultrasonic cleaners from Elma

We also have some high-quality ultrasonic cleaners for the laboratory sector from our manufacturer Elma in our portfolio. Here you can choose from a working volume between 700 ml and 215 ml. The ultrasonic heating power is between 60 W or 1200 W, depending on the model.

The devices from Elma are characterised by a high level of operating comfort and their multifunctional application.

Ultrasonic cleaners from FRITSCH

Discover the high quality whitewashers from our manufacturer FRITSCH. The models are often used in the laboratory and are used, for example, for the gentle cleaning of analytical sieves, micro-precision sieves and other sensitive parts without damaging them. They are flexible in use and very easy to handle. The working volume is 5.6 l or 28 l, depending on the unit.

Thanks to a high ultrasonic output, you can be sure that all your instruments or tools are cleaned without chemicals.

Ultrasonic cleaners from Hielscher

In our assortment we have various laboratory or ultrasonic homogenisers from Hielscher ready for you. Depending on the model, these high-quality instruments are suitable for use as hand tools. They can also be mounted on a stand, which enables safe working. Depending on the model, the ultrasound scanners have different levels of power. These range, for example, from 50 W to 400 W.

The Hielscher models are preferably used for dispersing, dissolving and cell disruption.

Ultrasonic cleaners from Grant

Ultrasonic cleaners from Grant are particularly suitable as entry-level models due to their ease of use. Grant ultrasonic cleaners provide fast, efficient cleaning and processing of your instruments, components or solutions. The extremely robust construction guarantees a high durability of the products.

Depending on the model, you can choose between working volumes of 1.5 l and 25 l.

Ultrasonic cleaners from Reitel

Reitel’s ultrasonic cleaners impress with their fast instrument operation and extremely economical use of water, chemicals and energy. This is particularly gentle on your instruments. An integrated heating function allows the temperature to rise evenly to between 20 and 80 C. This ensures a gentle and yet gentle cleaning process. This ensures gentle yet thorough cleaning.

Ultrasonic cleaners: Liquid and accessories

Because the range of ultrasonic cleaners is so varied, there are just as many types of accessories. However, one of the most important ingredients for thorough ultrasonic cleaning is the right liquid. While water is suitable for everyday household use, the right ultrasonic cleaning fluid should be used in a professional working environment. For example, depending on the requirements

  • Special concentrates for glasses, jewellery or dental,
  • Concentrates with extra shine and clarity enhancer
  • or cleaning agents for e.g. carburettors or spark plugs.

In order to guarantee ideal cleaning, it is therefore important to inform yourself in advance about the various options and the corresponding mixing ratio.

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What liquid goes into an ultrasonic cleaner?

The cleaning material determines the liquid in the ultrasonic cleaner. Glasses, for example, require a different cleaning agent than gold jewellery. The following liquids are suitable:

  • chemically neutral isopropanol
  • homemade cleaning agent made of water, vinegar and splash agent
  • Solvent or cleaning agent for glasses
  • Dental concentrates for dentures
  • Special concentrates for jewellery, precious metals and tools.

What does an ultrasonic bath do?

An ultrasonic bath gently cleans stubborn dirt. Ultrasound causes the cleaning liquid to vibrate, creating cavitation bubbles that burst and remove the dirt. This method is particularly suitable for filigree and intricately constructed tools, jewellery, etc.

Which gemstones can be cleaned in an ultrasonic bath and which cannot?

Diamonds, rubies and sapphires are particularly suitable for cleaning in an ultrasonic cleaning device. In general, crystal-cut gemstones are rather insensitive to this type of cleaning.

The following are not suitable for the ultrasonic cleaner: Opals, emeralds, amber, pearls, coral or stones with hairline cracks. Cleaning at a higher temperature should be used with caution for: Barite, fluorite, proustite, aquamarine etc. .

Can spectacles be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner?

An ultrasonic cleaner is not a problem for glasses. In fact, an ultrasonic cleaner is made to clean the small spaces effectively and gently. Cleaning every 6 months for 2 to 3 minutes in a water bath is recommended.

Can a diamond ring be cleaned in an ultrasonic bath?

Due to their nature, diamonds are wonderfully suited for ultrasonic cleaning. Jewellery with diamonds (such as engagement rings) are actually freed from dirt particles in the water bath in the most natural and gentle way.