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Ultrasonic bath: function and use in the laboratory

Cleaning with ultrasound has been gaining popularity for years. An ultrasonic cleaner generates vibrations. These are usually in the range between 20 and 400 kHz and are responsible for creating a so-called ultrasonic field. The resulting waves can transport both overpressure and underpressure. The continuous alternation between underpressure and overpressure in the device allows the dirt to be optimally removed from the surface. The higher the frequency, the gentler and more intensive the cleaning result.

In addition to use in the laboratory, an ultrasonic bath can also be used in the following areas, for example:

  • Dental practices, dental technology
  • Cosmetic and hairdressing salons
  • Tattoo and piercing studios
  • Opticians and acousticians
  • Workshops
  • Jewellers, goldsmiths
  • Clinics, medical practices

Ultrasonic bath for the laboratory: from leading manufacturers.

In our distribution, we at always make sure to sell equipment of the highest quality. A large part of our brand manufacturers produce in Germany, which is why you can rely on quality made in Germany with the large number of our products.

Our portfolio contains a versatile selection of ultrasonic baths from leading manufacturers. Discover for yourself:

SONOREX ultrasonic bath from Bandelin

The SONOREX baths from Bandelin are especially suitable as ultrasonic cleaning devices for industry, service and workshops. Thanks to the oscillating tanks made of finest stainless steel, a high load capacity is guaranteed. This means that even after many years in operation, the unit will withstand any new cleaning.

The modular design of the SONOREX units allows flexible positioning at the workplace and individual configuration according to your needs. After cleaning, films are easily separated from the cleaning solution by a so-called lab separator. Depending on the version, the units have different working volumes. These range from 13 l to 62 l.

To make working with Bandelin ultrasonic cleaners even more pleasant, accessories in the form of pots, lids or special cleaning concentrates are available.

Ultrasonic bath from Elma

The Elmasonic series of laboratory ultrasonic cleaners from Elma are characterised by their microprocessor-controlled cleaning and modern sweep technology. Thanks to the user-friendly LED display, operation is child’s play. The Elma ultrasonic cleaners are ideal for use in the laboratory, in cosmetics or optics, as well as in the dental sector.

The individually controllable cleaning process enables you to clean quickly and efficiently. You can easily increase the temperature in 5 C steps from 30 C to 80 C. Elma’s ultrasonic baths can be used to clean instruments, prostheses or drills without any problems.

Tip: With the help of our search function, you have the possibility to search our assortment according to manufacturers, ultrasonic bath types and other characteristics. This way you will quickly find the right product!

Advantages of ultrasonic cleaning

When you buy an ultrasonic bath, you will find that there are a number of advantages that come with it. When cleaning with ultrasound, for example, you will quickly notice that it is economical to use and extremely effective. In addition, ultrasonic cleaning is hardly harmful to the environment because it is a water-based process.

Ultrasonic baths also ensure particularly thorough and gentle cleaning, which makes brushes superfluous. This means that even delicate, intricately structured and filigree objects such as jewellery can be cleaned effectively without damaging the surface. Stubborn dirt and encrustations are also no problem for thorough cleaning in an ultrasonic bath.

Ultrasonic bath for the laboratory from Medsolut: Service and maintenance included

Do you have problems with your equipment, need help with the installation or would you like to make use of a maintenance service? The team will be happy to assist you. Thanks to our special cooperation with the manufacturers, we are able to communicate quickly.

This enables us to provide you with immediate feedback or technical support. Do not hesitate to contact us with your concerns.

The right fluid for ultrasonic baths

The use of special solvents, detergents or alkaline solutions can have a positive effect on the cleaning result . For this reason, we recommend using a suitable ultrasonic bath fluid.

The ultrasonic cleaning agents are very different, as are the areas of application of the device. Depending on your needs, you can, for example, rely on

  • Concentrates with clear view enhancers for spectacles,
  • dental concentrates for the cleaning of dentures or
  • Super-special concentrates for jewellery, precious metals or machine tools.

ultrasonic cleaning agents. Our experts will be happy to help you choose the right cleaning agent to ensure that you get the best performance from your device and that your instruments are thoroughly cleaned.

Accessories for the ultrasonic bath

Depending on the bath and manufacturer, offers you a selection of accessories that you can use to adapt and optimise the function of your device.

  • Sonotrodes guide the ultrasonic vibrations into the device and, depending on the manufacturer, can be adapted to the application or customer requirements in terms of frequency or design.
  • Stands ensure optimum support and safe working. Depending on the handset, you can equip your model with an additional tripod.
  • Inserts , such as insert baskets, filter inserts or test tube inserts, give you more variety when working with the device and protect the items to be cleaned.
  • Lids should not be missing when using ultrasonic baths for the laboratory. They protect the bath liquid from contamination and prevent odours from the added cleaning or disinfection products from escaping.
  • Soundproof boxes reduce the noise level of the equipment by up to 90 percent. Concentrated work on other tasks in the same room is thus possible without any problems.

The accessory you are looking for is not listed? Then feel free to contact us. Our technical advisors will take care of your request and try to provide you with the right accessories at the best conditions.

Buy ultrasonic bath for the laboratory at Medsolut now without obligation!

Whether you have questions about our manufacturers, individual products or accessories, the team is always ready to answer them. You would like to buy a new ultrasonic bath? In a no-obligation consultation, we will explain all the details and help you find the right ultrasonic bath for your laboratory.

Our experts are available to you by phone at +49 30 209 657 900 or by email at [email protected]. We look forward to your enquiry!


What does an ultrasonic bath do?

An ultrasonic bath removes even the toughest impurities and incrustations by means of mechanical vibrations. The vibrations run above 18 kHz, i.e. far above the range that humans can hear. The combination of detergent and ultrasound creates cavitation bubbles that cause the cleaning process.

What liquid goes into an ultrasonic cleaner?

Depending on the material to be cleaned, a different liquid is recommended. Possible liquids are, for example:

  • Lubricants or cleaning agents
  • Homemade cleaning agents (water, Splmittel and vinegar)
  • Concentrates with clear view enhancers for glasses,
  • Dental concentrates for cleaning dentures
  • Super-special concentr ates for jewellery, precious metals or machine tools

Which jewellery can be cleaned in an ultrasonic bath?

Especially with expensive jewellery, the question arises whether cleaning with an ultrasonic bath makes sense. In fact, ultrasonic cleaning makes perfect sense for materials made of gold, silver and stainless steel. Particularly because the often complicated patterns can be cleaned very well and gently. However, make sure that the precious metals are pure.

What can I clean with ultrasound?

Especially in the dental laboratory, an ultrasonic cleaner is indispensable. The cleaning works here with dentures, braces, metal tools and cutlery and much more. But an ultrasonic bath is also ideally suited for crutches, scissors, glasses as well as gold, silver and stainless steel jewellery.